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Why are you getting angry against trolling Belial?
Be nice with him, guys !
PS : I also think my character is low tier ;)
PPS : I also happen to be trolling.
PPS : I also think you need to chill. Yeah yeah we know Sieg is kinda low tier, and we know he didn't deserve nerfs. Fatct is he got nerfed. Can still win fights, SC5 isn't as unbalanced as people makes it to be... Chill... Let people troll :) And for god sake... don't take them seriously... (Heaton vs ShenYuan hahahhaa I had a good laugh).
The fact is, most of the Sieg players at this point aren't crying over the nerf. A lot of characters got it a lot worse than us, and we know ours could have been a lot worse too. We don't think he's a shit character, at all - that's not the issue. We're just kinda sick of people calling him broken, godlike, top tier, etc. when their character knowledge is shaky at best. That's all.

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hey guys! won my 1st tournament today, and figured i'd post the stream vid here:

feel free to advise/criticize all you like.

also, damn tournament nerves were hard on me. my hands were shaking the whole damn time lol. not to mention my execution wasnt the greatest, but i blame xbox for that lol.

Watching you fight Jargen88's Astaroth, he's doing horizontal after horizontal, and keeps doing that guard break one. I keep thinking B+K! B+K! B+K! xD And I've generally found it pretty effective to immediately quick-step to the side after Asta does that bull rush thing. Couldn't step it in SC4 but it works now. Easy to punish after stepping it since they almost always follow with another bull rush or that fast knee. It's especially good when they do it near the edge of the ring, since a 22/88 A sends them flying off of the edge. :)

But damned if I know if I could think straight like that under tournament pressure. Congrats on placing first! I'd really like to test my Sieg against yours some time if you wouldn't mind. My PSN is Ysmir.
Siegfried > Japan
I already showed it.

Btw you can forget almost half of my way to play because of the "light" patch hahaha

I really wonder what wouldve happened if anyone he faced sidestepped lets say...once. I only throw half as much 3Bs at best and get stepped 24/7 by pubscrubs. His 3B is buff lol.

*e: Quoted the wrong video. But this one still shows that jpn doesnt sidestep.
How I'm loosing in tournament


Critisism and advice are welcome.
Except for the first one, I'm playing with a pad instead of my arcade stick (broken). So almost no agA.
Pantocrator, I noticed after a move like SCH B or agA you'd sometimes throw a 3K. When that 3K lands and leaves you at +4, what do you like to follow that with? I'm mostly just throwing 66K out when I'm at +2 rather than 3K.
3A is pretty sweet tbh :P Its safe when not up close and gives more dmg than a 3B without bars AND leads to good setups like 3A, 2(A+B), SBH A/a2 to mixups or 3A, 663(B), into SRSH mixups (just in range for em though). Tbh its one of the few moves that absolutelly works the way i want it.
May be worth your while :P
That's true.
But I prefer your second solution, that's I'm doing most of the time. Because the SBH A2 is reactable, and good players will keep the advantage and mix you.
I will think more about this, thank you for the advice.
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Wtf is this? Lol.
Wow, now I want to look at every Siegfried win in slow motion. I didn't think he could get much more bad ass. Boy, you sure showed my ass Partisan. Shoutouts to BALAN-SSSSS.