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Alright, once Farp gets the setup at my place done prim and proper. I'll start to host more sessions and post up the nicer vids.

So far who's interested in a non-recording session?

Btw, I want to give mad props to Raymus and Farp for their assistance in the setups so far. Love ya guys! (Not gay)


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hi all!

we'll be holding another console session at batou's place! details:

date: saturday 6/9/08
time: 6pm
address: (for privacy reasons, please sms me at 97916927 for ck's address if you don't have it already)

everyone is invited. it's been a while since all of us have gotten together to play, so i hope all in the community can make it for this session.

i'd like everyone to reply in this thread, or via sms to me, if you're going to be able to make it for this session, so we can adjust our plans accordingly. if you're facing difficulties making it for this session, do let me know as well via this thread or sms so that we can consider making adjustments to accommodate everybody.

presently, batou has one console setup at his place. but he has a projector so it'll be possible to have another setup if we have another console, sc4 cd and 2 sticks. it would be greatly appreciated if any of you could help to provide some of the equipment so more people can play.

well that's it, and i look forward to seeing responses for everybody, and a full house this saturday! :)
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I'm in unless something pops up which shouldn't be the case (: Is Batou working on that day? Can he make it earlier?


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jovian: actually he's busy in the afternoon till evening, so i'll be there at 6 to help out. the earliest i can be there is 5.30, so hopefully people could start coming after that.


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I think he's referring to the north east line.

My entire setup, (Xbox360, SCIV, Battle Fantasia/SenkonoRonde/Ikaruga if anyone's interested and 2 Sticks donned with awesome colors lol) is always open for BYOC... However I need a lift if that's the case.. lol.. Don't expect me to carry that shit in the MRT. However I stay in CCK.. which is like "WHYAHEDASOFARAWAY" and stuff.. I can bring along my screen if I has a ride.. But its 19".. so some people might complain it looks like SC3 or something. :(

Just offering.

Oh and yeah, that also means I'll probably be there. Lol.

Edits! I see the word "Projector!" So yes.. It'll be a good idea for my Xbox to go over.. You're all going to get owned by Sheagle on a Projector.. FEAR FEAR FEAR!!!


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aheda: hmm in that case, actually all you need to bring are the console and whatever cds you want (including sc4 of course). raymus is bringing his stick so i'll just get someone else to bring another stick. ck also has 2 xbox controllers in case anyone wants to play other games (which should be enough since we'll probably dedicate one setup to sc4), so all i really need are the console and the cds. I'd prefer not to go all the way to CCK, but i can definitely drive to a nearby MRT station to fetch you to batou's place. nearby MRT stations include Bishan, Toa Payoh, Braddell and Serangoon.

jouli: oh kk, didn't get it at first, haha. both batou and i live in serangoon.


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That sounds about right.
I could just bring a Box+Game and a Stick. Meet you @ Bishan or something... Anybody care to help carry? *cough jouli*

I think Soul Calibur 1 and Battle Fantasia should be enough to get laughs when we're bored of SCIV so I won't bring any other discs (Yes.. I bought SC1 off XBLive.. T.T) Ohshi I said SCI.. Wen is banned from this session XD jk jk.
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Alright then. Batou lives at Serangoon? I thought he lives at Hougang or something. Lolx. Where do i meet u? I'll be bringing my hori. I need it (:


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Don't know if that's a good idea, I'd like to let it cooldown a bit before I pack it up and stuffs. :)

Boys: Does that mean I no need to bring a stick? We'll warm up your sticks :)
Improve your slide input eh Jov? *cough*

TaX: I'll search for you on MSN to confirm stuffs.


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aheda: yeah i think you don't need to bring the stick since you're already bringing the console. if jovian and raymus are bringing theirs it should be enough.