[Singapore] Soul Singapore


I Knew It!!!
Sooooo I saw a tweet concerning international tournaments were coming for the Shens? NEC maybe??? Also, Hi Shens!!!


[10] Knight
I'll be leaving in a few weeks to study abroad in Singapore. I was wondering if there's still an active scene.


[09] Warrior
The place we play provide sticks and pads just in case~
But you can definitely bring yours along~


[10] Knight
For reasons unknown some of us here feel like we need to get back on this site again.
But it's no secret that the Singapore scene has moved on to careers, marriage and backpains.

We do lurk here occasionally but if you need to grab us you can hit us up on Facebook. (You'll need to join the group first but we're quite active in accepting people)


We also have a page but we don't really update it much unless we start doing sessions again.