SkyRaisin's Manifestation of Souls


[06] Combatant
Most of my creations will end up seeming rather simple, since I actually find simplicity to be appealing. I hope you all enjoy!

Xianghua(SCIV 1P)

Kilik(SCII 1P)

Mitsurugi(SCII 2P)

Talim(Ancient Priestess)

Athena(Sailor Moon much?)



[14] Master
You’ve done pretty decently when it comes to using the patterns so it’s something try to aim for. Also try different shades of grey or even colors on the lowest saturation since the pure black and white ends up hurting the designs. It may not be perfect either, but I’ll recommend the Cyclone Jacket instead of the Haori for Xianghua.


[10] Knight
I'm also a fan of more simple CAS, and these are very well done. I agree with Spellcraft though, you should play around with the colours more,


[06] Combatant
Thanks for the feedback, guys! Going through other creations, I did notice that I tend to use a lot of black and white. They seem like generic accents to pretty much anything. Here's some others I have and although there are still amounts of white, they aren't the purest shades.



Cuttles, the demonic calico cat


[08] Mercenary
Very nice creations and testament of going Wilder with colours when needed. Keep up the good work lad ;).


[06] Combatant
This is something I am particularly proud of, taking some inspiration from Trakeena in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Hope you brought bug spray because here comes a Swarm.



I could not be happier with the fact that Seong Mi-na had a weapon that looks like a scissor bug. It's perfect for this.


[08] Mercenary
Hmm, most intrigueing concept and execution my friend :). The green colour theme is solid, not too bright and fits her theme. The bodymarkings are a nice touch together with the facial markings. The hair choice could not have been any better, not to mention the weapon. Really nice work, keep it up ;).


[08] Mercenary
Overall awesome work with all of them my friend ;)! There certainly is a lot of purple and red on this batch. You have mostly succeeded with their colour themes, altough I do find the amount of purple and red on them to be a bit too overwhelming and repetitive. The equipment choices for them fit rather well considering their themes and concepts, altough you could have explained their direction giving concepts with a couple of words. Also having more screenshots of them to allow us to see how they look from different angles would also be appreciated. Out of all three, I consider Fenwyn the best of them, with the colour theme and equipment choices looking most solid and his weapon and style most fitting.

Now I´m not that familiar with Cassandra SCII 1P costume, but Sophitia looks very nice on it. The harmony between the colours of white and blue work well in her dress and boots and darker red pants bring the nice differentiation and cap between boots and skirt. Pink necktie and handties are a fine addition and her hair looks close to her sisters. You could have however taking more screenshots of her from different angles, so that people could see for example what kind colouring her shield has. Other than that, good job ;).

As future advice try to be more varieting with characters colour themes and be braver trying out patterns and adding more details to your CAS through extra equipments, as I don´t spot them on this batches CAS. Nevertheless fine work, keep it up with advice I gave you ;).