Slowly saying goodbye to SoulCalibur V...


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Hey, yall!
As of today, SoulCalibur VI is set to come out somewhere in 2018 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. We're also waiting for a rumoured announcement for Nintendo Switch. Fingers crossed that the world doesn't end by then or something. xD

As it so usually happens, once a new iteration of SC appears, most of the fanbase goes onto it, while some decide to cling to the predecessor(s) out of desire to unabashedly enjoy the nostalgia from the pinnacle days of its popularity and the technical brilliance we have all come to love in this series. Soul Calibur V, however, will probably not enjoy this affection from many as most of the people have decided to turn their backs on it due to (completely justified) frustration over its numerous imperfections that arose from the rushed development. Also, 5 years is 5 years. I, too, probably won't be looking back at the end.

This thread is dedicated to the people who enjoyed playing Soul Calibur V in spite of its many flaws and decided to stick around until the very "end" to enjoy the good facets of this game. Of course, those who had no choice but to quit due to life's circumstances (studies, marriage, illness, injury, compulsive Netflix binge-watching etc.) also count. Five years was a long time, and I, for one, enjoyed every moment of it when I was winning.

Have you ever thought about giving this game a proper send-off? If you have, what would it be like? Some kind of an exchange of videos, CaS characters, tournaments? Put your thoughts here. Tell everyone what you think. Let's greet SCVI with a clean slate... And, for crying out loud, let's not complain if it doesn't match up to our standards because, as the people to whom this thread is intended have witnessed in the past, there is always a silver lining to be found.


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I got burned out by mid 2015 and went over to Killer Instinct and later Tekken. I went back a couple of times of course to refresh my skills at least.


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I stopped playing due to the fact I had more important things to do. I still turn it on once in awhile and just look at my creations and replays. Good memories.


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They should make it backwards compatible on Xbox One. SC1+2 are already on, so it would be nice. I'm too lazy to turn my 360 on to play it.