So Yeah I'm Doing This. My CaS and 2p/3p alternatives.


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So I finally came around to show off my CaS at last. Took me a while to get the screenshots from my PS4 to here. Not really sure how to show them off, but I think it best to show three pictures for each character so I will go with that format.

Name: Alice
Age: Physically 20 (mentally 55)
Origin: Spain
Familly: Erased


Alice is a character that I made way back in Soul Calibur 3. So therefore she has a pretty big story trailing behind her full of tears. Fun fact, but she is called Alice because I am a passive fan of most of the Resident Evil films and the character she shares a name with is pretty cool. So I wanted to make a character similar to her in personality and name, but that is where the similarities end. I also wanted there to be a Hispanic character in the game so I made her be Spanish. Though her mom mingled with a native from the North Americas so... LOL she was pretty much made to be a self indulgent character and she makes little sense in this game's setting. However, Soul Calibur is notorious for not being historically accurate so she fits right in with everybody.


Profile Coming Soon (Alice's is fucking long you have no idea.)


Name: Edan
Age: N/A
Origin: Presumably Greece
Family: Made by Hephaestus


So my goal for SC6 is to make a character with every single style in this game. Including guests. Seeing how 2B and Geralt are probably not coming back in the next game this was a bit hard and spoiler alert this guy along with the other CaS I made using Geralt's style don't meet good ends. Which is a bummer, because I love Edan. My main inspiration for him is how the creator of Nier Automata made a colossus with 2B's fighting style. So there is that. I will just say that Hephaestus witnessed 2B in action that he made a being similar to her in fighting style...


... and rhymitic style.


Profile Coming Soon

Name: Vincent
Age: N/A
Origin: Hidden Clan Village
Family: Disowned


I made him because I needed an evil character so yeah. I have to say it took me a while to be happy with how he I wanted him to look and I have to say I am happy how he came out. I will admit that I got help coming up with his design thanks to the threads here and if anyone plays FEH to the character Hel. I loved playing around with the stickers to get his face how it looks now. Even my sisters liked how he turned out. Heck, one of them thinks he is hot despite his backstory LOL.


Profile Coming Soon


So that is it for now. Any feedback and thoughts is appreciated.
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So I am back and this time I will be showing off alts.

First up is the Talim.

Princess Talim.

I actually love how the dress and the crown actually match well together. Talim looks good in warm colors and it makes her look really elegant.


I never knew Talim had this waving animation and it took me months to discover it. So cute.


Speedy Talim.

Made this only to see what looked good on her and again brown looks good on Talim.


Heavenly Talim.

Cat Girl Tira.

I don't main Tira, though if I did this would be my go to outfit for ranked matches. The tiger sticker looks good on her and because I wanted the outfit to have a good orange I left it as is.


Classy Seong Mina.

Has a nice booty.

Mistress Xianghua

"Hey, Kilik."


"Do you like what you see?"


"Does this please you? 😘"


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Hey. So I am back with more alts. On my next post I will show off more of my CaS.

Here is another round of the Talim.

Spring Talim.

You know at first I thought that this mini skirt was pretty meh. However, I discovered its like a coloring book. So I got it to match with the trim of this dress and love how it came out.


May change the color pallet, but for now it is good as is.


School Girl Talim

Saw someone in the Talim Discord server make one. I liked it and made a version of my own.


I swear that it looks like she will flip you off.

Wow, erotiCAS, ass-tounding job XD
You could give them more pop with better colouring, more ExEq use on some maybe...
LOL thank you they make me blush. So this next one is similar to the Xianghua alt I made with some changes and took your advice and gave it a shot. Will like to know if you have the time which CaS and/or ALTs you think need some improvement. For now enjoy.

Goddess Xianghua

So I went with a plant theme and I like it. I think the makeup makes Xianghua look good.


Flowers look good on Xianghua. She had enough to give to Kilik-kun.

Magic Kilik

Decided to give Kilik a magician theme and I have to say I love it.


"Now be amazed! For I strike!"


"Be amazed!"


A lovers' quarrel.


Cat Girl Xianghua

This one is very simple, but this is my most favorite alt I made for her.


In all honesty Xianghua looks good in brown. Seeing how this game restricts you from coloring most equipment against the skin be colored in brown I choose the western 12 pattern (hope that is correct) to 'bypass' it. This gives her a classy yet sexy look.


I think I should get some praise for adding that ring on that cat ear and a tattoo on her hip lol.


Mmm, that is it for now. Hope you enjoyed.


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Hi, I am back again and look how long it has been! Not going to lie after the second and last pack came out (at the moment) I am not so happy with the pieces we got, but we got them. I really hope that in the next season pass we will probably get they bring back better pieces from the previous games. So I tried my best with what I had.

This time I will show off my CaS like I promised. To be honest didn't post because with the pieces we have it is hard to make a unigue looking character and some pieces can't even ho together which is extremely annoying. Even the ones I will show off are the ones I feel are fleshed out with perhaps some minor improvements later on.

Well, that is enough rambling. So please enjoy.

Name: Zelda
Age: 21
Origin: An enchanted forest in England.
Father: Whittaker
Mother: Snow
Siblings: 12 brothers and 12 sisters.

"Hi there, sweetie. My name is Zelda. I am a cute bunny girl that has the body, the style and the skills to beat your sorry ass~."

"However, as someone as sexier than you there is one thing that always escapes my grasps-"


"E-every boyfriend I have ever had left me. One left me because I was stronger than them, another left me saying he likes dudes, three left me for three of my sisters (traitorous wenches!) and my last one left me for someone younger and prettier than me (how can he leave me for someone that is 25?!)"


"Sniff Mommy told me I have to try harder on my behavior if I want to land a stud. You know, she is right. I have to try harder-"


"-and that is to leave this dump and get me self a husband out there. Far from this village that don't know what sexy is. I will snatch myself a husband as good as myself and then they will be sorry!"

Name: Patrick
Age: 35
Origin: Ireland
Parents: Died from hunger.
Uncle: Boris.

So I wanted to make a huge and beffy man and Patrick is the result. As of now yes he is from Ireland. I know he doesn't look like one, but my tastes come first and this is the result. I will put some patterns on his belt and pants to make him look more ethnic.


I think that his story is that he was taken in by his Uncle when his parents passed away. His uncle was a seasoned warrior and thought him how to fight. While Patrick was growing up he became skilled with the sword and when he was old enough moved out of his uncle's place and formed a group with 11 other people. They called themselves the Holy Year; a group that travels all over the world to help those in need. They can travel in pairs or solo. However, they all agree to meet up on the same location and report the deeds they have done. The group consists of people with a bad upbringing and want to spread goodness so people don't have to suffer like they did. They are also assigned a Month that closely aligns with each member in the group. In Patrick's case March.


There is more to this beefcake, but this is it for now.


Name: Samantha
Age: 18, or was it 17 or was it 35? Must be 18.
Origin: England.
Sister: Samara.
Mother: Maura (Deceased by no other than Samantha herself.)
Father: Unknown.
Master: Zasalamel.


Like Alice, she was a character I made since SCIII. Samantha was a piece of work, but after many hours I got her to look how I want.


Samantha is a character that had a horrifying childhood and grew up to be a cold person to many people. The exception is Zasalamel that saved her and thought her his ancient art of fighting.


In the old timeline she found out that she was conceived for the purpose to wield the cursed sword along with her sister without being controlled by it.

However, her mom and her insane fellow followers believed that if she knew what human cruelty was she would grow to understand by knowing what evil is she will be determined to end it.

To achieve this they made her experience this with torture inflicted upon her.


Fortunately, it worked. To end human cruelty all live on Earth will be saved... if all live comes to an end.


That way there will be no more suffering.


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I am finally back to post more of my CaS and a lot of Alts for the main roster in the game. I have been neglecting this thread of mine for very long. However, what can I say other than that I'm busy. I have two new characters I want to show off and another two that I have shown before but with a whole new makeover.

I do hope you people enjoy.

I will first show off my two characters with improved looks.


If you are able to tell I changed her face and I feel that it makes her appear more Hispanic than the last face I had her with. I have to admit that Face 11 does wonders and I have that face on two other of my characters whom I will show on another post here. More screens of this beauty in the tab.




This time I gave this big guy a more Greek look. I think it sucks that I couldn't have the eye bandages still on him, but the helmet looks so good on him that I had to say goodbye to the bandages. I do think he still looks menacing. A force of divine nature that Hephaestus let loose into the wild to find and destroy Soul Edge.
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Time to show off two of my new characters!

Name: Samara
Age: 18
Origin: England
Step-father: Hiro (Deceased)
Step-mother: Tamara
Master: Luna
Biological Parents Unknown
Sister: Samantha (Doesn't know about her yet.)

Like her sister, Samantha, I have worked on this character for such a long ass time in this game. I wanted her to look like a traveler, yet at the same time make her look like that of high status. In the end I think I am happy with how she turned out. I think it blows that you can't change the color of particular parts of Cassandra's gloves. So I had to improvise to make Samara look good.

Samara, like Alice and her sister Samantha, has been a character I made since Soul Calibur III. Like those two, I gave Samara the name Samara because after watching the American version of The Ring the villain has a very catchy name and I like it. The name doesn't match with the era of this game. Yet the setting isn't accurate, either. So Samara shall be called Samara and that is where you and villain of said movie have the similarities end (that and because of nostalgia.) Yep, I was a big fan of horror films back in the day when horror movies were still decent (they are trash right now.)

Now a bit about the character herself. Samara was but a baby when a noblewoman by the name of Tamara found her under a secluded bridge one rainy night. Not able to bare children of her own she adopted her.

Tamara's wish for her child was for her to grow up and have a life of that of a noblewoman. Samara, herself, did grow up into a fine, remarkable woman. While she had no issues into leading the life her mother expects of her she wants to travel the vast, undiscovered parts of the world first. Ever since she was growing up Samara was always awed by all the heroes that she has read in books: both of fiction and non-fiction.

She was so enamored of all the heroes she read about that it got to the point that she begged her mother to give her a teacher: for self defense of course. Nothing else. Her mother reluctantly agreed; if only so her daughter can learn self defense. She bestowed upon her a woman by the name of Luna- a warrior she was allies with during a war her mother herself was involved with.

At first Samara did not like Luna at first because she was really bossy and never minced harsh criticism directed at her. Tamara of course did partially hope that by giving Samara such a harsh teacher perhaps this will discourage Samara about having anymore ideas about being some vagabond traveling the world and settle down into a proper lady. However, Samara destroyed her mother's expectations with pure determination. Over time she got the hang of the fighting style that Luna herself said suited her and even managed to overwhelm her teacher.

Than on Samara's eighteen birthday she was tasked with a test: to defeat Luna and her Klessirpemdo. If she won her mother would allow her daughter to travel the world for one year, but if she lost she had to forfeit any ideas about being some vagabond and settle into a peaceful life of a noble.

The test was harsh with her opponents being relentless in battle. With only just one mistake she would lose and had to kiss her dreams goodbye. Yet, whether it was pure will, her training, some outside force or even a combination of all those factors; Samara emerged victorious.

She jumped and screamed in pure joy. She hugged and thanked all of her defeated opponents. Luna, the only one to push her off with clear embarrassment told her it was all thanks to her training that she won.

Tamara herself had to admit that even she was impressed. As promised she will get the chance to see the world.

The Klessirpemdo took Samara out to celebrate. Luna stayed behind to catch up with Tamara.

While in the mansion having tea Luna was the first to break the silence:

"She reminds me a lot of Hiro: a stubborn fool with a big heart. He, and that old man Giradot, would be proud of that kid."

"That is what concerns me," Tamara said, putting her cup of tea down, "Sigh, why couldn't she be more like me? Proper and prim not giving a care about seeing the world?"

"You mean more like your mother? I met that woman and oh boy I can understand why you went to war than spent another minute with that killjoy."

"Hey!" They both broke into laughter. It was for a moment like these these that felt like the good old days. Yes, everything was well: Samara passed her test and she was thrilled to finally fulfill her dream. Unbeknownst to them; they were all being observed by a figure with sinister scythe. Their plan moving into motion with Samara involved.

Phew, that was quite long. Well, despite the fact that Samara was the main character in past games she will actually be taking a backseat this time. Alice and the Conduit- a character I will show on another post- will be taking center stage in my fanfiction.

Sorry, Samara, but you are still important in all this!


Name: Kaede
Age: 18
Origin: Japan
Grandfather: Yoshiro
Parents: Deceased
Brother: Dayow


Kaede is also another character I had since Soul Calibur III, too. However, unlike the others I didn't work on her much. At least I don't think so. Also, since this game is a 'reboot' and surely not a retelling I decided to change her up a bit. Instead of being fully African I decided to bring her back part Japanese. I have to say I'm actually happy with the choice. I still have her backstory remaining the same where she still helps her younger brother.

Now, about Kaede.

Kaede grew up with loving parents and an endearing little brother. Her father was the heir of a village known to hunt down demons and her mother came from a foreign land where the sun shines the brightest. However, because of her mixed heritage Kaede, her brother Dayow and her mother were at best tolerated in the village. If only not to invoke the wrath of her father. One day her parents went to slay down a demon. Business as usual. However, they did not come back alive. Kaede's lifeless parents were brought before the current leader and Kaede's grandfather of the village by a kunichi named Taki. They were both slain by the creature as it proved to be too strong. That day Kaede broke down into tears as she lost two of the people that she loved the most.

She also lost something else: the protection of her father. Now that her father passed to the afterlife; the leader cast both of his grandchildren out of the palace. Declaring that half-breeds are nothing to him. That day onward Kaede and her brother Dayow faced a hard life of abuse and ridicule. However, despite how wicked her townsfolk were to them she never gave into their pressure and did her best to protect her little brother.

From just watching her father when he was still alive she memorized how to fight like him. Later on she honed her skills fighting in the streets and doing odd jobs from bringing in criminals, finding lost/stolen artifacts and of course slaying demons. Her brother was the only person that gave her a purpose to keep on fighting.

However, one day he got sick. Really sick.

Desperate, she went to her grandfather for aide. However, each time she went he denied her.

Until, from pure rage, she screamed, "I will go out of the village to bring you Soul Edge! Please, just take care of my brother until I come back!"

At first he dismissed them as empty words. However, he did hear great things about her accomplishments and that she has never failed on a job before. So he agreed to have that thing back into his palace. He did, however, warn her that if she failed on her mission she will be banished from the village and her brother will be forced to stay as a slave.

With head held high, her gaze not wavering, she told her brother that she will be back for him. Once she does they will leave this place and go someplace better. Her brother never broke his gaze until she disappeared into the woods for their ticket out of there.

@Pocky-Yoshi I remember that you wanted to see this character of mine. If you have the time do tell me what you think of her.


Now time for some Alts!

First up is the Talim!

The first one is my favorite. Now I had a hard time what to call this outfit. However, I decided to call it after a meme.

Talim the Barbaric, Dark-skinned Lesbian.


Holiday Talim


Ivy's Assistant Talim

Talim Recolors.
By order Coconut Talim, Violet Talim, Sweet Talim and Nature Talim.


The first two I had help recoloring were a family member choose a color each and I had to get creative. The first one was tricky because they just seemed so bizarre. However, after a while I love the end result. Also, Talim reminds me of a coconut for some reason hence the name. The second one was a tad more easier, but I decided to give Talim violet hair for that alt. I think it makes her look really cool. Sweet Talim is in response that I find Talim's official third alt to look fugly. So I gave Talim a more natural pink look. I also took off her hat for that one. Finally, Nature Talim just happened because I was bored and I have to say that the colors go well on that outfit on her than the default colors.

YoRHa No. 2 Type Byleth (Hur-hur, yes I know I'm clever.)

I'm actually a big fan of Fire Emblem Three Houses and I do love Female Byleth's outfit. I even recolored the weapons to somewhat match with Byleth's sword. I got it as close as possible. I may add Voldo's mask on the knee, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Holiday Cassandra

Isn't she beautiful?


Pimp Hildagarde Fucking Krone


This was a very huge post! Well, I hope you all enjoyed and I wish you all the best of Holidays this season!


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This really sucked. I tried to get rid of the attachments that appear on the bottom of the post I made in my thread and I ended up deleting all of my images. So I ended up reposting everything again. I also noticed that I made mistakes here and there that I will fix some other time.

@DanteSC3 I'm not sure if you managed to see my CaS and Alts, because you reacted to my post while I was fixing my mistake. Nevertheless thank you so much for the love!


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I don't see anything that's there now that wasn't there when I loved the post, looks like what's different is the amount of attachments on the bottom, which I'm guessing you've moved around a bit on the post since then, but it looks like all the images are there that I saw. Most of the love was for the Luna and the Klessirpemdo shout-out, of course, and I would have laughed too at Lesbian Barbarian Talim, but limited to one react per post... Love for Ivy's Assistant Talim as well, and sad at the lack of true Santa Holiday Boots, cut because Lost Swords is the devil left out for no apparent reason. Holiday Talim is also nice.


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I know Kaede's supposed to be a child of a good demon slayer(Kaede's father), but her outfit suggests she had to be an entertainer to get money for her jerk boyfriend?

Kaede's story reminds me of Sango from Inuyasha. If it were me, I'd put a Sango look alike costume and tailor it to Kaede's liking. I think with that, it'll fortify her identity.

Keep on sharing.


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I know Kaede's supposed to be a child of a good demon slayer(Kaede's father), but her outfit suggests she had to be an entertainer to get money for her jerk boyfriend?

Kaede's story reminds me of Sango from Inuyasha. If it were me, I'd put a Sango look alike costume and tailor it to Kaede's liking. I think with that, it'll fortify her identity.

Keep on sharing.
Thank you for your honest input.

Truth be told her current look is more of a personal preference. To answer your question if she does any sort of entertainment to support herself and her brother in the streets. She did attempt it, but because of her appearance and the majority of her townspeople find her hideous to even look at she had to resort to hunt down demons and catch crooks. She does go around dressed up the way she is because she personally wants to look good and she wants to remind people that she feels no shame in being born mixed. So they have no choice, but to stare at her exposed cleavage.

Depending on what we are going to get for CaS parts in the DLC I may change her look, but like I said I'm happy with how she looks now.

Plus, she wants to save herself for marriage, because after seeing how happy her parents were together she hopes to have a loving relationship like them with kids someday.

Finally, lol you comparing her story to Sango is funny because I was going to give her the name Kikyo than Kaede. Yes, I was going to call her after Inuyasha's very own Kikyo.

Thanks again for your input!