Soul Calibur 5 Guest/Bonus/CAS Character Discussion

btw im kinda surprised they announced pretty much the whole new character roster but not all the

still waiting for talim, and yoshi, and sumthing w/ sets... omg!

setsuka where are you!!!!!!!!!
It's van Helsing and his weapon of choice is:
Vampire stake  Hammer.jpg
that's definitely not dampierre. this guy looks waaay more serious. actually I'm betting that's a whole new character entirely! he is in the new character row.
I did not even realize that but you're right. He's in a new character row. that likely means we have 5 returners left to be announced and 6-7 new ones (one of those slots might be for bonus/dlc characters). I think we can expect 2-3 new characters announced each month till release.

edit: if the guy in the hat is van helsing then Raphael is definitely going to be his dracula.
^ We learned you can change the whites of a character's eyes.

You know, what if the new guy with the hat is Zasalamel? Wasn't it mention that he changes each passing century into a new incarnation?

Which he lost in 3 canonically (it's why he is doing what he does in 4). He's either mortal (SC4 ending non-canon) or properly immortal (SC4 ending is canon), but he isn't a time lord anymore.

Hmm, wonder if Revenant has any relation to the AC Assassins, as he was apparently an assassin.
By the way did anyone else notice that Nightmare seems to be holding a shield in the bottom left hand corner of his/her/its picture?
2 exclusive characters for the collector's edition? That's fucking gay. Somehow, I think my dear Talim will be part of those exclusives...

I hate supporting shit like this but I'll probably end up getting the collector's edition.