Soul Calibur 5: Taki Discussion


[08] Mercenary
Srry this Dsnt have much to do with this conversation but is Taki hard to use because she looks really fun and annoying lol


[08] Mercenary
not any harder to learn than any other character I'd say. Just like any character, it takes a lot of practice to get comfortable with her, but you can get there. And she's tons of fun once you get used to her :]


[09] Warrior
Learning Taki isn't hard. Using her against some characters is challenging sometimes, it takes experience.


[08] Mercenary
Ty to ima be trying her this Friday coming up I'm spool exited I did all the research I copied every one of her moves down and when I'm motivated nothing stops me from bein pretty good lol Ty again


[13] Hero
Maybe SC IV PO B+K (Wind Stalker) is now PO 8K, and SCIV PO 8K (Dragon Wheel) is now PO K, with SC IV PO K being gone or another input.

Or you're right and the combined move BT PO 8K is now a safe mid attack throw, blockable though.

I was only able to do BT PO 8K Wind Stalker Attack Throw on the SCV Demo, but i don't know if that would have been blockable or what PO K does.
I've seen a BT PO Dragon Wheel/Wind Stalker-ish move getting blocked though on stream.
So if there's only one PO Backflip/Dragon Wheel/Wind Stalker move it's probably blockable.

BTW we are talking about Natsu here right?