Soul Calibur: The Movie! ^-^

Crash X

[14] Master
How does everyone like to see Soulcalibur adapted live action into Netflix? A movie won't work out, so a TV series would be fitting chronicling the warriors and season 1 will be of Kilik, Xianghua & Maxi going after Soul Edge. Even Libra of Soul can be adapted since Groh is in it.

And who would your best cast be as long as this series does not go into ruin.

Season 1 - based on Soulcalibur VI (I)

  • Kilik played by Yang Yang (from NCT)
  • Chai Xianghua played by Lana Condor
  • Maxi played by Charles Melton
  • Heishiro Mitsurugi played by Kensei Mikami
  • Taki played by Anna Sawai
  • Groh played by Jake Manley
  • Azwel played by Oded Fehr
  • Ivy Valentine played by Wallis Day
  • Cervantes de Leon played by Danny Trejo
  • Seong Mi-na played by Jamie Chung
  • Astaroth played by Nathan Jones
  • Nightmare voiced by Clancy Brown
  • Siegfried Schtauffen played by Alexander Ludwig
  • Sophitia Alexandra played by Kat McNamara
  • Voldo played by Troy James
  • Yoshimitsu played by Matt Mullins & voiced by Norio Wakamoto himself
  • Raphael Sorel played by Gaspard Ulliel
  • Tira played by Camren Bicondova
  • Talim played by Kriesha Chu
  • Zasalamel played by Djimon Hounsou
  • Amy Sorel played by Maisie Williams
  • Cassandra Alexandra played by Kiernan Shipka
  • Inferno played by Douglas Tait
  • Edge Master played by Christopher Lambert
You forgot Rock, Aeon/Lizardman, and Hwang. Kappa


[14] Master
I think Brigitte Nielsen in her prime would've been great for Ivy.

For Mitsurugi i'll pick Hiroyuki Sanada. Xiaghua the Mulan Actress.

Mad Swami

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Soulcalibur would work better as an anime. Monk traveling the world to destroy evil sword while aqquiring friends along the way with similar goals including, the sister of his long dead best friend. Not to mention a dark power he needs to master to boot


[09] Warrior
It would be good to see Christopher Lambert acting in a VG movie, but why do you all wanna see him playing Edge Master? Edge Master is asian