Soul Calibur V Breast Chart !

Discussion in 'Soulcalibur CASUAL' started by victorstk, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. victorstk

    victorstk [08] Mercenary

    dunno why but seeing this image makes me want a "Soul Calibur Generations" with all of the cast from soul calibur 4 and 5!

    also natsu is taller than taki
  2. NeclordX

    NeclordX [12] Conqueror

    LOL Hilde is in the Loli territory XD

    Would apreciate is the pictures were more defined
  3. Ramus

    Ramus [14] Master

    O.o how..... silk stand Sophie s and a string of letter stands Ivy s
  4. Pyrrus

    Pyrrus [14] Master

    Hm interesting :O i always thought Taki would be taller than her student lol~
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  5. Pyrrus

    Pyrrus [14] Master

    Oh Pyrrha your growing nicely <3
  6. DrCrimsonRain

    DrCrimsonRain [06] Combatant

    I refuse to believe even after 17 years Amy can grow into what Viola is.
    Viola and Amy confirmed for different people.
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  7. Pyrrus

    Pyrrus [14] Master

    Wtf is wrong with Viola? Isnt she too thin? :o
  8. NeclordX

    NeclordX [12] Conqueror

    Pick whichever "vampirism" myth you prefer, she could age slower, she could lost her vampirisn after X years then start to grow up later, etc. We won't not know for sure until SCVIII more or less.

    BTW, two japanese between the top 5 is a bit delusional, isn't it?
  9. UnseenWombat

    UnseenWombat [14] Master

    Only Natsu's hair is taller than Taki. Taki is slightly taller.

    Setsuka isn't really Japanese. Also, you must have not looked at a lot of gravure idols. ;)
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  10. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    Hilde looks pretty "average", which is good.

    I wonder which one of Tira's personalities thinks she is a D cup. In reality she is somewhere between Viola and Xianghua

    If Amy's whereabouts have not been revealed yet, why would they remove Amy and keep Viola on the chart? That would be pretty obvious that Viola would be Amy.

    And even if PS plan on having Amy and Viola be two different people, the chart wouldn't reveal it either, since....of course, it has not been confirmed if Amy is or is not Viola.
  11. IamSub0

    IamSub0 [06] Combatant

    I can't decide if the artist is ignorant of female anatomy or the English alphabet. It's incredibly comical.
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  12. Pyrrus

    Pyrrus [14] Master

    Why is it in the art they make the boobs glorious yet in the game they make em smaller? :C what do they only want Ivy with the large breastusus? Also if you notice....If Elysium was supposed to look like Sophitia why are her boobs smaller? :o lolol~Im a detail whore sometimes xP
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  13. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    Sophitia isn't that well-endowed either.


    Damn Hentai sites. I can't even search for at least one character in SC without a few popping up. Sophitia's practically 5 or 6 each page.
  14. franman

    franman [12] Conqueror

    This chart is nearly perfect for 3D character modelling if they only show the front view of the character (orthographic) then pretty much anyone is ready to model.

    Infact the more references of these characters esp. orthographic views of these characters and esp. with exact propportions, the easier it is to referencing and modelling.
  15. Pyrrus

    Pyrrus [14] Master


    They looked bigger on my TV what the my head hurts *facepalms*
  16. coolfighter1993

    coolfighter1993 [10] Knight

    Wait... Hilde has boobs? :O
  17. Ninjaguy446

    Ninjaguy446 [14] Master

    Why can't Viola look like that in her render? First Project Soul taunts me with her art, they they shoot me down with her render. T^T

    One would think Viola were bigger than Pyrrha. -__- Just look at her art lol
  18. Echo01

    Echo01 [06] Combatant

    Natsu is hella tall O_O
  19. Ninjaguy446

    Ninjaguy446 [14] Master

    Is this too much to ask for? I think not! viola-.jpg viola-1.jpg
    *Copyright and rights go to Sectus I guess lol
  20. Echo01

    Echo01 [06] Combatant

    I know this is a breast chart, but the Alexandras really do have dat ass. Rothion you lucky bastard...
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