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Discussion in 'Soulcalibur CASUAL' started by Wadou_Ichimonji, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Fuzzieviking

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    I think that they should have taken more time. I mean the three mimics really smacked me hard in the face, specially when characters with styles who weren't replaced were left out, talk about shitting all over a move set.

    that and announcing them all at once was a mistake. They should have done them so that A. they weren't next to each other, and B. they weren't part of the last rounds of reveals.

    I think that the game itself is really great, but I think that it was rushed, even more so than I think scIV was. I would prefer that they make a new Soul game, maybe not Soul calibur but perhaps Soul Embrace or someshiz.

    Something so that when styles are left out there is no reason to complain, seeing as for the most part EVERYTHING would be new. Hell I said at the start I would almost prefer if none of the old styles returned and everyone had new styles.
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  2. damn-I-Suck

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    The proof is in the pudding.

    Good quality game or not, with these sales numbers you can bet there will never be any more SC's again.

    I'm hoping that some other game developer will make a new weapon based fighting game heavily inspired by the SC series. If any other company came out and said, "we're developing a weapon based 3d fighter", I would totally buy it.

    At this point, I wouldn't even hope for DLC to fix glitches or add old characters, or even an ultimate edition for that matter. Given the sales numbers, a patch job for Sc5 won't really be worth it from a business point of view.

    SC, as much as I hate to say it, might die with this game :(
  3. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    Three Words: SOUL EDGE 2!!!
  4. DRAGOON320

    DRAGOON320 [09] Warrior

    Bolded for so much emphasis. This reasoning is what I use to convince more people to buy/play the game without the rose glasses.
  5. Eloquentrave

    Eloquentrave [08] Mercenary


    It's not true that it necessarily follows.

    However it is true sometimes, and lots of people would be inclined to assert that it is in this instance.
  6. EbonyBlack

    EbonyBlack [06] Combatant

    Not surprised the game isn't selling. Everyone here already summed up all the reasons I could think of as to why it is failing so hard. I don't know, maybe they shouldn't have removed so much and "fixed" what wasn't broken.

    Still, it's harsh news. I guess our chances of GOOD DLC is a lot less likely.

    EIGHTYYARDS [06] Combatant

    See UMvC3.
  8. Starknight

    Starknight [08] Mercenary

    Personally, I have oficially abandoned this franchise, as NAMCO has dumped my favorite characters not once, but twice; ergo, I do not feel compelled to make this purchase at all.
    Surely, I might be curious once its price drops below 20 bucks, but, after ditching Kwang, then Yung and even Seoung Mina, I almost feel disrespect toward some of the loyal and hardcore fan base out there(me included). Adding Devil Jin is almost insulting but meh, I guess some Tekken fanboys must be happy about it.

    Me? Playing King of Fighters XIII and eagerly waiting for VF5:Final shodown. As far as I'm concerned, Soul Calibur is R.I.P; This conclusion does not make me happy, on the contrary, but this is my sad reality. I'm mourning the death of one of the greatest franchises in fighting history.
  9. Marginal
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    Marginal Chikara Sashimi

    Check the Amazon reviews. Most casuals are going nuts because there's not enough single player content.
  10. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    As much as I miss Setsuka, I've began to let it all go for a few reasons, and I suggest you do the same.

    I think the artbook should give you an idea far as the Korean characters:

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  11. Aeshma

    Aeshma [07] Duelist

    You all need to take your pink glasses off. Single player in the series was always pretty meh at best. Going through a gauntlet chock full of lizardmen and Zas throwing cogs at you was not fun at all and an artificial way to keep you playing to unlock shit.

    I´m not going to defend the story in Story mode since it was bad storytelling, but you should appreciate there is an actual story this time around. Who knows? Maybe they´ll bother with an actual writer next time.

    Last characters to be revealed and they are all mimics? What a slap in the face, Namco. Way to kill the hype.

    Multiplayer is fucking awesome. It´s just great. The netcode is really good. Now you can spend hours playing barbie and create your Doctor Dooms and your Noel Vermillions and Sabers so I can cleave them in half with Nightmare.

    Oh, and the ´I didn´t buy the game because X, Y and Z characters weren´t in it´ people can go fuck themselves. You are the worst.
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  12. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    Not sure what to say about this. Is this a contradiction?
  13. Aeshma

    Aeshma [07] Duelist

    you sure like mimics huh
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  14. Starknight

    Starknight [08] Mercenary

    I'm sure it is one heck of a product from a technical point of view. Unfortunately, that is not the point, so let me ask you this: Have Tekken developers ever eliminated a character in their rosters from their game?

    Picture yourself playing the next Tekken, what would you think if you found out that Kazuya, Eddy Gordo or Christie were dropped in favor of having sweet little Xianghua in their place? Cool, you say? Yeah, maybe for 5 min until you realize that, sadly, styles don't match.

    Working for a franchise goes through enticing people into loving its characters, and I believe Namco really did a great job in this department with SC; characters are lovable, likable and with strong ties to each other. So my question is this: why killing this franchise in this area? They took a risk with the 17 year-into-the-future jump, and clearly, it is backfiring, simply put.

    I'm sure it is a good game, after all, it is a Namco fighting game, don't get me wrong. I just feel it could have been the best SC ever, but it will probably end up being the last one. If I am the worst because of this, then so be it.
  15. TheNoirEffect

    TheNoirEffect [09] Warrior

    Guess SC5 will be my holdover game until VF5R & DOA5 comes out, and later on TTT2.

    I seriously had high hopes for this game. Shit.. well PS look what you've done.

    Hopefully DLC comes out. Thats all I'm banking on now.
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  16. jtdam09

    jtdam09 [13] Hero

    Angel, Michelle, Alex, Combot, Tetsujin, Roger Sr., Kunimitsu, King I, Armor King I, Gun Jack, Prototype Jack, Gon (Thank God), previous Jack models, and Doctor Boskonovich. Also, out of technicality, Violet and Miharu.

    Everyone else has returned in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a non-canon game (True Ogre, Jun, Unknown, Jinpachi)

    I feel the 17 year shift introduces a great amount of new characters that PS can further develop in the future. It also gives Namco the chance to create a fresh story, and not "out of place" like SCIV's was. With how horrid and random that storyline was, you can't really fix it for the past era. In SCV's case, they can start a clean slate with characters who have little to no background, and then just work further on during the series.

    Nothing is wrong with the 17 year shift in Soul Calibur. It's how they handled it, story-wise, and how they left most of the information on the previous characters in a Japanese-language art book, or at the last minute (Setsuka, for example).

    Replacements are also fine, but how do they differentiate from their predecessors? This was the case for Xi-Ba, and the Alexandxx siblings. This was not the case for Leixia, and, personality aside, wasn't the case for Alpha Patroklos. Natsu is more of a better skilled Taki.
  17. ShaolinTiger86

    ShaolinTiger86 [13] Hero

    Now that would be cool to be honest but Instead of either of those three being replaced in favor of X, it should be Ling Xiaoyu that should be replaced by Xianghua. Same would've gone for Yun-Seong replacing Hwoarang but of course the styles wouldn't match up but then again, Soul Calibur and Tekken mirror each other too closely.
  18. Cabbie

    Cabbie [09] Warrior

    Although I do agree with the negative points with most of the people here (missing characters, lacking single player, rushed etc). If you check the all the other games they were selling quite low. They say it is a terrible season but I think it is the economy. Tons of folks out there without a job, I can imagine that could have a major effect on overall sales.

    I really hope they would release a substantial download pack. Not just 20 new panties but new characters and stages. That should give this series a shot in the arm. Hopefully.
  19. CrazyYoshimitsu

    CrazyYoshimitsu [10] Knight

    The funny part about this whole thing is that none of the top SC players care about this stuff. This shit is serious business.
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  20. ChaosK

    ChaosK [13] Hero

    Well they surely care about the chances for a SC6...

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned so far: Same release date with FFXIII-2! I know totally different genres and all but i think, give people time to play through FF and maybe we see some more units sold.

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