Soul Calibur VI First Trailer - Screenshots


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I attach some interesting screenshots for discussion (outside of just general hype!). Lets keep our discussion civil gentlemen (no "I-told-you-so" gloating, since we're all jubilant here). This was taken from 1080p but I resized it a bit smaller. Back when SC5 first revealed I was hoping for more tech-saavy individuals to do something like this, but I figured I may as well contribute.

1) Some details for Mitsurugi: The SC1 inspired design is obvious
Notice the hilt of his sword has the purple wrappings (rather than old mitsurugi's grey wrappings from SC5)

Intimidating picture! His sword charging up for fire elemental energy attacks remind me of Lost Swords

No grey hairs nor bushy beard here.

2) Sophitia's looking as lovely as ever:
That's like Raphael's VE stance. Guess she's wielding the Omega Sword and the Elk Shield.

Again, her outfit is inspired by her SC1 roots. You'll notice she doesn't really hold onto her sword lol.

A much better look at the details of Sophitia's outfit. Don't let that distract you though, Mitsurugi is also looking really bad-ass in this picture. I assume he's mid animation in his super move [

3) Some dueling images :
The ground looks kinda messed up with the reflectivity. Note Sophitia's stance, as it looks unlike anything I've seen from her before

What is this clash mechanic ?? It doesn't appear to be a GI.

Sophitia and Mitsurugi are summoning the elements!! Notice the distortion of the surrounding environment!!

Sophitia summoning her Warriors Orochi powers mayhaps ??

Seems like Hephaestus has answered her prayers!

When facing down the holy envoy the Greek Gods, Mitsurugi is forced to call upon his flaming sword to level the playing field.

Sophitia's energy aura oddly changes to blue

Mitsurugi's now has red lightning particles ??

The climax of the trailer: Sophitia's skirt is surrounding by blue particles while her sword has red lightning.
Mitsurugi's sword looks to be aflame.

Lets dial that up to 11 now.
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Regarding game mechanics:

Here is a very graceful sidestep from Sophitia. Notice she kind of twirls away which is different from any side step animation, as it almost exposes her back to Mitsurugi.

Onto the "parry". I am not sure what this is, because I haven't seen any normal guarding in the trailer. It appears that the defending player has a unique parry animation for canned strings, and after "parrying" a few attacks, the character will retaliate with a weird red "guard-crush" attack.

Here are some screenshots of the parry. Will this use meter ? Is this the jG replacement ? Is this a GI replacement ? I am very confused but I love having new animations for guarding rather than the static animation.

1) This is after Mitsu blocks the first hit of Sophie's new 4AAB string (my guess), as his katana will recoil backwards and glow red

2) I attack 4 sequential screenshots for Mitsurugi blocking the 2nd low attack of the string. It looks like the 2nd hit of 4AA. He doesn't crouch, but maybe the 2nd hit is a special low now?? Upon impact you'll notice he'll do a small hop backwards.


3) Mitsurugi parrying a 3rd hit of that vertical string. His sword reacts the same way to the first horizontal hit (which I suspect is a high horizontal). Thats odd!

After this Mitsurugi counter-attacks with his special red-lightning guard crush, but Sophitia defends in time and ends up in a post-guard crush animation (no screenshot)

4) Regarding Sophitia
Her animation of parrying a vertical.

This is a different vertical, but 2 sequential frames! There is a red lightning particle as well as the pink whirling wind particles.

Sophitia's parrying Mitsurugi's MST pokes. I REALLY love this sort of defensive animation, which is much more cool than in SC5's jG where they just stand still but the entire body glows red/blue. This infers that the character is actively parrying with their weapon in SC6, rather than just a super power that engulfs their entire body like in SC5.


Bonus image:
Are we going to give this guy a temporary nick-name until we figure it out ?

Purple-silver knight ?
Twin blades ?
Zwei 2.0 ?
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I'm guessing that part where she doesn't hold her sword will be fixed by launch, hopefully.