Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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So, once again maining Tira is an exercise in getting dumped on. No wonder Violet moved onto Seong Mina. Might do the same, tbh. Well, at least they didn't nerf her into the ground like SC5. It's just such a shame. The character with the most interesting and diverse fighting style just doesn't get any love from the devs. Thanks for nothing.


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they just removed sieg's 1A+G's ability to reverse ring out!!!

Bullshit! we better still get a wallsplat from it though..

Edit: kept reading and Nightmare got the same treatment
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So, they practically buffed the high-tier people while nerfing the mid-tier and low-tier ones. Wouldn't surprise me if it turns out that the rest of the Season Pass gets cancelled in spite of 2B attracting more people.


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They could buff Tira very simply by letting her change mood post-round, like SCV. She changes to Jolly so easily (and difficult to change back to Gloomy during the fight without reversal edge) that I don't think it would be OP.


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And that rivalry is hilarious if you think about the pirate vs ninja memes way back. And even more ironic when my main CaS who uses the former’s style is sorta ninja-like.

I’ll miss iGDR being simple to pull off from 8WR if that is what it means.
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What does "changed the level" of various moves mean? Something to do with guard crush properties?

And does Ivy's CE now only block verticals? Because the way it is worded actually seems like it now counts as a vertical for the purpose of enemy GIs. But I don't know why they would change it to be like that.


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Goddamn if Azwel didnt get slammed with the nerf bat. Holy hell.

What was Ivy's 1A+G? Was that a typo? I'm also confused about her SE 4A. Do they mean you can escape it like a normal throw? Or that you can just quickly get up after a knockdown?


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With all the Nerfs Raphael got maybe they are planning to add Amy as rapier user and have her be better than Raph again, much to the chagrin of Raph mains


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Hi. I'm here to laugh about Ivy being spared and Grøh getting better safety or recovery on his good moves. WRA knockdown is great. What happened for Sieg and Nightmare getting their signature ring out throw nerfed? Why does Tira still have to get headaches when using B+K and successfully transitioning? I'm sad about Geralt's counter.


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It feels like they did to Azwel what that did to Raphael in SCV. It looks like they butchered his major moves. Moves like his 6A,A might be punishable now. He was not THAT difficult to deal with; the players bitching about him being "op" were just scrubby crybabies that didn't bother study his moves in training