Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

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I will be suggesting the return of Team Battle, changing "any region" in matchmaking to let you play with people choosing "same region" when you're in the same region, and more DLC (as a way to keep the game alive with an extended DLC budget).
Two thumbs up for Team Battle; why did this ever go away in the first place, and what could be better for a reboot of the first two games? Plus, it would cost them virtually nothing in terms of resources to implement while making a longterm series loyalists very happy. And if it is implemented for casual matches online, it will allow players to use it to showcase their CaS, potentially driving sales on DLC. Win, win, win, win, win!


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The message I sent:

"The game is great, I love Sophie and would like to see Cassandra or Pyrrha as DLC too. For online I would suggest the option in ranked to play similar or any rank, like in SC5. As offline, would be good some new gameplay like team battle, survival or time battle, like SC2. Thanks for listening to us!"
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We should ask them to rework training/move list so that you can go through each move without having to go back to the pause menu. Makes it easier for newer players to get engaged



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I got bored again, so I made another video on dealing with Talim for anyone interested.

This one is about how to properly lab against Talim's stance switches on block. The first five minutes goes through the training mode setup process, rules of thumb, and an ideal example of a successful lab with the right button. The rest of the video is me off the cuff labing out another one of Talim's stance switch buttons from Sophie's perspective, which may be hopefully insightful for non-Talim players.


May make a punish guide for characters, as well as more Talim ramblings.


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Groh needs to be fixed asap. He's utterly farcical in terms of speed, plus frames and power and it becomes so obvious when even Raphael struggles against him.


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The real reason they've been nerfing Sophitia and Raphael is so that people buy Cassandra and Amy.
I really hope they don't do that. I prefer Amy and Cassandra, but they don't need to sabotage other characters to make them stand out.

I don't even play Raphael. I love his character in the narrative (I even consider him my favorite), but I've never been able to get comfortable playing him. I'm sure there's enough of a divide between Soph/Cass & Raph/Amy mains where they don't need to resort to this.

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Frosty Faustings Top 8 is on now for those that are interested.

I like those two casters, particularly Xlife; lately, just about every time I watch a tourney, I've been lamenting how poor the quality of coverage is and the fact that we don't yet really have, say, a Lowko for this game yet. Mostly it's dudes just exclaiming "Oh, oh, yeah! Alright, uh, whiff--I mean, uh punished the whiff and oh man, oh right, sidestepped the vertical and uh, hit the horizontal." They are far to slow an exclamatory and don't really keep up with the action in the fashion you need to with a game as fast-paced as Soulcalibur and don't provide much in terms of insight to well played maneuvers and overall strategy. Every time a tournament goes up here lately in particular, I've been tempted to comment on the abysmal state of things, but I didn't want to call any casters in particular out, when mostly across the board the situation is mediocre to ugly. But I forgot about Xlife--she's not half bad at all, nor is Kitana for that matter.


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Nerfing Voldos mantis crawl was logical, but so many other tweaks come out of the blue. It's not like they are minor adjustments either, some totally changes combo outcomes and creates new punish openers and that's a huge deal. Seems like they are switching things around like confused monkeys in a banana stand.

I have a new appreciation for Ivy having seen her voice actress. I'll be chuckling good as I remember this mug when she squalls her comments in matches.



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This patch has ruined Sophitia for me. She got far too many nerfs for being a high-mid character pre-1.11
I couldn’t agree more 1 AA doesn’t wall combo any more I can’t A+B against a Talim CE with out risk and Astaroth has become considerably hard to beat and FC236 k can’t Lethal hit from a crushed throw anymore.

They should honestly just buff the characters that are struggling why the fuck do they have to tamper with characters that are mediocre.

What pisses me off the most about Sophie’s 1 AA change is their reasoning as if taki’s 1 A Doesn’t get spammed online either.
It’s those kind of nerfs that are guaranteed to kill this game.

Seriously if they’re nerfing based on spam might as well delete Ivy and Aswell is so so stupid.