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Get ready for the chef hat coming in the next pack. Cause we need all the dumb headpieces instead of stuff that can be salvaged like the beret and even the cowboy hat, although Raph’s would be even better.

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I'm not surprised in the slightest because I already had low expectations, but I personally don't care. I'm just here for the competitive gameplay. I only ever use a recoloured Raphael anyway. If I can't hex edit, CAS is mostly worthless to me because I only care about making creations that go beyond the limiting restrictions of the game. Like these for example:



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I'm sorry but I just can't help but feel too much of y'all are pessimistic and that kind of attitude is just tiring to sort through and makes me wanna avoid this place like the plague, lol. I'm personally pleased at a lot of these additions and I can't wait for it to drop, though a lot of attitudes on here make it seem like we'd be better off not getting the DLC in the first place. Or any CaS DLC at all, really.
I mean, so far it's not great. This is as skimpy and lackluster as Tekken 7. Is this the new thing for Namco?


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I mean, so far it's not great. This is as skimpy and lackluster as Tekken 7. Is this the new thing for Namco?
At least it's something? We're getting costume pieces for Tira and Siegfried as well as some good stuff that was missing from the beginning. I have no idea why anyone is surprised it's not like The Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread when we've known the game is always going to be the bare minimum and low priority for the company.


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Anyone here on Xbox? How do you feel about network functionality in SC? To me, it felt tolerable after the december update, slightly worse after the first january update and now after the latest update that came out little over a week ago the game is definitely worse online. In general most matches lag more and I have had some bad matches with people I have previously known to have a very stable connection to. Also, it is harder than ever to find casual rooms to join, search sometimes just stalls for several minutes. Anyone else having similar problems?


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I mean, as much as everyone seems to be annoyed at everything, i'm pretty sure i can do at least something with the 50 new parts.
I see Saint Seiya with the Eagle armor. I could make a 1000 year Aizen with the eye patch, A Lelouch with the eyepatch. Boris. SCV Seigfried -Nightmare. I used the bug antenna to simulate braids that would hang from the cornrows. Even now I use the smith goggles as leather belts and hide the google part inside the body. Bamco has this annoying niche. They are all these evil tormenting people have a sick perversion. Who give you a bunch of crap and then force you to make unorthodox uses for the crap. They removed the ball from the extra pieces. I have been forced to use the heart for the longest to substitute that until Emil's Head came out. I used to dislike the modern pieces, Then I started to just use them because I wouldn't let a part not be used anymore and pushed that imagination. That means my Linkett Sophitia will have the beanie cap I think girls can wear that and that free up an extra spot since I can remove the cylinder. If it's possible to put a chest piece over the gym clothes well there you go, full covering undergarments that don't have the scale texture. Someone will use that cleric hat for something more than just clerics. I understand the frustration but there are some of us that are content and excited for this. I'm glad they have my support funds because I just want more at this point. There are specific pieces I'm waiting for, but I've been waiting a long time to have more than 50 slots and with 100/200 I still don't have enough. And I can't just have four memory cards like I used to have on PS2. Use your imagination. We would never have Heart cleavage and heart butt implants. Magic Karp. Pistachio man. And many other unique CaS. Just wait. The new pieces will create some exciting new things.
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Key thing to note about customization is that almost everyone uses it to at least some degree. It isnt like other features where you could loosely separate categories of people by "casuals" and "hardcore". It reaches a greater amount of players regardless of how they play the game. So because of that i think it should be common sense PS places a very high priority on this aspect. Making sure its done properly and to the best of their ability. Given all their decisions.... the base game, limitations, significantly reduced piece count, etc. I dont feel as if this is a priority to them.