Soul Calibur VI: General discussion

Rusted Blade

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SCVI EVOJapan 2019 Pools

According to casters, SCVI has a very high turnout--one of the highest participation levels at the event, in fact. Yet more evidence (as if any was really needed) that people prognosticating on this game being a flop well before they could have had any reliable empirical metrics were talking out their ass, from confirmation bias, out of a need to convince themselves that their idiosyncratic feelings about a product are enough to establish its ultimate fate, or some combination thereof.


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So because Evo Japan was on at a ridiculous hour for me I couldn't stay awake to watch it but aparently I missed some quality entertainment about core values.


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Is there footage of Evo Japan somewhere besides the Twitch archives?

Youtube doesn't have them and the Twitch video player in the archives is horrendous.