Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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im starting to think the lead PR employees at Bamco all got dropped on their heads as kids


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Lol Are they really waiting for the Tekken 7 finals to announce a SoulCalibur character just because Harada doesn't have anything ready for his game? xD
Maybe they plan to actually not just announce Cassandra, but also release her right after EVO, it's been a while since Amy it might be possible. :o

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I literally have a room packed with SC fans. and you have all the fans like us tuning in to watch the tournament.......

.......and you don't take that opportunity to strike with a trailer to a receptive audience.

I don't get it.......
Harada's plan to end SC6 once and for all has come to fruition. Now they'll announce her during Tekken and SC will get booed off the stage..


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This is stupid, Cassandra being DLC has just "officially" leaked hours ago on PSN and her Steam files have been recently updated. And we are at EVO and she's already took more time to release than Amy did. Point is, she is ready to go, just drop the trailer already. But no, have to advertise SC in front of Tekken instead for some reason.


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SC6 was officially part of EVO. They streamed it for 13 hours straight. They had a LOT of SC fans watching. And they'd rather advertise new SC6 content to Tekken fans instead? I'm just baffled by this.
Streamed for 13 hours to tons of SC fans and attracted lots of new players as well. I watched the chat for a bit during finals and people were saying they picked up the game BECAUSE of the stream and sale. I'm not sure what's sadder, Bandai Namco being so irrevocably terrible at promoting one of their oldest IPs or us for getting our hopes up after months of silence. This is how to lose customers not grow a playerbase.


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I don’t think there will be a season 2.
There is far too much anti-advertising In favour of such an investment.

It just doesn’t make sense that if there was a season 2, to advertise it in such a sloppy way.
I do feel Cassandra will be released on Monday after Tekken’s final.

But I very much doubt there will be a season 2, this was prime time communication for the games core audience the “peak time” of interest has just passed.

It was a great tournament!