Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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I just hope that if they decide to bring back more legacy SoulCalibur V outfits that we’ll get Pyrrha Omega’s boots this time, in the unrealistic expectation that any of the children outfits will return. But SoulCalibur V DLC cut short Viola’s 2p, Nightmare’s 1p/2p, Hilde’s 2p, Yoshimitsu’s 1p, Edge Master’s 1p, Mitsurugi’s 1p/2p, Raphael’s 1p, and Maxi’s 1p, at the very least, those were parts that were datamined. And some Asura arms and a couple other modern parts I believe.


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All we know for sure is that this game is either approaching or has passed the 1 million copies sold mark. That's good enough for me.

The only thing is, would Bamco make a celebration of it? Pretty sure they have celebratory art for tekken 7 when it hit 1 million, 3 million etc.


I for one would love to see something like this for soul calibur