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so this. and just playing often like 2 hours a day or doing FT5 or FT10 with people you know
This. I have been doing FT5/10 with the 9th Mitsu in ranked currently as 2B, the reason was he said he was going to have a match with a 2B main that plays in the pro scene, so i decided to help him out as i am also a high ranked 2B main and the results where visible on his part, after like 2 moths, it was slow but now the dude gives me a really hard time and i have to say, I have also become better against mitsu but still his mitsu makes me shake.


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I don't think I can stomach another guest, especially after the 'meh' pick that is Haohmaru. I'd much rather see a brand new character if we get a third season, like how Tekken 7 got a new character in its own SP3.
It would be nice to see SC making more collaborations with Bamco games like Dark Souls, man i would kill for some of those pieces of armor that Dark Souls have and ofcourse Artorias as a guest character would be dope as fuck... a man can only dream for such glorious day to come.


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Actually it's the visuals that dizzy me. The music can be changed easily.

Also it's kind of weird how I have both character themes for my OCs and the calmer tracks saved to Favorites.


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So if Setsuka is indeed DLC, wonder if her gameplay will be simplified. The rhythm game thing she has going afaik was why I had to spam in the SCV story mode.


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I lament there not being 2P outfits, that's the big one and the cost of having to cut corners. I've actually been hoping they'd make a DLC pack for them, but I hope 2Ps will be a thing in SCVII so as to give alternative looks to the cast.


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I went to make a Voldo custom and the game allowed me to choose between Colour 1 and 2.
Guessing its a glitch since I've never seen it appear for any other characters.


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Has it already been mentioned that the SC4/5 music pack sounds kinda low quality?
Some of the tracks sound okay but there's a few... That sound quite bad or very low volume?

Midnight Mystique for example sounds a bit weird to me.


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Perhaps they don’t really give a shit about this monster of a thread anymore. Can’t say I blame them tbh.
Pretty much.

Now you've all worked this out of your system, let's get back on topic. If you have any issues with people's posts in the future use that handy Report feature because I, and other mods, have way better things to do than wade through this shit.


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quote ----for "this year" we don't have dojo events.

for "this year"


they keep talking about the 2020 SC world tour as if it's not a one and done. Obviously they want to do another one in 2021!


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Is there any news on the upcoming patch (hot fix) there are some stuff that is starting to grate on me like Zas' BT K doesn't connect and Cervantes' A+B has like 220 track which is annoying as fuck.

It is good to know that Namco are taking the game seriously, its safe to say if all goes well there should be a season 3 so i'm gonna do my best to support new players that want to start out, i've been saving tech of characters i don't even play as just to Help out.

What things have you guys noticed about season 2 that you like, hate or just think is unnecessary?

I do hope they fix Minas 44 A+B (B) as 40/50% guard damage in beyond ridiculous.

And Zas’ 236A+B+K BT 2K (on 2/3 curses) is so cheap xD

And on another note I’ve seen a few heated discussion on this forum but I don’t like seeing bigoted nonsense, folks out here are oppressed enough, I don’t like seeing it associated with a game I adore.


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i feel like a lot of moves that usually connect are not any more. like part of my main tira combos have my opponents going away from.