Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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Playing the trailer at 0.25 speed shows a lot of rough and staggering animations. I hope they'll be able to smooth it up a little until release or with the first patch...
I doubt they will be smoothed out before release but if Tekken is anything to go by Project Soul will smooth them out with patches later down the line. I remember Negan having the same issues but after a year the issues I had with the animations have now gone.


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I’ve been waiting since release hoping they would recycle Viola’s 2p outfit. Can someone please just tell them to recycle old costumes. I get the feeling some Tekken people are getting involved in this.
Granted, Viola has had a cameo role in Amy's Soul Chronicle, and Viola is Amy, I still have my reservations that we'll see any parts from Viola, Z.W.E.I., Natsu, Pyrrha, Patroklos, Xiba, or Leixia, We have Siegfried and Tira outfits from SoulCalbur V, but that's even a little strange in itself. I wouldn't say it's necessarily impossible to see Viola's costume added, it just seems like a really low possibility when stacked up against other things. If we were going to get it, I'd say it would have come out when Amy did, or at least in the pack following her release. We have that official recolor for her, and I think that's the most we'll get on that front. But whoever it is, Tekken people or not, who insists that the modern pieces are the priority, really needs to stop.