Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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I really do hope that at least two of Alpha Patroklos’s weapons return. Having options that don’t have an umbrella attached will help for creativity. Hidden Sword was my favorite, but Entelechia and Dainslef were fine too.
I think that one or two of her weapons will be lai sword in a scabbard! Despite I love Setsuka for her design and her unique weapon and style, I missed her umbrella moves, I really want a sword in a scabbard for use it in Creation Mode! And yes, Entelechia and Dainslef will be so cool if they will return!


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Yes, I always look at old concept art. It's a treasure trove of stories, including tentative plans.
Double Saber was also being considered as a new character for SC3. It is a character named Edgard, but unfortunately it was not completed. I was glad that we finally achieved it with the SC6 glow.
As far as I could understand he manages to turn the weapon into double saber, double sword, cross sword and scissors.
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Edgardo did get an appearance in Broken Destiny, though he just used Cervantes's style, like so many other "clones".

He didn't quite get the Algol hair, though, kind of sad, really.

That twinblade and bomb girl concept art always reminds me of Jessie from Final Fantasy VII.


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That stage always did feel weird and wrong for Yun-seong.
his stages refer to where he was, Ayutthaya in SC 2 and Egypt in SC 3-4. The only Korean character who brought the Korean stage was Seong Mi-na, that was only in two games: Soul Edge and Soul Calibur II. Hwang's Desert Path is currently located in China, as well as Silk Road Ruins.
I do not say that this choice was right or wrong, but after 3 stages in Egypt I find it difficult to dissociate him from that country.