Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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That stage always did feel weird and wrong for Yun-seong.
his stages refer to where he was, Ayutthaya in SC 2 and Egypt in SC 3-4. The only Korean character who brought the Korean stage was Seong Mi-na, that was only in two games: Soul Edge and Soul Calibur II. Hwang's Desert Path is currently located in China, as well as Silk Road Ruins.
I do not say that this choice was right or wrong, but after 3 stages in Egypt I find it difficult to dissociate him from that country.


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I mean, you’re right, like Mi-na was at the Ling Sheng Su Temple Ruins and such, it’s just like, why Egypt? Soul Edge hangs out in Europe.


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it’s just like, why Egypt? Soul Edge hangs out in Europe.
The setting is pretty much all of Eurasia as this was the world at that period in time. It's easy to forget that places like Egypt, Persia, plus the Ottoman Empire were the nexus of trade, travel and power with the way current geo politics is.


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why Egypt? Soul Edge hangs out in Europe.
I can't say why the producers decided to put him in Egypt, but the only thing I have is the alleged destruction caused by Nightmare.
Rumors of the reappearance of the Azure Knight have cast a dark shadow across Europe. This time, the damage he has wrought is even greater than before, reaching across the sea all the way to Egypt.

For the purpose of repairing numerous temples that have been damaged by unknown hands, people and materials have been gathered from across the land, but among these workers, rumors persist that the destruction was caused by sword.

In his pursuit of the Azure Knight, Yun-seong hears these rumors and sneaks into a temple under repair. He needs to see the damage before the repairs are complete. Will he find that it was in fact caused by the Azure Knight, as he suspects?


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i just google Khopesh and it showed me this


look like one of Zasalamel's weapons!
Well it is a sickle, but its not a 2 handed polearm like Zas.
Khopesh is one of those early bronze weapons.
The convex outer edge is like an axe more than a traditional sword
Its got a thrusting point (not in that picture)
However, its also got a concave edge used to pry against shields to expose defenders.

I don't think Project Soul will bring in egyptian / middle east / central asian one handed curved swords, until at least Hwang or Yun Seong come in with a Dao.
However, I'm all for more traditional weapons rather than taking the anime fighter route that groh / zwei / viola / azwel / algol took
Since SC4, only Hilde is considered a grounded character.. it feels like a 5:1 ratio!


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After watching those videos I remember what it was about Ezio’s theme in 5 that I disliked so much. It’s so damn underwhelming in comparison to Bipolar Nightmare (the song in the first Setsuka video) and Innocent Vision, not to mention almost every other Soul Calibur song.