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I have only one creative doubt, please Hayate fans ask him, wouldn't it be better if he used Assassin at Hwangseo Place or Egyptian Ruins/Crypt instead of Imperial Capital Ayutthaya? Nothing against it, but I thought it would be better with the Assassin.
(Every time I look at Ayutthaya I remember Maxi.)


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random, but does anyone know who the **** Horiane Shueroe is?

If you type that name into google, you'll find the rantings of a madman who is all over youtube. I've seen that name on so many SC videos but I have no idea what it's supposed to mean.
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Do you have a way of being notified when the SC6 steamdb dlc updates? I notice you are basically always on top of it when it gets updated.

I check manually everyday and its rather tiresome by now....

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Moving to work from home? I hope that's a translation goof because Japan has been under a state of emergency since, like, the beginning of April. Are they still in transition?
I think the answer is probably a little of both: I suspect that was in fact a translational error in the wording to some extent, but at the same time, most people don't really seem to appreciate that moving a major game studio's activities to a work-from-home environment is not the most feasible thing in the world: we're talking about people who work with very high-end hardware operating on complicated enterprise network systems in highly integrated office environments. Finding a way to move that entire development apparatus into the tiny Tokyo apartments of a hundred different software engineers and mixed digital media artists is no simple task: probably they've only invested in doing it for a small handful of core team members, and they are almost certainly still working out how to make this process work in this context.

So while I suspect that work has been resumed on the season pass for some time now, I think the more accurate answer to your question is yes: to whatever extent team members are working out of their homes, that's probably still a system they are working out. They had probably hoped to be back to business as usual soon, since Japan's COVID situation was looking (comparably) pretty contained for a bit there and the country was going close to fully opened up again. But trends in the last week probably have them (like many Japanese businesses) beginning to wonder if this decentralized work is going to have to be the norm for a while.
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