Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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Between PS FINALLY adding the unbreakable armor option (in a really nuanced, detailed way), 40 ITEMS being featured in the next CAS pack (as opposed to the measly few we got in the last two), and PS FINALLY adding CAS pictures before battle, I feel like the dev team got busy during the pandemic. Project Soul has really impressed me. They could've just dropped a new character, but after the colossal wait they've given us so much! I seriously love them!
(They even threw in a bonus Groh story. It feels like Christmas!)
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Ugh, I shouldn’t have caught some of his art in the spoiler video thumbnails on YouTube . . . . . .

because I am SO GAY for Shugun Kokonoe . . . . . 😍🤩🤭💝😅


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I want to call the “???” Edelgard. Tara Platt is using the same voice for the younger Setsuka as opposed to the tone she’d use for someone like Mitsuru.


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My thoughts on Setsuka story
Setsuka story made me dislike Setsuka as a character. I didn’t care for her much before since we didn’t have that much backstory but now I think she is a bad character. On the other hand I have found I like Mitsurugi a lot now I might just start messing around with his style lol.


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Yeah, at the moment, both the Xbox and Steam Stores have her up now, and depending on your region, both the EU/PAL and Asia region PS stores should have her up as well, as for US/NA, we gotta wait until morning as usual, lol.


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So you guys had me stoked on the new Grøh story, but unless I did something wrong, he just fights two Lizardmen and a Cult Priest and then reminisces over Curtis in a brief flashback. Just one episode? Really not a lot to speak for. That being said, Mitsurugi getting a full arc in Setsuka's story is pretty great, and I hope to see more like that in the future. It was executed perfectly.


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Still on my checklist (besides characters):
  • Team Battle (even 3 on 3 is fine)
  • Assigning music by character as opposed to stage
  • 2P costumes for everyone and the ability to select them without needing to go into customization (Tekken 7 figured this out eventually)
Make it happen, Project Soul.

Hana no Kokoro

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Here is a redesigned version of the swimsuit I did recently for Sophitia. Let me know which characters you want me to see in swimwear.