Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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What are the color coordinates of the default CaS skin color ingame? I know according to the save editor i use, its 191 115 115, but what about ingame?


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using that website that showed the ps4 guestimate, it guestimates this for xbox

SoulCalibur VI monthly active users 230,000 new players +100,000 total player count 1,300,000

maybe gamepass is the cause of the numbers?


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No PS4 only.

Screenshot (597).png

Obviously the numbers are not accurate but I did get what I posted from this website.


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Oh that's new. I knew that the website owner recently developed tools to harvest trophy information from Xbox, but I didn't notice that he combined the two of them on the same site. If those numbers are true, then we're talking around 3 million copies with all platforms combined.


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some thoughts on SC7

Hypothetically, if the starting cast includes

1) Mitsurugi
2) Long Sword User
3) Hwang

How would you describe/differentiate these sword wielders ?
They all sort of fall in the jack-of-all trades characters with a sword sized between the great swords and the short swords.

Mitsurugi: Slightly more offensively based, master of high risk high reward 50/50 mixups
Long Sword: Slightly more defensive with parries and pokes
Hwang: most central of jack-of-all-trades


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It's pretty impressive that Azwel has adopted these moves and has made all of them look like his own. I know Azwel has been divisive with some people but I honestly love his design and weapon summoning, IMO he's been the best new comer since Hilde.