Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


[12] Conqueror
On other notes, there will be no more extra story chapters for Groh for now, yet Mitsurugi and Nightmare both get additional episodes. Interesting. That's basically yet another hint at Season 3 since Groh absolutely will get more story at some point, it won't make any sense if that is not the case.
Also the stage is a triangle!
Also hell yeah for the Lost Swords Witch costume parts! Finally!

Hana no Kokoro

[06] Combatant
I can’t lie though, I got tears in my eyes watching that trailer. Even though I’m still rooting for Yun-seong, it feels good to have Hwang back in such a bombastic capacity. Also that trailer has implications that the story only gets “worse” from here on.
I'm hoping Yun-seong makes it into Season 3 and I also hope he is in Hwang's Soul Chronicle.:D


[13] Hero
I really like how Horangi Arirang (did I spell it right?) can be heard in his theme still! Soooooo hype and so glad we got him back! Playstyle looks really intriguing. Welcome back, Hwang! :DDD