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Well, that's possible too. Though i would think slots for dlc would be patched in as they release.
Tira is Day 1 DLC so it wouldn't be too against it to have a row for DLC in already.

There is also the possibility of Inferno being an unlockable character although the most I could see them doing for him creation wise is maybe changing the color of his fire?


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There definitely needs to be at least 2 more rows at launch, since Geralt's style is CaS-able and Tira will be 21. We need to wait and and see though if the last row will be Tira and blank spots open for DLC, or if it's Tira and 2-3 other characters and they'll just add in a third row later when the next character releases.


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There is also the possibility of Inferno being an unlockable character although the most I could see them doing for him creation wise is maybe changing the color of his fire?
It's a list of fighting styles I think, not just characters, and as it's highly possible that Inferno would be a mimic - it's just a creation of mimic character.
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I noticed Sophitia is praying to Hephaestus, who's portrayed as a vague figure of shadowy fire.

There may be multiple voice options for most races since they leave it as an option for those shown, though it's possible it's just one for a specific race with a slider. There are also seem to be horn and tail options, though none are selected for the races shown. (even lizardman) There doesn't appear to be any face options for radically different races, however.



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Some observations on the Modes Trailer.

Here is a list of emphasised English words in order of appearance:



Story [Soul Chronicle]

Mission [Libra of Souls]


Ranked Match
Casual Match


Battle, Story [Soul Chronicle], Mission [Libra of Souls], Creation, Network and Museum are obviously modes, Character section is just some selected roster highlights.
6 modes being unveiled still leaves us with some mystery when looking at the main menu of the game:

As you can see, there are 8 things on the menu, one obvious addition not present in the trailer is Options, the other one is currently unknown.

We also got no confirmation on Team Battle, Survival and Time Attack. Those can all still be present as Mode Modifications inside Versus and Arcade (notice "Battle Mode: Standard" line in the picture below):

Still at this point a clear confirmation would have been better from more speculations.

On other notes, it is now clear all Soul Chronicle VN-like interactions are indeed voiced, it also looks like Libra of Souls branching dialogues interactions are not (which was expected of the protagonist who can have multiple voices to choose from, also it appears Zasalamel's lines are not voiced as well unless for some reason they were muted for the trailer, which is unlikely).


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Considering Cervantes. I like his trailer a lot. Also since the trailer managed to leak today, chances are it will be officially posted tomorrow at the usual time as a classic Thursday reveal, which means we'll get Cervantes revealed one week before TGS. My prediction initaially was two weeks before TGS, but one week works as well since either way Cervantes getting revealed any time before TGS improves Hwang's and Lizardman's chances. At this point I don't particularly hold my breath for those two, but their chances will get improved if only so slightly should Cervantes be officially revealed tomorrow.
For a point of comparison, here's Tekken 7's main menu which is very similar in design:

So the mysterious missing line must be either Player Information, either Store.
I hope it's Player Information in that case.


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Sad if there wont be Team Battle, but glad to see museum mode back!

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18 BGM while having 11 stages only? What are the other 7 for?
Are we sure it's only 18BGM and it can't scroll down? I'd be surpriused if there was only stage music + modes jingles without character themes.

Also glad to see that what was heard at the end of Azwel's trailer seems to be Inferno's theme indeed >:)