Soul Calibur VI: General discussion


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So my bro got me a gift card for Amazon. Placed my order. Would have been embarrassed to walk around with an Ivy or Talim souvenir. Don’t want to go to jail carrying a figure of the latter around. Got a game/art reference material in one go for 20-something.


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Send me the original video in PM.
@Frayhua bro, can I also please have it via a PM? I would love to check it out.
@Frayhua I need the video too, please. =)
@Frayhua i hate to ask but would it be possible to get that video, please?
Me too pls Fray :)
@Frayhua I also want to see that video

Do you guys want to see the 30 minutes of the whole video or just the battle with Inferno being a boss version of Nightmare?


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Just the battle, I’d like as few story spoilers as possible, just enough to see what the hullabaloo is about o.o


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The video everyone is talking about here is one where Xiang with unlimited meter fights Inferno, right?
Also this Ezio is just... perfect


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What can we do to prepare for Thursday and the weekend? Has anyone put together known move lists for all the playable characters?