Soul Calibur X Tekken: The Office


[13] Hero
Episode 7:
Summertime Cool Part 1

Jin being interviewed
A few weeks has passed since Cinco De Mayo and lately everyone's been acting a little lazy.

"Okay, everyone." Jin began.

"I know it's summer and you guys like to lounge around and all but I need to see some production you guys." Jin added.

The camera zoomed on the employees who were all looking at Jin. They all had looks of disgust and perturbation on their faces as sweat dripped from their faces.

Julia being interviewed
First of all, we know it's summer and secondly us being lazy? Dude, we have no AC and I wonder why?

As the rest of the employees work under their current situation, the sound of an AC conditioner can be heard in Jin's office.

"Really?" said Xianghua.

"Oh that is some bull." Christie added.

"I wish that AC was blowing in our faces right now." said Xianghua.

"Too subtle, even for you." said Cassandra, who was fanning herself.

"Shut up, Cassandra." said Xianghua.

outside the building, Paul Phoenix, Forest Law , and Steve Fox shirtless, taking turns pouring cold water from a hose over themselves.

Steve being interviewed
Having no AC will lead to heavy perspiration but at least I convinced some chaps to at least cool off.

As Paul, Forest, and Steve were pouring cold water on themselves, Hwoarang, heading to his car, looked at the three men.

"What the hell are you three doing?" Hwoarang asked.

The three men looked at Hwoarang as the camera zoomed in on them. Hwoarang shook his head as he got in his car, turning on the AC.

In the file cabinet room, Kilik and Xianghua were there arranging and sorting files.

"My goodness, it's even hot in this room." said Xianghua.

"So take your jacket off." said Kilik.

"I would but..." Xianghua began.

"But what?" Kilik asked.

"I want you to take it off for me." Xianghua replied in a sensual tone.

Kilik sighed and rolled his eyes. He left the unsorted files and began taking off Xianghua's jacket, placing it on a table.

"There, anything else I should do for you?" Kilik asked.

"Well..." Xianghua began as she looked at Kilik as she bit her lower lip.

The camera zoomed in on Kilik's shocked yet surprised reaction.

"I let you take off my jacket, so why don't I unbutton your shirt." said Xianghua.

"M-My Shirt?" Kilik asked.

"Come on, it's not like anyone is looking." said Xianghua as the camera panned to the left revealing that the door is locked.

"Xianghua, this is a place of business, not our apartment." Kilik retorted.

Xianghua frowned at Kilik. She went to go get her jacket when Kilik stopped her.

"Wait." said Kilik as he grabbed Xianghua by her arm.

Kilik then unbuttoned his shirt in front of Xianghua, and placing his on the same table next to Xianghua's jacket.

"Mmmm." purred Xianghua.

"You know what's next." Xianghua added.

"Want me to take off my pants?" Kilik asked.

"No, silly." said Xianghua as she walked towards Kilik, placing her hands on his chest.

Xianghua felt his heart beating. She smiled as she looked at him. The camera zoomed in on Kilik who was looking nervous a bit.

Kilik being interviewed
Is it just me or does the heat make people do crazy things.

As Yun-Seong was walking back to his office, he heard moans, heavy breathing and kissing from the file cabinet room.

"Alright, someone's doing it." said Yun-Seong in a excited tone.

The camera panned to Julia Chang and Miguel Rojo Caballero as they were walking towards Yun-Seong.

"What's going on?" Julia asked.

"Huh?" Yun-Seong began.

"Do I hear moaning and heavy breathing?" Miguel inquired as camera zoomed on the file cabinet door.

"What's all this stalling?" Nina asked.

"Why is this door locked?" Nina asked again as she pulled on the doorknob.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
I believe there is someone having a little "roawr roawr" in there but who.

As the door began to open, the camera zoomed on Kilik and Xianghua, drenched in sweat and in Kilik's case, red lipstick stains all over his face, chest, and lips with his hair all messed up.

"Hmm...Hi!" Xianghua blushed as she placed her jacket over her short bustier.

"Oh boy." sighed Kilik.

The camera zoomed in on Yun-Seong as he looked at both Kilik and Xianghua.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
You know what, I really shouldn't be envious of Kilik because the Yunster got some of Xianghua...Awwriiiight!

Back at their desks, Xianghua sits down next to her friend, Christie Monteiro and began whispering to her about her and Kilik's makeout session. Christie squealed but Xianghua had to calm her down. The camera zoomed in on Cassandra, who looked at the both of them with a discerning look on her face.

Cassandra being interviewing
I know all about Xianghua's little promiscuous ways and let me tell you, she's definitely not professional unless you had her on a pole or on a street corner with her equally ditzy friend.

As Cassandra walked past both Xianghua and Christie, she fake coughed a remark.

"Whores!" she said while making a fake cough towards them.

"Excuse me?" Christie asked.

"What did she say?" Xianghua inquired.

"...Oh nothing." Cassandra smiled.

As Cassandra walked away, her fake smiled went away as she growled to herself.

Cassandra being interviewed
They know what they are... Office skanks, there I said it, those two are office skanks!

As Jin was relaxing with a drink in his hand in his office, The AC shut down on his own. The camera panned to the AC as Jin raced over to it.

"Oh crap, oh crap!" said Jin.

"No, no, this can't be happening!" Jin yelled as he dropped to his knees in agony.

"Eddy, call the repairman!" Jin said frantically.

"Do we even have the repairman's number anymore?" Eddy asked.

"Oh god, I don't know what I did with it." said Jin.

"I can fix it." said Eddy.

"No, we need to find that repairman's number!" said Jin.

To Be Continued...


[13] Hero
Episode 8:
Summertime Cool Part 2

Jin being interviewed
It has been over an hour since the AC went bust and now I'm suffering for it because either I'm selfish, which I'm not or I just need to find the repairman's number.

"Oh god, what did I did with that repairman's number." said Jin.

"Have you tried looking in your rolodex?" inquired Eddy.

Jin looks through the rolodex.

"No, no repairman number." retorted Jin.

The camera panned to Nina Williams walking into Jin's office, carrying a soda in her hand.

"Why is there no AC running?" Nina asked.

"The AC died on us and now we're sweating like pigs." retorted Eddy.

"Oh, that's just great." fumed Nina.

"Nina, oh thank goodness, do you have the repairman's number?" Jin asked.

"Why would I have the number, I thought you had it?" Nina replied.

The camera zoomed in on Jin's blank expression.

"Oh crap." murmured Jin.

Jin goes to address his employees.

"Hey guys, I have some bad news." Jin began.

The employees all looked at Jin with perturbed looks on their faces.

"You finally realize that you won't be winning Boss of the Year like you thought you would?" Julia inquired.

"It's not that...My AC is broken." Jin agonized placing his arms on his hips.

"You mean the company's AC is broken." said Julia.

"Oh that's even better, because now we're going to suffer even more." Julia added.

"Does anyone have a repairman's number?" Jin asked.

The employees looked at each other for an answer. They all shook their heads.

"Dammit!" snarled Jin.

"I can fix it!" said Steve.

"No, Steve, we want a professional for the job." Jin replied as the camera zoomed in on Steve's reaction.
Steve being interviewed
A professional? Are you kidding me? I've been working on mechanics since I was a teen. But why am I at a desk job instead of a hands on one? Bad decisions in college.

In the break room, Maxi is seen drinking one of four sodas. Forest Law and Kilik walks in the break room as the camera pans to their direction.

"Maxi, you're not gonna drink all those are you?" Kilik asked.

The camera zoomed on Maxi, who had finished drinking the first soda. He looked directly at Kilik and began drinking the second soda.

"You haven't answered my question." Kilik inquired.

Maxi stops drinking the second soda. He lets out a burp.

"You want it, be my guest." Maxi smiled.

"Thanks." said Kilik.

"I placed my tongue on the lids." Maxi added.

Kilik and Forest placed the sodas down and walk back to their cubicles.
Maxi being interviewed
When in doubt whenever a vending machine spits out four sodas at random, lie and keep it all to yourself.

Xianghua is sitting at her desk, typing up a report when Seong Mi-Na walked over to her.

"Hey, Xianghua." Mi-Na began.

"Yes?" Xianghua asked.

"I heard you and Kilik did a little filing and sorting of your own in the cabinet room." Mi-Na smirked.

"Well..." Xianghua began as she twirling her hair with her finger.

The camera zoomed on Cassandra over hearing Xianghua and Mi-Na's conversation.
Cassandra being interviewed
I swear, all Xianghua talks about is her hapless loser boyfriend and sex with her hapless loser boyfriend.

As Cassandra walked past Xianghua and Seong Mi-Na again, she shot Xianghua a mean glance as she went by.

"Hey, Cassandra, what are you so angry about?" Xianghua asked.

"Oh nothing, just having to always hear about you and your sex capades with your jerk of a boyfriend." Cassandra retorted.

"Oh really..." Xianghua began.

"Well, if me and Kilik's display of affection for one another gets on your nerves, then too bad." Xianghua snapped.

The camera zoomed on Cassandra's shocked reaction.

"You're the one to talk, office skank." snarled Cassandra.

"What did you called me?" Xianghua seethed.

"I called office skank." said Cassandra.

"And while I'm at it, your friend Christie is also an office skank." Cassandra added.

"Why you pompous bitch." Xianghua seethed.

"You promiscuous daisy duke wearing whore." Cassandra snapped.

"Fight, fight, fight, fight!" chanted Yun-Seong as the camera panned to him.

"Get back to work, Yun-Seong!" said Mi-Na.

While Xianghua and Cassandra were arguing, the camera panned to Steve Fox heading outside to his car.
Steve being interviewed
Since I'm already on lunch break, I decided to take the time to actually go to my car and get my toolbox from the trunk.

As Steve heads gets his toolbox from the trunk, he is stopped by Jin and Eddy.

"What do you think you're doing?" Jin asked.

"I'm going to go fix that AC." Steve retorted.

"Well, we've already put a stop to that." Jin smirked.

"We exactly had to drive 12 blocks to find a repairman." Eddy chimed in.

"You don't mean Bruce Irvin's repair shop." Steve inquired.

"Do you know how much they charge you?" Steve asked.

"More than a arm and a leg but I already paid in advance..." Jin smirked.

"Well, actually, Eddy paid with his own money but that's not important." Jin added.

The camera zoomed on Steve's discerned expression.

"Are you kidding me?" Steve asked.

"Who do I look like, Xianghua?" Jin responded with a chuckle.

Inside the premises, we see Bruce Irvin working on the AC. He is almost finished.

"Okay, tell me if you feel any cool air." said Bruce.

"Oh I feel it alright." Nina replied.

"Great." said Bruce.

"I'll go work on the other part of the AC." Bruce added.

Cassandra and Xianghua continued their arguing as Mi-Na tried her best to separate them both.

"Why don't you go work on a pole somewhere." shouted Cassandra.

"What, you mean the same pole your sister works on?" Xianghua retorted.

"I am going to pummel you, you bustier wearing jezebel." yelled Cassandra.

"Bring it!" said Xianghua.

Before either Cassandra or Xianghua could ever lay a hand on each other, a sudden rush of cool air blew through the office. The rest of the employees all began to feel relieved by the cool air.

"Ahh, finally." sighed Mi-Na.

Cassandra and Xianghua went back to their desks, not saying a word each other. Xianghua draped her jacket over her exposed shoulders as she continued typing. The camera panned to Jin and Eddy as they walked in and felt the cool air.

"Ahh, cool air at last." said Jin.

Bruce irvin approached Jin with a bill.

"Okay, I fixed your AC and the AC in the building." said Bruce.

"What do you mean other AC?" Jin asked.

"I only asked for one, who could've asked you to fix another one?" Jin asked some more.

The camera zoomed on Julia Chang, who had her head lowered and was typing pretty fast.

"Don't worry about it, it was all fixed up for." said Bruce.

"Take care." Bruce added.

Jin being interviewed
I want to know who fixed the other AC in the building. I wanted my employees to suffer for the summer and not enjoy it.


[13] Hero
Episode 9:
Sexual Harassment Meeting Time!

Jin being interviewed
If you recall a few months back, I got in trouble with my "superiors" for a few sexual harassment incidents with Christie and Xianghua. Now, I have been told to do an orientation about how sexual harassment is all bad and stuff.

"Okay ladies and gentlemen..." Jin began.

"I was informed by my superiors about that sexual harassment incident about who should've gotten a raise but I am forced to have everyone take part in a sexual harassment orientation." Jin emitted as the camera zoomed on the female employees.

Julia being interviewed
Now is when you want a sexual harassment orientation? Really, Jin?

Xianghua and Christie being interviewed
Christie: Don't you think it's a little too late for a sexual harassment orientation
Xianghua: Yeah, especially when he degrades us and tries to hit on us.

Inside the meeting room, all the employees are sitting down, their arms folded, their faces etched with boredom.

"Okay, now that I have you all here, I want you all to know that this meeting and policy will be in effect after we all come to a consensus." Jin retorted.

"Now, let's have some volunteers for some scenarios that we're going to go over." Jin added as the camera panned to the employees.

"I'll do it." said Yun-Seong.

"Great, Yun-Seong." said Jin.

"Now, all we need is a female volunteer. Any takers?" Jin asked.

The camera panned back to the employees, focusing on the female employees.

Cassandra being interviewed
Really? Do you think any female would want to participate in a sexual harassment orientation and especially with a frat boy douche like Yun-Seong.

"Thank you, Mi-Na for maturely participating in this scene." said Jin as Mi-Na rolled her eyes.

"Now in this scene, Mi-Na you will ask Yun-Seong for a ruler and Yun-Seong, you will use a double entendre." Jin added.

"What's a double entendre?" Yun-Seong asked.

"Are you serious, Yun-Seong?" Mi-Na inquired.

"A double entendre is a word or phrase that has two meanings." Jin retorted.

"Oh okay." said Yun-Seong.

"Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let's begin the scene." said Jin.

"Hey, Yun-Seong, do you have a ruler by any chance." Seong Mi-Na asked.

"Here ya go." Yun-Seong replied.

"No, no, no!" said Jin.

"You have to say something that is in a sexual nature." Jin added.

"Oh..." said Yun-Seong.

"Let's try again." said Jin.

"Hey, Yun-Seong, do you have a ruler by any chance?" Seong Mi-Na asked.

"Oh, I got a ruler for ya." answered Yun-Seong.

The camera zoomed in on Seong Mi-Na's shocked expression as she sees Yun-Seong taking off his pants. The camera then pans to the rest of the employees with their shocked reaction.

"Okay, Yun-Seong, pull your pants up." said Jin.

Nina being interviewed
...I've seen smaller things than me on that one.

"Okay, let's have Kilik and Xianghua for this next scenario." said Jin.

Xianghua smiled, grabbed Kilik by the hand as they got in front of the employees. The camera zoomed on Cassandra shooting Xianghua a nasty look.

Cassandra being interviewed
I can't wait to see who's the sexual harasser out of those two. Here's a hint, she dress like she's going for more than a night on the town if you catch my drift.

As Xianghua was bent over in front of Kilik, Jin gave the scenario.

"In this scenario, we will have Kilik here glide his hand smoothly on Xianghua's rear end and act like nothing happened." Jin explained

Steve and Hwoarang chuckled with each other as they stared at Xianghua's butt.

Steve and Hwoarang being interviewed
Hwoarang: I have never noticed this about Xianghua but she has a nice ass, I mean she has a wonderful ass.
Steve: Kilik's a lucky guy for having a cute girl with a cuter bum.

Kilik stared directly at Xianghua's butt as she was still bent over. As he walked across the other side of the room, he cautiously but smoothly glided his hand on Xianghua's butt until he stopped at the door.

"Okay stop." said Jin.

"Now what did you think he did wrong?" Jin asked.

"Give that ass a smack!" shouted Hwoarang

"That's what she probably wants but no, Hwoarang." said Jin.

"He could've walked over to her, talk smooth like he's Barry White and tell her he wants that ass." Steve chimed in.

"No and no." said Jin.

"Or, he could've just forcefully say gimme that ass!" Maxi added.

"Okay, this is not helping!" shouted Jin.

Xianghua being interviewed
Having Kilik touching my behind gave me more than a thrill *bites lower lip as her eyebrows moved up and down as she chuckled deviously*

"Okay, for our last scenario, we're going to do a role of reversal with the guys being the one that is harassed." Jin announced.

"Let's have Cassandra and Lili and Hwoarang." Jin added.

The three employees made their way to the front as they started doing the scenario.

"Okay, you guys can comment on Hwoarang in a sexual manner." said Jin.

"Not a problem." said Lili.

"You seem like you've done this before." whispered Cassandra.

"Will you lighten up." said Lili.

As Hwoarang was walking past them, Lili got behind Cassandra and blurted out something.

"Wow, Hwoarang, I like to tap that in the evening." said Lili.

"Wait what?" said Cassandra in a bewildered tone.

"Okay that wraps it up about for our sexual harassment meeting, I know you all have to go to your work and I thank you." Jin announced.

Setsuka being interviewed
That sexual harassment meeting was nothing but a waste of my time. There I said it.

Back at their desks, Kilik is seen heading into the break room. The camera zoom in on Xianghua, who is staring at him. Christie Monteiro, seeing this, gets Xianghua's attention.

"Hey, why don't you go and grab his...attention, if you know what I mean." said Christie in a suggestive tone.

"You think I should?" Xianghua asked.

"Yeah." Christie smiled.

"Okay." said Xianghua.

As Xianghua walked into the break room, the camera zoomed in on Cassandra, still shooting Xianghua a nasty look.

Cassandra being interviewed
I saw the way how Xianghua smiled when Kilik groped her ass, she isn't fooling anyone. I'm going to report her big time! big time, you hear me!

"Hi, Kilik." Xianghua said in a sensual tone.

"Xianghua, if it's about the whole butt groping incident." Kilik began.

Xianghua then pinned Kilik against a wall, her heart was racing.

"I just love the way you touched my butt." Xianghua began as she bit her lower lip.

"You just do something to me." Xianghua added.

"Kiss me!" Xianghua suggested as she pulled Kilik towards her, pressing their lips against each other.

As Kilik and Xianghua were making out, the camera panned to Cassandra, who walked right into the break room.

"Ah Ha!" said Cassandra.

"Huh?" said Xianghua as she stopped kissing Kilik.

Xianghua turned around and saw Cassandra.

"And just what were you two doing?" Cassandra asked.

"Kilik and I were having a little break time when you showed up." said Xianghua.

"More like you were sexually harassing him, wasn't she Kilik?" asked Cassandra.

The camera zoomed on Kilik, who had lipstick stains on his lips and his hair all messed up.

"Actually..." Kilik began, catching his breath.

"Xianghua and I were just...expressing our love for each other. Besides, we're still compatible." Kilik added.

"Oh Kilik." said Xianghua.

As Kilik and Xianghua continued making out, the camera zoomed on Cassandra's shocked reaction.

In the file cabinet room, Julia Chang is looking for some files when she is met by Paul Phoenix.

"Hey there, Julia." said Paul.

"Hi, Paul." said Julia.

"No, it's Paul the epic stud muffin of the universe." Paul declared with a smile on his face.

"Why don't you give this stud muffin some lovin'" Paul added.

"Paul, we went through this before." Julia began.

"I'm now seeing Steve." Julia added.

"Please, I'm more man than he is." said Paul as he continued his sexual advances on Julia.

"How about some loving?" Paul asked.

"Paul, please." said Julia.

"What's the matter, you want Steve to take off your Pocahontas panties?" Paul asked.

The camera zoomed on Julia who had a look of shock and disgust on her face.

"That's it." snapped Julia as she walked out of the file cabinet room.

"Julia, wait. I was only joking."said Paul.

Back at her desk, Setsuka is typing up a report when she received an email from Maxi.

"What does Maxi want this time?" Setsuka asked.

Setsuka looked at the email and it was a picture of Maxi, laying on a fur rug in his boxers with the fireplace in the background. Setsuka then read the content of the email.

"Setsuka, I hope you like what you see." Setsuka read.

Setsuka nearly threw up in her mouth a little but she had to swallow that quickly.

Setsuka being interviewed
To be honest, the reason why I'm dating Maxi is because I lost a bet during Super Bowl weekend. Note to self, never bet on the New England Patriots...again.

As Cassandra, headed back to her seat, she saw a note on her desk. The note read that Cassandra had a round big butt to match her round thighs and boobs.

"Okay, which one of you douchebags wrote that I have a big butt to match my thighs an boobs?" Cassandra asked.

The camera zoomed on Hwoarang and Yun-Seong, who were quietly snickering to each other.

Hwoarang and Yun-Seong being interviewed
Hwoarang: Remember when I said that Xianghua has a nice ass? Well, Cassandra's is the exact opposite.
Yun-Seong: But only more cushion for the pushing.
Hwoarang: That would be if there wasn't a rumor about her dining on carpet.

In Jin's office, Julia states her case about sexual harassment to Jin.

"And then, he made a comment about me wearing Pocahontas panties." said Julia

" are..Native American and should not only file for discrimination as well as sexual harassment." said Jin.

"Good." said Julia.

"I'll speak with Paul about this situation." said Jin.

"You do that." said Julia

As Julia walked out the door, Jin, Eddy, and Nina snickered to each other. The camera then panned to the door, where Paul sheepishly walked in.

"Y-You wanted to see me boss?" Paul asked.

"Take a seat." Jin said in a cold manner.

As Paul sat down and gulped, he checked his collar as Jin, Eddy, and Nina stared him down.

"Not only did you sexually harass Julia but you also tried to pull down her underwear and try to have your way with her but you also made her feel uncomfortable in a workplace." said Jin.

"I can explain I was only joking." said Paul.

"That attitude will not be tolerated and I have one thing to ask you." said Jin.

"Yes boss." said Paul.

"If you want to apologize to Julia or want me to make it up to you by working over the weekend and miss the motorcycle rally, I'll do it." Paul added.

"What I actually wanted to ask you about was...was that you knew Julia actually wears Pocahontas panties?" Jin asked.

The camera zoomed on Paul's reaction. He was shocked at first but sighed in relief.

"Well, I'm pretty sure she doesn't but it was just a metaphor." said Paul.

"No, I think she does." chuckled Jin.

Unbeknownst to Jin and Paul, Julia Chang, along with Seong Mi-Na were listening in on the conversation through the door.

Julia being interviewed
Sexual Harassment Orientation my ass, Jin and Paul were laughing and joking about me wearing "Pocahontas panties" which I do not wear thank you. I will report this to his superiors myself!


[13] Hero
Episode 10:
Charity Consequences

Julia Chang is on the phone with the superiors.

"Hello, is this Kazuya Mishima?" Julia asked.

The camera zoomed on Julia has she had a serious look on her face.

"Yes, I would like to report Jin Kazama, my boss for another case of sexual harassment as well as a fellow employee, Paul Phoenix." Julia stated.

"You'll adressed this to him over the phone?" Julia asked.

"Okay then, fine with me." Julia added as she hung up the phone.

"What was that all about?" Mi-Na asked.

"That whole sexual harassment case with Jin and Paul." Julia answered bitterly.

Julia being interviewed
My boss is nothing more than a perverted jerk who sees women as inanimate sex objects. I have had enough of it!

Inside Jin's office, Jin is playing Angry Birds on his laptop when the phone rings.

"Eddy can you get that?" Jin asked.

Eddy answers the phone.

"Hello, this is Mishima Zaibatsu Inc. Eddy speaking." said Eddy.

The camera zoomed away as Eddy pulled his head back from the phone. It was apparent that Kazuya Mishima was on the other line and wanted to speak to Jin.

"Jin, it's your father." said Eddy.

"What? What does he want?" Jin asked.

Jin sighed and took the phone from Eddy.

"Yes, dad." answered Jin.

"What do you mean I was sexually harassing another female employee that was a few months back!" said Jin in a bewildered tone.

Jin begin to breathe heavily as he listened to Kazuya yell over the phone.

"Look dad, I don't know who called you about this but I will try to solve this." assured Jin.

"Charity? I have to give charity for Sexual Harassment Awareness?" Jin asked.

Jin being interviewed
If there's one thing I do best, it's charity. I do charity work for kids, homeless people, on holidays, for communities, you name it, I've done charity work for it.

"Okay, people." Jin began.

"I was adressed by my father about yet another sexual harassment lawsuit in pending but the only way I have to save face is that we must raise money for charity." Jin announced.

Hwoarang being interviewed
Charity? Over a sexual harassment lawsuit? Really?

Cassandra being interviewed
I knew there was something suspicious about this whole sexual harassment prevention orientation thing or whatever Jin had in mind.

"What I plan on doing is either have all of you compete in either a wrestling match, boxing match, or my favorite, MMA match." Jin added.

"Why not have all three events at once." Mitsurugi suggested.

"I like that, remind me to give you a raise next time." said Jin as the camera zoomed on Mitsurugi smiling and later Xianghua.

Xianghua being interviewed
Mitsurugi, getting a raise? I bet you Jin's not gonna make him take off his clothes.

In the break room, Eddy places three pieces of paper on the bulletin board. One for wrestling, one for boxing, and one for MMA.

"What are you doing?" Maxi asked.

"Jin had wanted me to staple these pieces of paper for anyone to volunteer for either wrestling, boxing, or MMA for charity causes." Eddy replied.

"So he wants us to fight for charity?" Maxi asked.

"Pretty much." Eddy responded.

The camera then pans to Cassandra who walks in.

"What's all this for?" Cassandra asked.

"To sign up for which event you want to participate in for charity." Eddy answered.

"Hmm...Wrestling, boxing, or MMA." said Cassandra.

"I think I'll take boxing." Cassandra added as she wrote her name on the list for boxing.

Cassandra being interviewed
Back in my day in high school, I was the most athletically gifted student in my class. I was captain of the girls' varsity squad for basketball, which we won the championship, captain of the soccer team and I was on the wrestling squad...only to have the guys pin me on the mat. They use to call me Cassandra Carnage because I could tear someone up...before getting torn up on the mat.

"Attention, everyone!" Cassandra shouted.

"I have signed myself up for the boxing event for Jin's charity and I am calling one Chai Xianghua out!" Cassandra announced as the camera zoomed on Xianghua.

Xianghua being interviewed
Cassandra, fight me? She really wants to settle this feud she has going with me.

Inside the break room, we see more employees signing up for the events.

Yun-Seong being interviewed
What did I sign up for? MMA. So I can beat Mitsurugi and get that raise myself

Hwoarang being interviewed
I basically signed up for just seeing people beat the crap out of each other...okay, I signed up for MMA.

Steve being interviewed
Anyone who knows me knows that I love boxing, that's a no-brainer.

"Okay, time to see who's competing in what events." said Jin.

"For wrestling, we will have a six man tag team match between Seong Mi-Na, Siegfried, and Paul taking on Eddy, Nina, and myself. " Jin announced.

Paul being interviewed
Ooh yeah, the stud muffin of the universe is gonna rain down elbows and clotheslines all over his unfortunate opponents! Grrrr!

"For boxing, we have Cassandra taking on Xianghua, Ivy taking on Christie, and Steve taking on Maxi." Jin added.

Christie being interviewed
If Xianghua is going to compete in a boxing match, so will I. Unfortunately, it's against that amazon, Ivy.

And finally for our MMA main event, we will have Yun-Seong taking on Mitsurugi and Hwoarang taking on Kilik."

Mitsurugi being interviewed
I don't brag about my past when it comes to fighting but I do hold black belts in several forms of karate, judo, jiu-jitsu, and aikido. You're welcome.

"Jin can I speak with you for a moment?" Nina asked.

"Sure." answered Jin.

"I do not want to be in a wrestling match." said Nina.

"Why not, it's fun." assured Jin.

"Because I have a sister who dates wrestlers and pretty much makes me hate wrestling altogether." Nina snapped.

"...Wow." said Jin.

Back at the desks, we see Cassandra bobbing and weaving like a boxer. The camera zoomed on Xianghua, who just looks at her.

Xianghua being interviewed
Cassandra? Really?

As Cassandra continued bobbing and weaving as well as throwing punches, Steve stopped her.

"Calm down, Cass." said Steve.

"Save for the fight." He smiled at her.

"You mean Xianghua's massacre and funeral." said Cassandra.

"That's it, you wanna go?" Xianghua asked as she removed her jacket.

"I would love to kick your slutty ass up and down this whole place but since I'm a professional, I'll conserve my energy for when I'm not on my back." said Casandra.

"I'll show you who belongs on their back!" shouted Xianghua as Christie held her back.

At the day of the charity event, Jin Kazama announces to the crowd that the event is well underway.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Jin Kazama's fight to stop sexual harassment charity event!" Jin announced.

"Let's put an end to sexual harassment by putting a foot in its ass!" Jin added.

Jin being interviewed
I have a good feeling that my charity event will rake in a lot of money.

As the first match already started, we see Seong Mi-Na put Nina in a headlock, Eddy using an elbow drop on Siegfried and Jin about to use a steel chair on Paul, who hoist Jin over his head and slams him down on pinning him for the 3 count.

Paul being interviewed
What'cha gonna do when the stud muffin of the universe rains down on you!

The first boxing match is between Steve and Maxi. Maxi starts showboating to impress Setsuka but gets knocked out in the first round. The camera zoomed on Setsuka, who looks away in shame. The second boxing match is between Ivy and Christie. Both women seem to be equal in landing punches.

Christie being interviewed
Ivy's tough, I give her that.

As the second round begins, Christie starts swinging blows but Ivy dodges them until Christie connects a punch to her chin, sending her stumbling about. Ivy regains her ground but Christie once again goes for her chin, sending Ivy to the ground for a knockout.

"Woo-hoo!" shouted Christie.

The camera panned to Xianghua who was cheering for Christie and rack focuses on Cassandra.

Cassandra being interviewed
Chai Xianghua, prepare to meet Cassandra Carnage!

The third boxing match between Xianghua and Cassandra was really exciting. As Cassandra was bobbing and weaving around the ring but Xianghua was swarming all around her, causing Cassandra to dodge her attacks. As each round ended, Xianghua and Cassandra didn't let up on each other. Once the 8th round began, Cassandra started to use cheap tactics, including spitting and stomping on Xianghua's toes. This lead to Xianghua going from swarming to just using uppercuts and jabs. Xianghua dodged one of Cassandra's punches before using two jabs and a right hook, sending Cassandra to the canvas.

Xianghua being interviewed
I won, I won!

The MMA matches ended decisively as Mitsurugi pounded mercilessly on Yun-Seong and Kilik fighting Hwoarang to a draw.

Jin being interviewed
The good news is that my charity was a success. The bad news, that money won't go to me. But to make sure that I don't fondle or harass any women again...hearsay wise.


[13] Hero
Episode 11:
Dungeons, Dragons, and Dementia

Nina being interviewed
Ever since the charity fund, Jin has been acting a little strange lately and he's been dabbling in Dungeons and Dragons lately.

"Attention, everyone!" Jin announced as he addressed his employees.

"Ever since the whole charity fund, I have decided to something very special for you all." Jin asserted as the camera panned to the employees.

"Are you taking us out for dinner and drinks?" Yun-Seong asked.

"Not a chance in hell." Jin smiled.

"How about a raise and equal pay." Julia chimed in.

The camera zoomed on Jin as he kept himself fron laughing.

"Okay, what is it then?" Cassandra asked.

"Every Wednesday and Friday for the summer, we will play...Dungeons and Dragons." Jin declared as the camera panned back to the employees who all confused looks on their faces.

Cassandra being interviewed
Dungeons and Dragons, are you serious? Really? Really?

Maxi being interviewed
Dungeons and Dragons? Do I look like I play Dungeons and Dragons? I beat up nerds who play Dungeons and Dragons.

The camera pans to Eddy Gordo, carrying a fish bowl with folded pieces of paper in it. He places it on the table next to Jin and Nina.

"Okay everyone, I want you all to go into this bowl here, pull out a paper and that will be your role and class." said Jin.

One by one, each employee walked away from their desks, went inside the fish bowl and pulled out a piece of folded paper. The camera zoomed on some of the employees who were looking at the piece paper.

Xianghua and Christie being interviewed
Xianghua: I ended up being a sorceress. What did you get?
Christie: I ended up being a temptress.
Xianghua: Me, a sorceress and you a temptress? I smell alliance
Christie: You know it!

In the break room, Yun-Seong and Mi-Na are holding a conversation about their roles for Dungeons and Dragons.

"Hey, Mi-Na, I got a bard. What's a bard?" Yun-Seong asked.

"How should I know?" Mi-Na asked.

"What you ended up with?" Yun-Seong inqured.

"I ended up with elf." said Mi-Na.

"Elf?" Yun-Seong asked.

"That means you have pointy ears and probably make toys for Santa Claus." Yun-Seong laughed.

"Oh grow up." said Mi-Na.

Inside the conference room, Jin, Eddy, Nina, and the rest of the employees all sat around the conference desk as the Dungeons and Dragons game was all set up.

"I can't believe this is what our break time is now." said Setsuka.

"You have other things to do other than this?" Hwoarang asked.

The camera zoomed on Setsuka looking back at her desk filled with files and paperwork.

"Aww, screw it!" snarled Setsuka.

"Okay everyone, I, Jin the Dungeon Master have gathered you all here for an hour long game of Dungeon and Dragons." Jin announced.

"Each of you have a certain class and role that each of you shall abide by." Jin added.

"When do we start?" Setsuka asked.

"Okay, our team vs. team journey begins with both teams looking for mystical treasure sealed centuries ago that if fallen into the wrong hands will lead to tyranny and the financial ruin of other kingdoms." Jin explained.

Julia being interviewed
"Mystical treasure, hey? Tyranny and financial ruin of corporations, hey? Me thinks this relates to real life rather than fantasy."

"Xianghua the sorceress, you roll first." said Jin as he handed Xianghua the dice.

Xianghua being interviewed
I know nothing of Dungeons and Dragons as you can clearly see but to take a break from work is...rewarding I guess.

Xianghua rolls a 12 as Jin moves blue pieces across the board.

"You come across an Ogre that will behead you all, roll a 14 or higher to defeat him." said Jin as the camera zoomed on Xianghua and her team, consisting of Christie, Lili, Miguel, Mitsurugi, and Paul Phoenix.

Paul grabs the dice and manages to roll a 16.

"16, well done." said Jin.

"Okay, Hwoarang's team, your turn." Jin added.

Hwoarang and his team, consisting of Maxi, Steve, Siegfried, Cassandra, and Kilik passed the dice down to Ivy.

"Wait, why do I have to roll?" Ivy asked.

"I'm not going to do it." said Kilik.

Ivy sighs and rolls a 18.

"A sorceress has trapped your monk and looks place him under her spell. Roll a 13 or higher." said Jin.

Ivy then rolls a 12.

"Aww crap." said Ivy.

The camera pans to Xianghua and Christie high fiving each other. The camera then pans back to Kilik with a blank expression on his face.

Kilik being interviewed
Why am I playing this game again? Oh yeah, my boss wanted me to play this damn game.

"Okay, who's turn is it?" Jin asked.

"That would be our turn." beamed Christie.

Christie rolled the dice, revealing it to be a 20.

"Alright, we avoided a dungeon...or something like that." said Christie.

"You did but two of your warriors are dead now." said Jin.

"Wait, how?" Xianghua asked.

"You just made that up on the fly." said Yun-Seong.

"Hey, who's running the show around here?" Jin asked as the camera panned to the employees.

50 minutes pass and the rest of the employees grow tiresome.

"Okay, so far, Xianghua's team are closing in on the treasure and still has a commanding lead." said Jin.

"I'm getting bored of this game already." said Cassandra.

Maxi being interviewed
This game sucks! There I said it! It's boring and I'm already losing my mind.

"Well someone please end this damn game! It's so boring!" shouted Maxi.

"We've been trying but Jin changes all the damn rules." said Christie.

"I'm about to go insane, I can't take this anymore!" said Maxi.

"Me too! This game is driving me mad." Kilik chimed in.

"Look just roll a 15 on the dot and we all can go home." said Jin.

"We've been doing that, plus Xianghua hitting on Kilik, me having to tempt everyone and you know what I'll just shut my trap." said Christie.

Another 50 minutes passed and things are getting tense.

"Well someone just roll a 15." said Maxi.

Kilik grabs the pair of dice. He rolls it. The dice reveal the number 10 and 5.

"15...15!" Kilik exclaimed.

"We did it! We finally did it!" Maxi chimed in.

"Thank god." said Nina.

"Who wants to play again?" Jin asked.

The camera zoomed on the faces of the employees. One by one, each of them bolted for the door as the camera panned back to Jin.


[08] Mercenary
Funniest episode yet, it could have been worse, Jin would have made the employees play dungeons and dragons for over 8 hours i was hoping Maxi would have got the board and hit Jin over the head with it.


[13] Hero
Episode 12
Anger Management

In the break room, Maxi and Kilik are venting out their frustrations about having to play Dungeons and Dragons.

"I can't believe our incompetent boss made us sit down and play fucking Dungeons and Dragons!" fumed Maxi.

"What does he think we are, kindergarteners?" Kilik chimed in.

"He thinks we're a bunch of virgin freshman from high school." sneered Maxi.

"It's obvious that our boss is not only incompetent but also he has no life." said Kilik.

"What he needs is a hooker." said Maxi.

"Doesn't he already have one with that blonde hair assistant of his?" Kilik asked.

The camera pans as Steve Fox enters the break room.

"You guys aren't still talking about that damn Dungeons and Dragons game, are ya?" Steve asked.

"I can't get over how lame and pathetic that was." retorted Maxi.

"I had to drink myself to forget about all that." Steve added.

"You had to drink, i had to bang my head against a wall." Kilik chimed in.

"You know what, I would've loved to take that board game and hit Jin over the head with it." snapped Maxi.

"Oh really?" said Jin as the camera panned to him.

The camera pans back to Steve and Kilik inching away from Maxi but is stopped by Jin.

"Where do you two think you're going?" Jin asked.

"...Oh crap." huffed Kilik.

Jin being interviewed
These people don't think I have a life, and Maxi threatens to hit me? I should fire all three of those bastards but I'm not because I have a better idea. *rubs hands together in a sinister manner*

The next day, the employes show up and see nothing but happy posters and smiley faces as the camera pans to walls where the posters and wind chimes are placed about. The camera pans back to the employees who look baffled by what they see.

"What the hell is all this?" Hwoarang asked.

The camera then pans as Jin, wearing nothing but hippie attire appears.

"Attention, my employees." Jin began.

"I've been sensing some hostility from you all and I want to change all that." Jin added.

"By dressing up as Jerry Garcia?" Mitsurugi asked.

"I want everyone to partake in anger management classes starting today." smiled Jin

The employees begin to protest but Jin cuts them off.

"Anger management classes are mandatory starting right now." Jin retorted.

Maxi being interviewed
"Anger management classes? Are you kidding me? I don't need no damn anger management classes!"

Setsuka being interviewed
"The last thing I'll ever need is anger management classes because I don't need them whatsoever... It's pointless!"

Everyone goes to their desk and starts working when Cassandra approaches Julia.

"First, it was Dungeons and Dragons, now anger management? What did we do to deserve this?" Cassandra asked.

The song "Happy Thoughts" blares through the sound system. Julia frowns.

"It just got worse." frowned Julia.

"You wanna go get a drink?" Julia asked.

"Anything to keep me from going insane." said Cassandra.

"Attention, employees!" Eddy announced.

"Anger management classes begin now, I repeat, anger management classes begin now in the conference room!" Eddy announced.

The employees sulk as they leave their desks and head for the conference room. When they arrive, all the chairs and conference table are gone, replaced by yoga mats. The camera pans to Jin sitting Indian style.

"Okay, what is all this?" Paul asked.

"Please take a seat." said Jin.

"Where? On the yoga mats?" Cassandra asked.

"Yes." said Jin as he bangs a miniature gong.

"I think you need to take your words back, he needs his head examined." Kilik whispered to Maxi.

Jin points at his eyes and points them at Kilik and Maxi as he rings the miniature gong again. Everyone takes a seat as Jin calls for Kilik and Maxi's assistance.

"I would like to thank everyone for coming to this nice little anger management class." Jin began.

"Now we're going to take this time to vent out our frustrations and hangups." Jin added.

"Kilik? Maxi? would you like to vent out your frustrations?" Jin asked.

"I'll go first." said Maxi.

"I, for one, am still pissed over the fact that we had to play Dungeons and Dragons and you changing all the rules, didn't make it any damn better plus you locked us inside this room with no fucking air conditioning." Maxi seethed.

"Okay, okay, but no cursing." Jin replied.

"No cursing? I thought this was a way to vent our frustrations and hangups." said Maxi.

"Alright, I'll go." said Kilik.

"I'm upset with how much incompetence that you as a boss show every single day." Kilik retorted.

"Kilik, I'm your boss and I do not appreciate that comment." Jin replied.

"Anyone else would like to go?" Jin asks.

Xianghua yawns in boredom as the camera pans to her yawning.

"Are we done yet?" Xianghua asked.

"Xianghua, would you like to vent your frustrations?" Jin asked.

"Do I have to?" Xianghua inquired.

Before Xianghua could even answer, Cassandra cuts her off.

"Why yes, Xianghua, and as a matter of fact, I would love to vent myself." Cassandra added.

Cassandra being interviewed
"I finally get my chance to vent and badmouth those office skanks once and for all."

"My only gripe, or should I say gripes come in the form of two employees who dress like they're waiting for happy hour and amateur night at the local strip club. I will not say names but these two are close friends and clearly look like they could be lingerie models or just whores standing on the corner." said Cassandra.

The camera pans to Xianghua and Christie who are not very happy about Cassandra's rant.

Christie being interviewed
"Who is she kidding? Everyone in that office knows she's bashing me and Xianghua. She needs to lay off the meow mix because it's getting to her brain--whoops, I forgot, blondes don't have brains, unless they're giving them."

"Thank you, Cassandra for sharing your venting rant." said Jin.

"Bitch." said Xianghua under her breath.

"Xianghua, is there something you want to say?" Jin asked.

"Um, Jin, I don't need any anger management, may I be excused?" Xianghua inquired.

"No you may not, this is a mandatory meeting." Jin retorted.

"Either say something or be quiet." said Jin.

Xianghua sucks her teeth, rolls her eyes and vents.

"I hate Cassandra because she gets on my nerves and she's just mad because I kicked her ass in the charity fight two weeks ago." asserted Xianghua.

"Is that so?" asked Cassandra.

"Yes, you pompous know it all." sneered Xianghua.

"Well, at least I don't dress like a prostitute to get my boyfriend's attention." countered Cassandra.

"Well, at least I don't have a stripper for a sister." Xianghua countered back.

"Who told you that?" shrieked Cassandra.

The camera pans to Maxi, Hwoarang, Steve, Paul, and Miguel all looking sheepishly.

"You bastards, all of you!" yelled Cassandra.

"Cassandra, calm down." asserted Jin.

"And while on the subject of boyfriends, at least I have one, what's your excuse?" Xianghua asked.

"I do have a boyfriend, you slut!" Cassandra snapped.

"You mean that French blonde guy who's the heir to his family's fortune with the foster daughter, how's he doing?" Christie asked.

"Fine, thank you very much!" said Cassandra.

"That's not what his other lover said." Setsuka chimed in.

"What other lover?" Cassandra asked.

"Everyone, everyone, this is not the time for juicy gossip." assured Jin.

"Wait till I grab you by your bunches of hair and beat you senseless, Xianghua. Mark my words!" Cassandra shouted.

"No need for violence." assured Jin.

"Xianghua, why don't you and Christie hug and kiss Cassandra." ordered Jin.

Yun-Seong starts whistling and cat-calling.

"Yun-Seong, grow up and be more mature." said Jin.

"I'm not hugging these two, not after they disrespected me." said Cassandra.

"You went after us." said Christie.

"No I didn't." said Cassandra.

"Who here do you know dress like me and Xianghua?" Christie asked.

The camera zoomed on Cassandra, who had a bewildered look on her face.

"I rest my case." said Christie.

"Okay, anyone else wants to vent?" Jin asked.

The rest of the employees sat quietly, not saying a word.

"Well, that concludes our anger management session and I hope we can one day work together in harmonious fashion." smiled Jin as he banged the miniature gong.

As the employees leave, they all head back to their desks.

Setsuka being interviewed
"That was the most entertaining anger management class I've ever been a part of."

There is complete silence as everyone is at their desks. A sense of hostility lingers in the air.

Jin being interviewed
"Well, that was an interesting anger management session and I hope the employees work as one big happy family."

Cassandra and Xianghua are yelling at one another as Kilik tries to hold Xianghua back from doing any damage to Cassandra while holding his pants at the same time.

Jin being interviewed
"I take that back, we are not working as one big happy family. Time for phase two."

A/N: Special thanks to Xianghuafan85 for co-writing this episode