Soul Calibur X Tekken: The Office


[13] Hero
Episode 17;
Manners, Please.

Jin being interviewed
"The company BBQ ended with a food fight that was started by Christie and Cassandra, and my mom was none too pleased with the whole outcome. Plus Maxi ate all the cake."

In the meeting room, a displeased Jun Kazama glared at the employees as they were seated with plates, forks, knives, cups, and spoons.

"I am very disappointed in all of you after that immature display at the company BBQ." Jun began sternly.

"Each of you will learn proper etiquette." Jun added.

All the employees had looks of disdain on their faces. The camera zoomed to Raphael as he raised his hand.

"Yes, Mr. Sorel." said Jun.

"If I may ask, may I assist you in teaching these...barbarians, how to parlay proper etiquette?" Raphael inquired.

Jun stroked her chin, looking at Raphael. The camera zoomed to Amy shaking her head as she looked at Jun.

"You know what, I do need a classy individual to help me." said Jun.

"Why thank you, Jun. You will not regret this." smiled Raphael as the rest of the employees groaned.

Raphael being interviewed
"If there are four thing I pride myself in, it would class, sophistication, professionalism, and most of all proper etiquette. I look to pass those things down to my wondrous Amy." *Camera zooms to Amy having a blank expression on her face*

"Okay, first, we'll learn how to properly use a knife and fork." Jun began.

As Jun was instructing the employees, Xianghua and Christie talked among themselves.

"Can you believe that we're doing this crap because of Cassandra?" Christie asked.

"This is kindergarten, not to mention we have two ass kissers in our mist." said Xianghua.

"Xianghua, Christie, the two of you should be paying attention!" said Jun as the camera panned to the two women.

"Raphael, be a dear and assist those young women." Jun added.

"My pleasure." Raphael smiled as Christie and Xianghua groaned.

"What a kiss ass." began Hwoarang.

"Kilik, if I were you, I keep an eye on Raphael." Hwoarang added.

"Mr. Hwoarang, no obscenities!" Jun exclaimed.

As Raphael made his way towards Christie and Xianghua, the camera panned to Cassandra chuckling at the two women.

"Well ladies, I'm here to be of great assistance." smiled Raphael.

Christie and Xianghua being interviewed
Christie: "Rapahel being an assistance to us? He can assist me in hurling."
Xianghua: "He gives me the creeps." *shudders*

As Raphael was "instructing" Christie and Xianghua, Raphael started smelling the perfume they were wearing.

"That intoxicating smell." Raphael began.

"It's so inviting." Raphael added.

"I must have you both!" Raphael continued as Christie and Xianghua began scooting away from him.

"Mr. Sorel, you're here to assist me, not sexually harass!" Jun exclaimed.

"Forgive me, Jun." said Raphael.

"Kiss ass." Christie gritted.

Raphael glared at the two women like they were prey. This caught the attention of Julia, who was sitting next to Setsuka.

Julia being interviewed
"Raphael puts on this act like he's a good guy because of his daughter Amy, but really he's just a weirdo who thinks he's a vampire and habitual sexual harasser."

"Mom, what are you doing?" Jin asked.

"Jin, I'm disciplining your employees, since you can't do that yourself." Jun answered.

"And I'm having Mr. Sorel help me." Jun added as the camera panned to Raphael trying to bite Christie and Xianghua's necks.

"Mr. Sorel, how many times have I told you to stop that?" Jun asked sternly.

"I-I-It's their perfume, madam." Raphael answered meekly.

"Why don't you assist Cassandra instead." Jun suggested.

"But I..." Raphael muttered.

"Now, Mr. Sorel!" Jun demanded.

Raphael lowered his head, muttering words in French, walking away from Christie and Xianghua, who smirked at each other.

Christie being interviewed
Christie: "Christie and Xianghua 1, Raphael 0."

After the etiquette class, Maxi kept staring at Jun's rear end, when all of sudden, Setsuka kicked his desk.

"Hey, you done with that report already?" Setsuka asked.

"Uh...I will be soon." Maxi answered.

The camera panned to Jun, talking on the phone, as Setsuka glanced at her.

"Well, you got less than ten minutes to finish." Setsuka replied.

"Fine." Maxi groaned.

Inside the file room, Xianghua was sorting files left and right when Raphael entered.

"We meet again, Xianghua." Rapahel smiled

"What do you want?" Xianghua groaned.

"I must have you! Raphael demanded as he slammed the door shut.

"Your intoxicating smell, along with your friend, what's her name?" He added.

"You mean Christie?" Xianghua asked.

"Ah yes, that's the one." said Raphael.

"I shall have you both." Raphael continued.

Xianghua's eyes widened as the camera zoomed on her frightened expression.

"I want a bite, but don't worry, you won't feel any pain." said Raphael with a frenzied look on his face.

"I have kids!" Xianghua exclaimed.

"Kids? With that ratchet excuse for a man?" Rapahel inquired.

"Yes, now leave me and alone!" worried Xianghua.

"Oh, I'm not afraid I won't do so." snickered Raphael as he inched towards Xianghua.

Xianghua was backed against a wall. Raphael unleashed his fangs as his hormones raged, and just as he was about to sink into Xianghua's neck, the camera zoomed to the door as someone was knocking on it.

"Xianghua are you done in there?" Julia asked.

"Julia, help!" yelled Xianghua.

Julia, on the other end of the door, with Amy in tow, tried to open the door, but it was locked. Inside, Raphael tried to silence Xianghua the best he could.

"Stifle yourself, harlot!" Raphael demanded, observing Xianghua's choice of apparel.

Julia shouldered her way into the file room, knocking the door aside, as she saw Rapahel, with his pants halfway down. Julia, seeing this, covered Amy's eyes as she blew her whistle as loud as she could. Raphael covered his ears, as Xianghua made a run for it.

"Raphael Sorel, I'm writing you up!" Julia exclaimed.

Raphael, in shock, pleaded with Julia in front of an embarrassed Amy.

Amy being interviewed
*Amy has a blank expression on her face as she sighs. She then writes something in notepad, which reads "I am very ashamed of my papa."*

As Raphael continues pleading with Julia, a tearful Xianghua ran into the arms of Kilik and Christie.

"Kilik, Raphael tried to bite my neck!" Xianghua sobbed hysterically.

Kilik gritted his teeth, clenched his fists, and as he was about to punch Raphael, Julia intervened.

"Kilik, he isn't worth it!" Julia pleaded.

"Think about Xianghua and your children." Julia continued.

"What's going on here?" Jun asked.

"Mrs. Kazama, I caught this perpetrator trying to bite down on that young woman's neck, causing her to be in distress." Julia explained.

Jun shook her head, looking at Raphael. She later consoled Xianghua.

"What's going on, now?" Jin asked.

"Jin, I have a sexual harassment report to file." Julia exclaimed.

"Oh god." Jin growled.

"It's not my fault, I swear." Raphael began.

"She came on to me, that little harlot." Raphael added.

"Stop calling my best friend a harlot." said Christie.

"You should know." said Raphael.

"Bastard!" said Christie.

"Okay, that's it!" Jun yelled.

"We're going to have a sexual harassment meeting tomorrow, and it's mandatory!" Jun exclaimed.

"Mom, we already had a sexual harassment meeting." said Jin.

"Well, we're going to have another one, Jun Kazama style." Jun added.

Steve being interviewed
"Great, another sexual harassment meeting. Way to go, Raphael."

"It's not Raphael's fault." Cassandra chimed in.

"Xianghua knew what she was doing, and tried to play the role of victim." Cassandra added.

"Cassandra, shut up and sit down!" yelled Christie.

"Make me, you he-she." Cassandra responded.

"What did you just call me?" Christie gritted.

"Okay, okay, enough!" Jin chimed in.

"We're going to have my mom's meeting, no excuses." Jin added.

Everyone groaned and mumbled under their breath. Setsuka was too busy drinking her coffee to even care, while Paul and Forest were watching YouTube videos.

"If I ever see you near Xianghua again, I will kick your ass!" threatened Kilik.

"Language, young man." Jun warned as Raphael quietly walked back to his desk, his head lowered in shame.

Raphael being interviewed
"Woe is me, for those two temptresses of the night, with their intoxicating scent, sent sensations all throughout my senses, and one of them suggestively, and if I may say provocatively lured me into that trap with their aroma. Who knows what they could've done, or what I could've done to them." *Amy rolls her eyes after Raphael finished defense speech*


[13] Hero
Episode 18:
Sexual Harassment Meeting: Jun Kazama Style

Jin being interviewed

"After what transpired yesterday between Raphael and Xianghua, my mother took it upon herself to conduct a sexual harassment orientation...even though we did one."

"Now class." Jun began.

"The reason why we're all here is because we can't control our hormones and sexual desires." Jun added as the camera panned to the employees with the men on the left and the women on the right.

Raphael raised his hand, catching Jun's attention.

"For the last time Mr. Sorel, you are not going to get out of this orientation!" Jun scolded.

Raphael growled to himself as Christie and Xianghua snickered at him.

"Now, let's do a demonstration shall we?" Jun continued.

"Let's have...Christie and...Hwoarang come up." Jun smiled as the camera zoomed on Christie's shocked reaction, and later panning to Hwoarang's reaction.

Christie being interviewed

"Me...and Hwoarang? Uh, no?"

Christie and Hwoarang looked agitated as they sighed.

"Okay, what I want you to do Hwoarang is compliment how..Christie is...dressed." Jun directed as she glanced at Christie's flirty attire.

"...Alright." Hwoarang hesitated.

Hwoarang looked Christie up and down, visually and mentally getting a good look at her, until he came up with a right words to say.

"Hey, Christie." Hwoarang began.

"That dress makes your ass stick out." Hwoarang blurted as Christie's face reddened with embarrassment.

"Now, was that sexual harassment or a compliment?" Jun asked.

"More like she's gonna kick his ass." Maxi answered.

"Mr. Maxi, watch your language!" Jun demanded.

"Now, anyone wants to answer my question?" Jun continued as the camera zoomed to Julia raising her hand.

"Someone other than Ms. Chang." Jun added as Julia frowned.

"I would say that is sexual harassment." Steve chimed.

"Correct, Steven." smiled Jun as Hwoarang glared at him.

"Next, let's have Christie grab Hwoarang in the genitals." Jun instructed.

There was hesitation and embarrassment from both Hwoarang and Christie. Christie moved her hand slowly as she looked into Hwoarang's eyes. Jun then grabbed Christie's hand, guiding it towards Hwoarang's crotch, as everyone gasped. Christie pulled her hand away from Hwoarang as she quickly sat back down.

Christie being interviewed

"My hand! I need to sanitize my hand!"

Next was a demonstration in which Kilik was to grope Xianghua's butt as she was bent over in front of him.

"What's the matter, Kilik, can't grab Xianghua's butt?" Paul chuckled.

"Mr. Phoenix!" shouted Jun.

Kilik slowly made his way towards Xianghua's butt, slightly groping her. Xianghua looked and saw Kilik walking pass her.

"Now, let's have Xianghua do the same thing to Kilik." Jun demanded.

"What?!" Kilik said to himself.

Xianghua grabbed Kilik's butt firmly, not letting go.

"That's enough, Ms. Chai." said Jun.

"Sorry, couldn't resist." Xianghua smiled as the camera zoomed to Rapahel and Yun-Seong's reactions.

Raphael being interviewed

Hmph, that little strumpet and her Brazilian friend, they know what they're doing. *Amy sighs, looking at Raphael*

"Now who wants to do a demonstration with me?" Jun asked.

Maxi quickly raised his hand as Jun looked towards him.

"Maxi, come forth." Jun smiled.

Maxi being interviewed

"Oh yeah, it's sexy Maxi time!"

"I'll play the role of a secretary, and Maxi you'll be the boss." instructed Jun.

"Alright." smiled Maxi.

"Mr. Maxi, where do you want me to place these files?" Jun asked.

"Right here." directed Maxi as he pointed towards his crotch.

"Okay." Jun smiled, dropping the files of paper on Maxi as he fell over.

"Maxi, are you alright?" Jun asked, placing her hands over his crotch.

"Now I am." smiled Maxi.

The camera panned as Jin walked in on his mother laying on top of Maxi.

"Mom?!" Jin shouted.

"Sweetie, there's nothing wrong here, it's just a sexual harassment meeting." Jun explained.

"I know that, but why is your hand on Maxi's crotch?" Jin inquired as the camera panned to Jun's shocked reaction.

"I was making sure he was alright." Jun answered.

Maxi being interviewed
"Yeah, I could tell Mrs. Kazama wants me, it's only a matter of time."

"Now then, what do we do if one of our employees is exposed, like Ms. Chang here?" Jun asked.

"We don't try to look up their skirts, stare at their bums, or take cell phone pictures of them." Steve answered.

"Correct, correct, and correct, Steven." Jun smiled.

"I hope you all learned a lot from this orientation." Jun added.

"Everyone, have a good day, and keep your hands, and dirty sexual thoughts to yourself." said Jun.

After the orientation was finished, Christie and Xianghua were in the break room, talking to each other.

"...And did you see the way Jin's mom guided my hand towards Hwoarang's crotch?" Christie asked.

"I know, almost as if you didn't want to because..." Xianghua began.

"Because what?" Christie asked.

"Because I think you didn't want to touch it. " Xianghua finished as she shrugged.

"You think?" Christie asked.

The girls stopped talking as the camera panned to Raphael getting juice for Amy and coffee for himself. Raphael left the break room, not saying a word.

"What was I about to say...Oh yeah, well, you didn't like it when Hwoarang said that dress made your butt look big." Xianghua added.

"You're the one to talk." smirked Christie.

As Christie and Xianghua continued talking, Hwoarang walked in, grabbing his food from the refrigerator to warm it up in the microwave. Christie stared at Hwoarang as the camera zoomed on his butt.

"Christie, hey!" Xianghua interrupted.

"I'm sorry." said Christie.

Xianghua looked back, and saw what Christie was staring at.

"I see." said Xianghua.

"See what?" Hwoarang asked.

"Nothing." Xianghua smiled.

Hey, Red." Steve began as he entered the break room.

"Yes, Steven?" Hwoarang said jokingly.

"You got that report done, guv?" Steve asked.

"Sure." Hwoarang answered as he got his food from the microwave.

"Okay, meet you back at my desk. " smiled Steve.

"Hey, ladies." Steve added, as he smiled and waved at Xianghua and Christie.

At Maxi's desk, Maxi was typing up something when Jun stopped by.

"Maxi, how are you holding up?" Jun asked.

"Doing fine." Maxi answered.

"That's good." Jun smiled.

"You know, you kinda look like Elvis." said Jun.

"Thank you, thank you very much." Maxi responded as he winked at Jun. The camera zoomed to Setsuka, who had a look of jealousy and disgust.

Setsuka being interviewed

"Maxi is such a wannabe playboy, it makes me sick."

Raphael is drinking his coffee when Julia walks past him.

"Ms. Chang." Raphael called out to her.

"What Raphael?" Julia frowned.

"I had finished that report and document that you asked for." Raphael added.

"Thanks." Julia frowned.

"What's wrong?" Raphael asked.

"Nothing really." Julia answered indifferently.

The camera then panned to Paul Phoenix, winking at her as he pointed her direction.

"Hmm...Is Paul bothering you again?" Raphael asked.

"Nope." Julia frowned.

"What is it then?" Raphael inquired.

"I just found out that one of my so called admirers from my previous job is going to be working with me." Julia groaned.

"Oh, dear." said Raphael.

"Not only that, my mother is also coming to visit." Julia added.

"Oh, I see. Relative problems." said Raphael.

"I must go." said Julia as Raphael leaned his head outward to stare at Julia's butt. The camera zoomed to Amy looking at her father but later at the camera as she turned her head away.

In her own personal office, Maxi and Jun Kazama were making out until Jin walked in on them.

"Mom, I--oh my god!" Jin freaked out.

"Jin, honey, it is what it looks like and I--" Jun was interrupted as Jin fled out of the building with Eddy behind him.

Jin being interviewed

"Maxi, you are so dead!"


[13] Hero
Episode 19
Strange Bedfellows

Jin being interviewed
Today is Valentine's Day, and I know there are a lot office romances that go on in Mishima Zaibatsu, Inc. What I have in mind is to mix things up a bit.

Inside the meeting room, the employees were sitting around as Jin was about to make an announcement.

"Okay, everyone." Jin began with a smirk on his face.

"As you all are aware, it's Valentine's Day, and I want to do a little fun experiment with you all." Jin added as everyone looked around all confused.

"I want the guys to pick a name out of the pink hat, and the girls to pick a name out of the blue hat." Jin continued as everyone walked towards the hats.

Hwoarang being interviewed

What is this, elementary school? I swear that Jin Kazama is a joke of a boss.

The guys look at the names of the girls they will be hooking up with as the women do likewise.

"So Kilik, who did you get?" Maxi asked.

"I don't want to tell you." Kilik answered.

"Oh come on, let me see, man." Maxi smiled.

"Fine..." Kilik huffed.

Maxi opened the paper, looked at it, and smirked at Kilik.

"Kilik, you lucky bastard!" Maxi smiled as he patted him on the back.

Kilik looks at the paper again, and looks over to the girls as the camera pans to Christie.

Kilik being interviewed
I was hoping I would end up with Xianghua because I got her something for Valentine's Day, but it looks like I'll be working with Christie.

In the IT room, Julia is typing up a report, when Maxi appeared.

"Hey there." Maxi beamed.

Julia looked and saw Maxi holding some roses for her.

"Are those for me?" Julia asked.

"Yes indeed." Maxi answered as he handed her the roses.

The camera pans as Paul walks through the door.

"Hey, what are you doing giving roses to my lady?" Paul yelled.

"Didn't you get the memo, me and Julia are going to be working together." Maxi answered as he wrapped his arms around Julia's waist.

"Why you?" Paul charged towards Maxi looking to choke him but Julia intervened.

"He's right, Paul. Besides, it was Jin's stupid experiment to boost chemistry in the workplace." Julia pleaded.

Paul huffed as he left the IT room.

Paul being interviewed
That damn Jin Kazama, always trying to separate me from my Julia. *sniffles and sobs* I can't lose her, man. I just can't lose her!

Kilik was feverishly typing at his desk, all the while looking at a picture of him and Xianghua together, when the camera zoomed as Christie made her way towards Kilik's cubicle.

"Hey there, Kilik." Christie smiled with a seductive look on her face.

"Christie, you got more files for me to work on?" Kilik asked.

"No, just wanted to give you this." Christie smiled as she placed a note on his desk.

"Bye." Christie added as she walked away.

Kilik looked at the note, and it read "Meet me in the file room during your lunch break. I'll be waiting* followed by a seal of a kiss. The camera zoomed on Kilik's reaction as he gulped.

"Oh boy." Kilik nervously uttered as he looked at the picture of him and Xianghua together.

Kilik being interviewed

Christie Monteiro...What am I going to do with her.

Xianghua was happily typing away when a hand covered her eyes.

"Hey, I can't see!" said Xianghua.

Xianghua placed the hand aside, and saw Hwoarang standing behind her.

"Hwoarang, I was typing something. Don't do that!" said Xianghua.

"Aw come on, Kilik does it all the time. Thought it would be cute." Hwoarang chuckled.

"Well, you're not Kilik!" said Xianghua, who was still typing feverishly.

"But I can definitely be more of service to you than him." Hwoarang smirked.

Xianghua stood up and walked to the break as the camera zoomed out, following her for a moment before panning back to Hwoarang's reaction.

Inside the break room, Xianghua walks in on Steve and Setsuka making out while Eddy watches.

"Get a room!" Xianghua uttered as she went to the refrigerator to grab her lunch.

The camera panned to Steve and Setsuka now making out on the table, and panned back to Xianghua as her eyes widened in shock at the sight of Steve and Setsuka making out.

"Good grief!" Xianghua snarled.

Inside the file room, Kilik was putting away some files when he heard someone make a sound like a cat.

"Anyone in here?" Kilik asked.

There was no response. Kilik continued his work until her heard the same cat like noise.

"Okay really, who's there?" Kilik called out.

The cat like noise got closer to Kilik's ear, purring softly into it as someone's fingers slowly felt through his hair. Kilik turned around as the camera zoomed out, revealing Christie.

"Christie...?" said Kilik.

Christie pushed herself against Kilik as the camera zoomed in on the two.

"Me...ow.." Christie purred as she locked lips with Kilik.

Back in his office, Jin was wearing a bedroom robe, his hair slicked back, as he spray cologne, and some fresh min in his mouth.

Jin being interviewed
This little experiment of mine has gone pretty swell in boosting morale and chemistry in the workplace. Now, I look forward to my little "hot date" with Nina.

As Jin laid on his sofa bed, the camera panned as Cassandra walked through the door, the lights dimming to a purplish-blue tint as smooth R&B music began to play.

"What's going on here?" Cassandra asked.

"And why do I hear smooth R&B music in the background?" Cassandra added as she scanned the office.

"Wait a minute, Cassandra? You're the one who I'm hooking up with?" said Jin as he quickly turned on the lights.

"Where's Nina?" Jin added as the camera panned to Cassandra.

"How should I know, I wanted to turn in these files to you." Cassandra answered.

"And why are you in a robe for some reason? Cassandra inquired.

"I thought you were Nina, and I wanted to impress her and what not." Jin answered.

"Awkward..." Cassandra said as she looked away.

"Look, I don't want this wine and chocolate to go waste, would you like some?" Jin asked.

"Um, I don't drink." Cassandra refuted.

"I'll give you a raise." Jin replied.

"Are you bribing me? Jin Kazama, I am appalled, outraged, offended--" Cassandra ranted before being interrupted by Jin.

"I'll double it and give you multiple benefits." Jin added.

"Good." Cassandra smirked as she dimmed the lights and disrobed Jin.

Jin being interviewed
...I don't want to talk about what me and Cassandra did...
"Oh, Jin" Cassandra called.
...This was a bad idea all around!