Soul EX/Soul Edge ll Story part 1


[09] Warrior
wind blowing...
armor cracking in the dusty old battle field that ended over 100 years ago
everything that ever happened to the soul swords is now history...
patroklas and pyhraa ended the battle of soul caliber and soul edge the emotional situation had now brought everyone hope of getting the swords to complete heir lives and dreams has vanished in the air...
a girl named celeste a woman of magic and mysterious power who was around since the very beginning of the creation of soul caliber and soul edge walks around the ancient battle field to find out that this could be the end of soul calibur and soul edge but she was not foolish to doubt that this was the end of their existence.

celeste "hmm I guess creating that sword really made a difference in a lot of pass lives who wielded them for their selfish wishes what a pity that these swords could be overused and separated of their power by greedy humans"

celeste goes and pick up a sword from a fallen knights corps and slides her finger down the blade and a trail of purple energy made from her magic covers the whole object and she says really loudly

celeste "by the power I hold in my soul I resurrect the ancient sword known as ex caliber...returning both soul swords into this sword and it shall be called soul EX!"

the blade covers half of the landscape...both soul swords energy went into the blade and the two soul swords returns to her into soul ex....but soul caliber and soul edge can communicate because they are still separated by power in the blade...celeste says

celeste "if I would have known king Arthur would fight a man as strong as him to separate EX Calibur then I would have warned him but it was too late I cant take that back its all history now"

soul caliber "there is one person I can trust to use me in the right way I see fit into this world and the light it with my power"

soul edge "shut up worthless energy this world needs darkness to create a new world of evil everyone is violent and crul in every way so this world is mine for the taking"

soul caliber "you fool if that were to happen then what would you rule then...nothing everything would be dead"

Soul EX getting wicked and power struggled in the blade...celeste seen the sword cracking and said...

Celeste "quit fighting if you two keep fighting like this then you will both be destroyed for good your lucky to be back I need to find a way to bring you souls back into one soul blade known as EX caliber"

"so its been a while huh well at least you wont run away this time for me t squash you like the maggot you are"

Celeste "astaroth you have not changed a bit...or aged....the only thing that changed is your appearance and you getting even more pathetic oh and your all cant even kill one human his name was maxi right ha ha ha..."

Astaroth in rage and charges after her and screams while swinging around his axe...

astaroth "Bitch im going to make you scream and im going to drain your blood now die!"

(crackshing clingle single ingk ing)

celeste uses soul ex to guard her self and astaroth cracks the sword

and bright purple light shins everywhere around the world... celeste says

celeste "what have you done you cracked the untamed sword and like you would know whats going to happen next'

astaroth "your the cur that used the sword as a shield so don't blame this on me little maggot...well tell me whats going to happen"

celeste "everyone who encountered soul caliber or soul edge will be brought back to life some of them might be brought back in difference and used appearances or age this is bad now its a chance that soul caliber and soul edge might be separated again if a human being uses them again like in the passed"

astaroth walks to her and says

astaroth "well im not human so why don't you let me hold the sword and use it properly"

celeste pulls the sword over behind her and looks at him angrily and screams

celeste "get away I have to make EX Calibur again and lock it up forever....separating the sword ex caliber by king Arthur and a guy who was related to Graf Dumas...they had new swords created buy their own will power of their souls and the swords changed dramatically giving both swords their own souls and they wanted to complete what their wielders desired....Arthur wanted to rid the world of evil and the other guys wanted to destroy everyone that was in his way...the relative of dumas grown ten times evil every second that passed...his body started to change and his armor turned blue and sometimes purple...then he wanted more power more power and then he charged his left arm and it became demonic with evil as a link to his sword as a sign that as long as he is alive he will always stay by its side and he called himself nightmare and soul calibur with king Arthur..."

astaroth "hey come on your boring the hell out of me just get to the point I don't want to hear a whole story just give me the sword already"

celeste smiles and says

celeste "after the story of the soul swords" 'now Arthur gave his half and called it soul caliber...he gave the sword a energy of a woman because well I don't know but it might have been related with ice ... they clashed swords back at each other one of the greatest battle know in ancient history ... then before the guy was about the lose his life... he sealed his spirit in soul edge and said

guy "im not going down so easily im going to come back and back and back each time someone wants to use soul edge and when they do I will be in control and continue my vision of this wrecked planet and rule everyone and kill them all and they shall worship me and they shal all drawn in the cesspool of darkness"

king Arthur missed and then he says to soul calibur

Arthur "this battle is far from over and I wont be alive for ever so im going to put you somewhere so you can be safe until a worthy adversary you chose to wield you"

Celeste "I came and charmed both swords and so when a person wields them then the swords will form a shape into a weapons they have or used to using...I do believe he was thought by setsuka to use the same style but he wanted to use his mother style as a sign of respect for his family" "I never thought the conclusion over those years would lead to this and now everyone who encounterd the two soul blades will return I must protect this sword so this battle wont start all over again"

astaroth laughs and says

astaroth "im still one of those people and I its possible that soul calibur and edge will be back to the way they were then its your fault for bringing them back and im getting that soul ex of your and finding that maggot and killing him for good he will die now hand it over"


a guy out of no where says

"who do you think you are trying to hurt this girl you make me sick and your also ugly for a demon"

ROY "by the way im roy and im here to protect soul calibur I amd going to use it as it sees fit of everything"

Celeste runs away while roy screams

Roy "hey were are you going I know you have soul calibur and it belongs to me...hey get back here"

astaroth is confused but he knows that his battle with roy has not ended yet so he will get a rematch with him then he turns the other way and he searches for maxi to kill him if he got resurrected...

then after 10 days the change happened and everyone had different appearances from difference years and their age...then that is where the story begins in soul Ex or the alternate title soul edge ll

the question is will Siegfried have soul calibur again will dumas come back and finish were he started the story will continue in the year 1701....