SoulCalibur 20th Anniversary Video

Today, Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a new SoulCalibur video that showcases the series. Take a look as the franchise evolves from Soul Blade to Lost Swords. As they say time and time again, "The Legend Will Never Die".

It also appears that a new website is being constructed as seen in the description of the video:

Update: Use this link if you are getting an error clicking the other one:




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Michael Stabile


Gematsu caught it for me Kappa was the official Project Soul website right? I'm not sure if it's my connection, but it seems to be down (idk if anyone else knows this I haven't been so active lately). This is getting really interesting.
Indeed, it was to be expected they would get back to business after Tekken 7 release but they're already starting to show that things are definitely planned for the 20th anniversary.

I'm personnaly hoping for an agressive release plan like Capcom did with the RE series with the likes of:
* SC3 remaster for previous and current generation, including PC.
* SC4 remaster with BD contents for current generation, including PC.
* SC5 remaster with LS contents for current generation, including PC.
* SC6 announcement.

That would be awesome and while I personally loathe the whole PC Master Race thing, I believe bringing the franchise to PC would benefit Namco in the end to bring in more consumers.
And I was dumb enough to hope that they'd put at "2017-2018" date with some luminous noise/dark outlined "teaser"at the end of all that. Fuck me - too early in the morning for this kind of disappointment.