Soulcalibur 5 a Definite Possibility?

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With the success of some community driven fighting games, it seems that Namco has realized that they too should try to be a bit more active amongst their respective fighting game communities. Since then Katsuhiro Harada, the producer for the Tekken and Soulcalibur series has been very active in talking with his fans. A few days ago, one of our local veterans, Enkindu, discovered a short mention of Soulcalibur on Harada-san's twitter. In short, he mentioned that Namco could possibly put work into a new Soulcalibur game if the interest was high enough.

Well since then, several members of these forums have been sending tweets to Harada, asking him for the game, showing him that there is indeed an interest in a sequel. Well as of one hour ago, it seems that Harada has informally responded to my tweet in which I requested a new Soulcalibur game, and that he involve the folks here at 8WayRun. I'm not sure if Namco even knew we existed, so I felt it worth mentioning. While not making any guarantees, he did say he would talk to his staff about it... and that we should be patient. A pleasant surprise waking up from Summer Jam 4 to say the least.

Harada-san's Facebook:
Harada-san's Twitter:
Jaxel's Twitter:

Well Harada-san has responded to our enthusiasm and asked us to stop anonymously trolling him. He has instead asked that we follow him on twitter and facebook before we post any comments or tweets. It looks like he wants to see a personal face to our community. He also said he's looking for a large quantity of signatures before they would realistically put thought into another Soulcalibur game. Because of this, 8WayRun member malice has set up a Facebook petition for us all to sign.

Facebook Soulcalibur V Petition:
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Honestly they should have been leaking info on a sc5 trailer they would release publically soon but instead they tell us they haven't even started what a bunch of fucktards. I dont know about you but 2-3 years is a long time.
Rekano;217862 said:
No. the biggest complaint is the fact it was released on PSP. That "game" should had been a patch LONG time back. Or an add-on expansion pack...a LONG TIME BACK. In all honesty, it was a pretty big slap in the face. IMHO.
That's not an in-game complaint but valid nonetheless. BD is basically a glorified patch. Shame they decided to go the way they did with it. We would've paid for such a huge patch if need be.
Namco, please... for the love of God... bring back SoulCalibur 2's Soul Charge system and re-introduce the speed. I'm afraid I'll want nothing to do with this game if 8WR Soul Charge is not brought back - it was THAT important to me.

I think for 5 they should just update the graphics a bit, change the character designs a little, change some moves propeties, add/take some moves, throw in a new character or two, maybe add/take a game mechanic, and get us the game as fast as possible.
By they you mean Team Soul, which apparently got the axe? Because otherwise I don't want people relatively unfamiliar with the series to just throw a new SC out asap.
a fast quick turn around on a SC5 thats just thrown together, would give us an even more UN-BALANCED game than it already is. I dont mind waiting a few years if they are going to sit down and actually see what the people are for/against and adjust accordingly. They need to make some serious maxi buffs to make him competative in the tourney circut, that would make me happy. but Im just a button mashing piece of shit.

The thing is that a publisher can only do certain things via patching. The changes most people want would not have been able to be done via a patch. The DLC costumes were already planned for the game after its release, not something Namco decided to work on instead of a patch, especially since the data was already on the disk.

And to me, BD is a glorified patch and felt like a slap in the face. And babalook, Namco can't leak a trailer to a game that is not in development, which is why you need to get behind the petition as well as voice your concerns to Harada. People have voiced their concerns on Namco's forum for the longest and they have been clearly ignored. Now you have someone at the company who is actually responding to people's questions and concerns and I do not get why people aren't jumping at the opportunity unless they don't care.

As a consumer, I don't want another repeat of SC4. What good is a new game if we are just going to have a repeat of the same issues? Or what good is a game that they rush out the door to make money off of? So hopefully the second part to this petition will be to have Namco involved with this community to make the best game possible, especially since it's in their best interest to do so.

And personally, I am tired of Tekken getting all the love or hearing news only about Tekken and nothing about Calibur. It's time we got some love too. Make your voice heard.
HRD;217936 said:
They need to make some serious maxi buffs to make him competative in the tourney circut, that would make me happy. but Im just a button mashing piece of shit.

Maxi isn't the only character that needs buffs. In all honesty. All Maxi really needs is 3B+K and 2A+B lows back in their respectful places. 236B to knock down. and PSL moves tooled with(frame and SG wise) so lockdown and heavy pressuring is possible. A lot of maxi players would like the return of SC2 PSL4 and 6A+B...6A+B, if he had the right tools to begin with. Wouldn't truthfully be necessary. PSL4 would be a great tool to bring back, but unless they take the game back to SC2 and build off of that engine. I highly doubt SC2 PSL4 will ever comeback, it was hella glitchy...but thats most likely made it, and Maxi. So damn fun.

Soul Charging, re-adding GCs and SCUBs could be potentially interesting with the SG (Maybe GI/JIing a SCUB should do a number on their SG) Even if SC GCs wouldn't warrant free attacks or frame advantage like in SC2, it would have another use.
Ya i dont want anything to do with this, sc5 should be almost done by now. So tekken 7 comes out a year after tekken 6 and sc5 comes out 5 years after sc4 fuck namco.
Hmm, one things for certain though, I'm the type of girl you wanna take to your momma's house.
But for serious though, SCV will be fun, if they give Ivy back her Sc2 voice, and her ridiculous lines that made zero sense (Plus her crazy CS laugh), and the soul charge idea was way better than critical finish I think.
And another character thatmakes the story line make sense.
babalook;217952 said:
Ya i dont want anything to do with this, sc5 should be almost done by now. So tekken 7 comes out a year after tekken 6 and sc5 comes out 5 years after sc4 fuck namco.
Ha I know! Lol that made my day.
here's what i would like in SC5
no guest characters
better character designs
more items
better story mode ,sorta like scenario campaign in TEKKEN6
new stages not just redesigned versions of the current stages
no more ring outs wishful thinking on my part
and people to stop BITCHIN and be happy we have a game to play for atleast the 1st year of its existance

this is my 2cents
In the next game they should make most stages have more walls and less ring out cliffs, because lets be honest wall combos are cool and RO are not. Im no RO hater i do them when they present themself but in all honesty there stupid, there's nothing cool about them.
ROs are awesome.

On another note, I laugh at the people who are actually happy about this news. This article is a huge let down. I was expecting a leak or something about SCV on the way, but this? 3 years later and all we get is a stupid maybe IF there seems to be significant support for a number 5. Soul Calibur's community is dead, and if they are going to make a decision based on this site then I do not see it going any farther than this. Wow I'm surprised by the petiton though. There might actually be hope.
So basically Namco has such a joke of a PR that they ask fans on forums if the game will sell well enough so they could start working on it.
I think we should plan for the possibility that Namco actual decides to communicate with 8WR. First of all they are a company and don't have time to deal with the arguments and disagreements within the community so there needs a selected few who will speak for the entire community. We should discuss things as a community but the selected few would do the communicating with Namco. Obviously with this format not everybody will be satisfied but it will allow things to get done. This is more effective than taking votes because if there are 80 players who really know what they're doing in the game and 400 who only kind of know what they're doing, the opinions of both groups of players as to what changes the game needs will be vastly different but the votes would favor the less experienced players.

Also as a community we should come up with things we want implemented or tweaked. For example as stated earlier in the thread the damage in BD was too much but the improved step was good(this is what i hear i haven't played it). We could discuss character specifics, what makes a character too weak or too strong. Obviously the characters may not play exactly the same in the next installment but at least it would shed some light as to what characters need. One idea I think would be good was if there was some kind of input trainer or something to help out with JFs and such for people like me who took over a year to pull off GB Asura. Also other training mode ideas.

Essentially what I'm saying is we need to be ready to communicate with them in a organized fashion and not wait till they come to us to begin preparing ourselves because who knows when our window of opportunity will come.
Woowu;217988 said:
So basically Namco has such a joke of a PR that they ask fans on forums if the game will sell well enough so they could start working on it.
As pathetic as that sounds, Capcom essentially took a similar route with SF4. Make an initial appeal to the competitive community, then sprout wings from there.
I think it's key that we remind ourselves we have grabbed the attention of the producer. We've had a bad past of harming ourselves by poor organization and other issues so complaining about the producer or the way this is announced is not gonna help our image and is simply not productive. Do not ruin this opportunity to have influence on the game by berating their step to assess what people want, especially when they acknowledge our existence here, be intelligent. Right now we need to make a serious push to:

A. Promote the petition
B. Gather ideas worth presenting. We have a lot and so does the rest of the world. A few good and a lot bad. We need serious discussion and spotlighting to make sure the good ideas get in and we don't wind up with a guest character freeforall in custom gear and broken game mechanics.

There are a ton of ideas to pull from fighting games recently that have been genius ideas. In game tutorials have been a HUGE improvement as well as how online lobbies are handled and dear god if SC doesn't need net help.

Lets get some serious threads that are well organized. Make sure to keep game mechanics/story fluff/casual features/etc seperate. It will be much easier to go through our ideas that way. We don't need to be talking about a new soul gauge system and then the next post be how cool Batman guest character would be.
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