Soulcalibur 5 a Definite Possibility?

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With the success of some community driven fighting games, it seems that Namco has realized that they too should try to be a bit more active amongst their respective fighting game communities. Since then Katsuhiro Harada, the producer for the Tekken and Soulcalibur series has been very active in talking with his fans. A few days ago, one of our local veterans, Enkindu, discovered a short mention of Soulcalibur on Harada-san's twitter. In short, he mentioned that Namco could possibly put work into a new Soulcalibur game if the interest was high enough.

Well since then, several members of these forums have been sending tweets to Harada, asking him for the game, showing him that there is indeed an interest in a sequel. Well as of one hour ago, it seems that Harada has informally responded to my tweet in which I requested a new Soulcalibur game, and that he involve the folks here at 8WayRun. I'm not sure if Namco even knew we existed, so I felt it worth mentioning. While not making any guarantees, he did say he would talk to his staff about it... and that we should be patient. A pleasant surprise waking up from Summer Jam 4 to say the least.

Harada-san's Facebook:
Harada-san's Twitter:
Jaxel's Twitter:

Well Harada-san has responded to our enthusiasm and asked us to stop anonymously trolling him. He has instead asked that we follow him on twitter and facebook before we post any comments or tweets. It looks like he wants to see a personal face to our community. He also said he's looking for a large quantity of signatures before they would realistically put thought into another Soulcalibur game. Because of this, 8WayRun member malice has set up a Facebook petition for us all to sign.

Facebook Soulcalibur V Petition:
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I joined this forum after seeing the news about SCV's possibility, plus one or two other things, but mainly this.

In my opinion, I think things that they should have include:
Chronicles of the Sword,
Soul Charge,
Class/Weapon System from SC3,
Equipment for Custom Characters from all games,
All Weapons from all the games,
Option to remake or have already have all the costumes from previous games,
Bring back characters such as Hwang, Li Long, Inferno, Necrid, Edge Master etc...

A modified Critical finish, perhaps having it automatically activate if you're about to win anyway? I liked the idea of Critical Finishes, but there weren't enough options for them.

I'm not sure if this is the best spot to state this, but I'd just like to voice my opinions as to good elements.
I joined the petition on facebook and asked some friends too as well. Also just joined just so I could share my ideas and opinions. Firstly IV's story was so shallow and I felt didn't really finsh the series off well. III's style was much better and the input endings were nice too. Yoshimitsu's ending in particular was him just not killing Algol and then flying off, which was boring.

I definitely enjoyed the new Combat system (the tag thing) but it would be nice if they put in a whole versus mode like that, rather than only being able to use it during Tower of Lost Souls and Story.

I also thought that the Critical Finishes were a bit boring; the concept is nice, but they should definitely flesh out the idea more. It just seemed too simple to me; definitely could have been expanded upon in some ways.

I'd like to see the weapons from III's Character Creation make it into the next game in the form of characters. I particularly liked Revenant and would like to see him return, without copying Cervantes' moveset, and bringing in Waveswords. Also would be nice to see Hwang and Li Long make their returns as full characters this way.

Because the Wii isn't as... strong compared to PS3 and 360, maybe they should make a full Chronicles of the Sword type game for the Wii. It actually wasn't that bad and it could work on the Wii. Maybe even be able to input some motion controls (though I stress maybe; I'm not a fan of motion controls in general)

It would also be good to have past guest characters (Heihachi, Spawn, Necrid, Star Wars characters, bonus characters from III and IV) as DLC for V, mainly because I don't really see any really valid way they could put ALL of them in and keep the game within context. Link and Lloyd could be for the Wii game.

Lastly, a little less... cleavage please. Talim and Amy are still young, if you get what I mean... Hilde at least was a step in the right direction. And when we create characters, please I don't want to see them in their underwear by the end of the match.

That's about it really. I don't really have anything like controls, moves, combos tiers for characters and stuff like that since I'm not that good at Soul Calibur nor smart about that kind of stuff. I'm really just a novice at the game, but I still love Soul Calibur and hope that there is a sequel and that maybe everyone's ideas can help make it a better game than it already is.
Well I am VERY happy to see this. I have a VERY long list of suggestions for a SCV but ill leave that alone for now. The only thing i really will list here is PLEASE GREATLY improve Create a Character :3 *like no having your awesome outfit destroyed to be fighting in your underwear, edit height, keep the edit muscle and physique editor, Custom Weapon types, WAAAYYYY more armor alots and options, WAAAY more voices and even selectable lines for the characters so you dont have evil characters saying good things like in IV and more stuff i wont list for now* So yea im excited and really hope to see this :3

EDIT!: Oh and this petition is also the reason i made my Facebook account :3 (like that matters i just felt like posting that)
Jaxel, can you create an SC5 sub-forum for us? i think it is high time for threads regarding proposed balance changes, guest character suggestions, early move speculations and so on.

i know it has yet to be announced, but perhaps we can push that?
I'm kinda new to the whole forum thing but I am very familiar with soul calibur. I personally think they should remove moves from characters and create new ones. It's kinda boring when they are the same as the original soul calibur. I love soul calibur IV cuz it's got an online aspect to it. I also think they should create another creature to accompany Lizardman. I only say that cuz he's been my favorite character forever. Namco should also be open for DLC for past characters and maybe some future characters if they ever decide to think of some. Oh and DLC for armor as well
Just Gimme back Necrid and, Assassin from SC2. I no longer care that he plays like yun-seong, he was simply cool to me. I'd love to see Sc2 Talm as well. I'd like to see the soul charge back.

-This is personally for tira
I was thinking tira should have a gauge meter so Jolly/Gloomy stance can be manually activated, for example doing certain things would charge the gauge like GI, JI, do combo's, counter hits, breaking throws, taunting, and if her health is low enough it charges on its on. Lastly for gods sake all her good moves are in gloomy stance - they don't have to make all the good moves kill herself especially 6666:B (Sorry if i said that wrong I haven't played SC:IV in a while)
I agree with you Hope.Estheim. I think that was the only reason I wasn't really fond of her. If Necrid were brought back that'd be awesome, but I think he should be up for DLC along with past characters such as Assassin, Spawn, Link, etc. as I was saying in the last post. I mean if you wanted a certain character really would you be up for paying like $5 ex Yoda/Vader. I personally think the next Soul Calibur should have the ringout be removed from the game. It's just too frustrating when you're in a great fight and bam ringout.
Hwang, please, for the love of God, Hwang!!!!! This has to be a first when an original favorite character in a fighting game is ditched in favor of a newcomer like Jun!!!!
Very Nice post. It seems like We've been waitin' forever for this game to come out. At least this post can give us some reassurance.

Changes that I would like to see in the next iteration? Well, I have a few suggestions like:
-First and foremost, Have more than one new staple character this time around. Though, they added a few guest characters, and a bunch of "special characters" in IV, they only added one real new character, which was kinda disappointin'. in the past iterations, they at least added 3 new characters.
-Secondly, bring back some old characters, and/or change some characters' move-sets, so they won't feel like "Luigized" clones. I REALLY want to see Hwang/Assassin make a return. I also REALLY want to see Shura make a return. I don't want to see them fight exactly the same as their in-game counterparts. They've already shown that they could pull this off, so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch [ex. Cass., Sophie, and Lizardman pretty much have the same weapons, but their styles differ from each other a lot].
-Thirdly, rebuff the drastically nerfed characters from IV. Talim, Yun, Zas. and Mina were royally screwed in IV [Well, not so much Zas.; he just probably needs a damage increase, and he'll be good to go]. They just kept whittlin' away their move-sets, without addin' much to them [though, they made Mina probably the best Soul Gauge destroyer, they raped her whole move-set, entirely]. In the next iteration, I would like to see them come back with fuller, in-depth move-sets...Also PLEASE give Mina her own move-set with "Stances"! I think she's been LONG overdo for one.
-And Lastly, give Tira a "Stance" that gives you the ability to change between her Jolly and Gloomy side at will, or recombine them, and give her back a couple of "Stances" and some moves she had back in III.
Well, that's all I can think of right now. Hopefully we'll hear somethin' about the game in this comin' E3.
Bring back Hualin, most of all, if you are bringing back any of the shop keepers. I did not realize till late that she's has a fun, interesting play style, that can be developed more in a sequel.
Bring back Hualin, most of all, if you are bringing back any of the shop keepers. I did not realize till late that she's has a fun, interesting play style, that can be developed more in a sequel.
Personally, I think they should bring back Valeria, she had a fun moveset bigger boobs than the other two shopkeepers.
Yeah, I made it, and thanks. I might make another one with more gameplay-specific questions later on, if this one gets enough votes (I'm planning on posting it on Daishi Odashima's twitter eventually, hopefully he'll notice it...)
I'm such a Soulcalibur nut that its surprising I never noticed this site before. Glad I joined now ;)
So, somebody tell me, is SC5 a definite or just a speculation? The latter would break my heart...
BTW, the poll was fun... (11% female?!?Sad!)
I'm such a Soulcalibur nut that its surprising I never noticed this site before. Glad I joined now ;)
So, somebody tell me, is SC5 a definite or just a speculation? The latter would break my heart...
BTW, the poll was fun... (11% female?!?Sad!)
They are currently working on the next installment of SC. We don't know whether it's going to be 5 or not.. but the next game is on it's way.

Check here for more info:
You can also follow Daishi on twitter:
I for one would like to see stepping speed return to what it was in SC3. SC2 step was too fast, SC4 step is too slow. Am I the only one who plays characters who DIDN'T suffer from fewer moves in SC4?

As far as reducing move sets, I think they were trying to make the characters have a more equal number of moves compared to the others. I think it's silly to have a character with literally twice as many moves as another character. Siegfried and Nightmare both got a couple more moves than they had before (not including moves that were replaced with another).

I would LOVE the option for just one, endless space ring. No wall, no ring out, just infinite space. People who play other fighting games laugh at the idea of ring outs, and refuse SC because of it. Having an endless stage would appeal to those people coming from other games who HATE ring outs.

CF..... Great concept. Sometimes the benefit of having a soul gauge goes quietly unnoticed. Even if CF only happens one in a thousand matches, It's benefit is that it encourages aggressive style, and discourages turtling. Between human Vs human, I never thought turtling was an issue worthy of concern. So what's the real benefit to CF you ask? IMHO soul gauge prevents the AI from blocking all the time, and gives it an incentive to be more aggressive. The benefit of CF is more towards playing the AI than Human VS Human fights. Anyone remember how insanely defensive the AI was in SC3? I'm not really sure how they could expand or change this without ruining something. I say keep CF and soul gauge the way it is, only tweak some characters around that aspect to make the SG drain more balanced.

If they bring back Hwang, 3AAB (or just 3AA) needs some tweaking. I think 3AA is too fast for such little recovery time. Adding the B making it 3AAB however, is quite punishable. I have a simple solution: change button inputs from 3AAB to 3A,A+B, making it so hitting the A+B makes you do both the second and third attack, without any cancel. This way, you can either do just 3A by itself, or adding A+B for the next 2 attacks.

I came to this conclusion because I realized that 3AAB isn't broken at all, it's just 3AA that people complain about because of the fast recovery time after the 2nd hit. Changing this string to an "all or nothing", would IMO balance it out.

The alternative would be to just remove the move entirely in the new game. I think most people would rather see a nerf than a complete removal. Trust me, the complete 3AAB is not broken at all (even in US version of SC3). Making it 3A,A+B fixes it.

You guys like that idea for Hwang?
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