SOULCALIBUR 6: News, leaks and information discussion.

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A thread designed to be a referential database of sorts with everything we know and everything we'd like to think we know. This is the place to post information and news and discuss it. I will frequently be updating this first post with information as it comes in and would appreciate the assistance in curating any and all information so that people can easily find what they want to find. We're all excited so let's try and share that excitement.


Without further ado:
Geralt of Rivia
* New character. Wields a detachable twinblade. Bears a personal grudge against Kilik and wants to kill him. Is an assassin for hire.

Is going to be a reboot, with a "big focus" on story mode.

Critical Edge returns. Activated with one button.
Reversal Edge, a new defensive mechanic. Plenty of details and discussion here.
Soul Charge* is returning. Works as a temporary state. Grants chip damage to your attacks. Being hit reduces remaining Charge time. Stops the match timer while in effect.
Lethal Hit - Landing specific moves under certain conditions sends opponents flying.
GI no longer consumes meter but failure will harm your guard.
Character Creation is returning.

* To our knowledge Kilik has a unique Soul Charge that drains his HP and allows him access to a different CE.
@Party Wolf made a huge informative post here.

Less than 30, but more than SCV had.
Most of, but not all, the Lost Swords cast returning.
A lot of characters from SC3-5 reserved for DLC.
Ten DLC characters rumoured.

Tira has been leaked.
Maxi has been heavily hinted at, with his backstory bringing up his sexuality. If the leak is correct, Maxi is homosexual.
Astaroth's inclusion based on the Maxi leak.
Same rules apply for Cassandra.
Cervantes likely due to Ivy's inclusion.
Amy "probably appearing as Viola from now on."
Talim slated to return due to popularity.
Seong Mi-Na unlikely to return.
Rapheal mentioned but no known at this time.
Hilde likely to return as DLC.

Newcomer II: Father
Grøh's dad, his style and other details are presently unknown. It is said however that it will be a "unique" and "non-replacement" style. Possibly involving bladed weaponry.

Will cover elements and events from Sould Edge/Blade, and Soulcalibur 1-3. Ages removed from character bios to support this.


Here is a large list of links to where this information was pulled from. It also contains various videos and interviews.
@Futabot's CES playtest thread here.

It's entirely possible I've missed something, if this is the case please tag me in a post using @ followed by WindupSkeleton or PM me or post on my wall. Include sources to reduce the amount of misinformation.

Also I'd like to give a shout-out to @Vergeben and @Hayate for their leaks and info and, @Mage for helping me curate and organise all this.

To use an idiom, what I'm doing is striking up the band before they play.
To be precise we actually have a thread for EVERYTHING that isn't leaks or new information, as follows:
You can also find character-specific threads for each character in the Soulcalibur VI forum found here. If you become uncertain as to where you should post something, ask yourself two questions:
  1. Is my post discussing, or replying to another post unrelated to leaks or reveals?
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If your answer to both of these questions is 'yes', then you should check out the list and try to deduce which thread it would suit best in order to avoid derailing the thread. If we all follow the same principle, then everyone will be happy and no one will become embroiled in arguments related to the deletion/moving of posts.

Please try to stick to this so that people who are looking for the most recently revealed information can find it quickly and easily.
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Supermassive shoutouts to my buddy @Norik who made this EXCEPTIONAL infographic:

And here is a link to go to his original post - So make sure to like the heck out of it. It also includes shiny HD versions too ;)
As always we'll be trying to keep things as updated and accurate as possible so please make sure to send in any information (and links to sources etc) so we can keep the community in the know!

Thanks again Norik!
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Imminent Heel Turn
Soul Charge is a timed meter that gives the user chip damage on all attacks. This meter also goes down each time the user is hit while in the state. Soul Charge also does a no damage, high pushback move on activation.

Reversal Edge and Guard Impact (6G only) both consume guard gauge on activation. You get a refund on this cost if your GI is successful. RE and GI work on high, mid, and lows (GI also throws). Reversal Edge loses to Break Attacks and Critical Edges.


[06] Combatant
Where is the soul gauge actually situation in the HUD? I always had a hard time understanding how that system worked. Same with Guard Break. I understand that guarding too much will cause your HP aura to flash yellow, then red, and then eventually you get 'broken' which seems to just make you very vulnerable for a few seconds. Is this all the mechanic does or does it actually make guarding block less damage for the rest of the fight?

My apologies for my ignorance, I'm afraid I've never been the kind to get too deep into the mechanics of games (something I want to work on and improve with SCVI).

EDIT: I noticed it says "less than 30 characters, but more than SCV". I thought it was shown already that we were getting the smallest roster yet (just 20 chars). Did something change?


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The character select screen we've seen was confirmed by one of the devs to only be a placeholder, so it's likely that we'll have more than 20 characters at launch.
Oh that's great news! I had heard that it was 'just a placeholder' but I thought maybe they meant artistically speaking. I won't get my hopes up for a Tekken Tag 2 size roster but knowing it's not just 20 is certainly nice.


[12] Conqueror
Is it confirmed Just guard is out of the game?
Unbothered if it is. I could never use it in online matches against people that didn't have full connection bars lol. Plus I'm never defensive as Talim and we all know the queen is returning.

I want to know about Brave Edges though, I liked them in 5 (except that a lot of them were normal moves from 4) so I'm excited to see what flashy moves they may come up with, Ivy's archery BE was spectacular to watch.
I really, personally, hope JG isn’t in the game or if it is you cannot block unblockables with it. Just my 2 cents.

As for the BE’s, I’d love to see a return of them, but as Ave said, a lot of them were past normal moves in IV like summon suffering for Ivy for natsu’s 66B BE. I’d prefer those moves staying with harder inputs or just frames.

I STG if they make Talim’s 22B+K B:B a brave edge I will write drag the executives at Project Soul
The closest we seem to have to brave edges in 6 is Soul Charge. From what I read it can change properties of certain attacks. But that's not like saying it gives additional attacks or moves like a normal BE.

I don't think I've seen a right step during a reversal edge yet.
I have. It was in the 10 minute gameplay video. Timestamp 6:43
Hmmm, if the leaks seem to imply that series staples like Seong Mi-Na are unlikely to return, but the game will span up to SCIII and even possibly feature DLC characters up to V, does this mean Mi-Na is just gonna be DLC then? I also wonder about the possibility of characters like Algol or Setsuka being demoted to DLC, if not being restructured to fit the new storyline, since even characters like Zasalamel might be DLC as well.


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Is it confirmed Just guard is out of the game? And are brave edges back?
Nothing's been shown of JG if it's in. Safe to assume it's not there.
I, too, would like word on BEs, but nothing's been shown.
Unbothered if it is. I could never use it in online matches against people that didn't have full connection bars lol. Plus I'm never defensive as Talim and we all know the queen is returning.

I want to know about Brave Edges though, I liked them in 5 (except that a lot of them were normal moves from 4) so I'm excited to see what flashy moves they may come up with, Ivy's archery BE was spectacular to watch.
JG & Quick Step are gone. Soul Charge Mode contains Chip Damage, Some Move Enhancements like Guard Breaks, & Brave Edge like moves. Reversal Edge Negates Chip Damage and Damage the Guard Gauge by whiffing. It's just like whiffing a meterless GI in SCVI.

As for Brave Edge like moves so far, I've only seen Mitsu do 22_88BB, Sophitia doing BBBB(The 3rd B is 3A+B which is two hits & the final B in the string is a guard break version of 44B+K.) & the 2nd Hit of Sophitia's 4AB is a guard break.

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