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Now that we have a better understanding of the Soul Calibur VI's new game mechanics, some of the roster characters, and the timeline+lore , we can organize a better Wishlist for specific things you, as fans, would like to see return in SC6.

Now since we don't have any direct contact with any sort of official community liason, we can still make make life easier for any Namco representative whos sifting through our forums by following a few simple rules:

1) Stay Organized for Easy Reading: Structure your wishlist / request in a readable format. Bullet points or numbered lists plus spaces between points are a lot easier for someone to read and understand your position. Don't type a massive fat paragraph otherwise it'll look like a spammy eyesore and your points will make less of an impact. Also, lets not call this person a "Namco Spy". Remember, you are trying to be persuasive, not antagonistic.

2) Stay on Topic: Please don't debate/discuss other member's wishlists here. You are encouraged to make an indepth explanation of your requests.

However, sometimes people may have a specific request that is directly against one of yours but that doesn't mean your wishlist is guaranteed to be invalidated. We should trust in Project Soul to make a proper assessment regarding tradeoffs and cuts.

3) Keep the requests reasonable. Otherwise, you undermine your own credibility with outrageous demands and will likely be ignored and not taken seriously. Remember that there are some non-Soul Calibur fans who just have a lot of opinions but don't actually intend on spending money or adding value to the franchise and the community. You do not want to give the impression you are one of those people.

Lastly, if you are serious about your wishlist, please also consider using twitter / popular gaming youtube channels, and reddit and other messages boards. If you want Project Soul to develop a solid Soul Calibur 6 and you have some good ideas, it is imperative you find the proper avenue s to get the message across.
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I logged into this site for the second time in the last 3 years to post here.

Opinions as a long-time SoulCalibur vet:
-Give us Team Battle again. We don't have to make it the tournament format or anything, but it was fun.
-It looks like Nightmare is heavily influenced by his SC IV and V iterations, rather than SC II Nightmare (whose style was more closely retained by Siegfried moving forward). If that's the case, I'd like to see Siegfried as a separate character.
-Reversal Edge worries me. There should always be an appreciable downside to forcing a true rock-paper-scissors scenario as the defender in a fighting game (which is why DP type moves were given counterhit recovery in many anime fighters and Street Fighter V).
-I'm assuming the "console exclusive guest characters" leak was false, but I still want to point out that it ends up being messy for tournament hosting.

Opinions from an "I really want this game to sell well so that the series lives on" perspective:
-If possible, a Special Versus with stage gimmicks and varied weapon attributes would be interesting to see again, to help even the playing field against more casual friends.
--Speaking of options that my more casual friends quickly noticed were missing, bring back handicap options and the ability to set the round timer to infinite.
-Almost any popular or classic character being sold as DLC will be perceived as holding that character hostage behind a paywall. DLC creation pieces, alternate costumes, or guest characters is one thing, but having to pay for any returning character will immediately harm public perception of the game.
-If a character does not make it in for story reasons, consider including them as a style for custom characters or something?
--On that same note, if a fighting style only exists as a custom character option, please include a "default" or "sample" model of that style for tournament use.
-Velvet guest character with the Grieve Edge style? :P


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I'm ready for this. I've got a youtube channel with 20k subscribers, and why do I have this? Just for this moment. I've been adding subliminal messages into my videos so I can freely hypnotize my viewers into doing my bidding. I will unleash an army of tweeters who will demand SC6 contain these features and nothing else:
- Roster of 1 character: Cassandra
- Two modes: Team Battle and Chronicles of the Sword

I am so ready for this.
Also have a full fledged arcade mode with difficulty settings, intros and endings, and maybe a secret boss in there too
And I hope they do the T7 thing of veteran character DLC being free cuz I don’t want to theoretically pay for someone like Cervantes


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Well Since there is a someone to listen to us and i haven't bothered to have an opinion yet.

For the dark skinned muscular female - I'd like to see a dark skinned female character tbh, but i'd rather see them as either some sort of Egyptian or Indian Character, because those types of characters often have a very good asthetic costume-wise, and they could have a bunch of interesting weapons, like chakram or an oversized Khopesh blade. As for the muscles, i'm not particularly bothered as long as they do not go overboard, maybe like a 1 or 2 on the SC5 CAs Muscularity scale? Having a character for the sake of skin tone is an... eh? reason for making a character, but the styles that could come from it are varied.

As for team battle, I was never particularly bothered before, but i'd really love to have more single player and multiplayer options to sweat out.

Now about the hentai artist. Just because they work on hentai does not mean that the characters have jumped out from one. More importantly the artist is likely going to be employed because he/she is good, and not because they want another overly sexualised character like ivy, this is Soul Calibur not Dead or Alive, anyway, i'm pretty confident that we'll get good designs, because the ones for every character so far are good-great, so it think we'll be fine.

That's enough opinion for me in one day, or hour, or minute, eh. And all Rinkah (fire emblem darkskinmusclegirl) did for me was sit in a doorway and block out the enemies until I had someone to kill said enemy
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@Project Soul, if you're reading:

First of all, thank you for bringing us SCVI. I was 90% sure the series was dead after SCV so I'm just grateful for the fact that SCVI is actually being made.

Now as for features I want in the game:
- A jukebox feature similar to Tekken 7. This was one of the (few) things Tekken 7 did well and I would love an equivalent for SCVI. I would even be open to you guys offering the OSTs of past games at a reasonable price.

- Legacy modes. Team battle being one obviously, but also survival, time attack, etc, with us being able to specify certain parameters we want to affect that mode before we begin. For example, difficulty and all that.

- More robust CaS options. You guys usually do a good job with this but for SCVI, I want you guys to up the ante, specifically when it comes to base character customization. A range of 5 or so faces isn't gonna cut it this time, it would be great if you could implement sliders so we can have an even greater degree of personalistion for our characters. It doesn't even have to be all that complex, even some rudimentary options would be great.

- A great story mode. Not asking for Injustice levels of story-telling here, just give us something engaging enough that we want to play it. Tekken 7 really dropped the ball here; playing the story mode felt like a chore because the story really sucked and made zero sense.

I'm probably forgetting a bunch of other stuff, but this is what came to mind first.


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If anyone of namco is listening then I have to say something about Setsuka, I WANT HER BACK!!! haha okay that's obvious, but I mean, why wouldn't they put a character that well designed in every aspect into the game seriously.

Her story is a story for revenge based on the manga Shurayukihime (Lady Snowblood) but with a very interesting tweak, that she's a gaijin, (basicly the word for foreigner in Japan) being a gaijin in that time in Japan meant to be bullied and hated, and that teaches you so many things; that you really have to work more than the others to earn what you want when you're not accepted or different in some way, that revenge is nonsense, that even if you don't belong somewhere there will allways be people that love you (her master Shugen Kokonoe) and a place for you, etc etc.

Aside from that I think she's one of the few characters in SoulCalibur that translates this vibe of her lore to her gameplay and all of it conects so well. When you use her you really have to be all mechanical and work harder than the other players to pull-off all thoose damm JFs, and that's kind of what she did in her life, you can feel the rage of losing her master in every single one of her attacks but still you have to keep your mind cold to be able to perform correctly due to the battou-jutsu fighting style she uses that is known for it's difficulty, one mistake and you might be out.

To sumarize to me she's one of the best characters designed for a game EVER and she deserves to be in SCVI, specially after replacing her for a Marie Sue (A. Pat) with zero carisma in SCV.

Even Aris wants Setsuka back, I hope namco's spies watch his video too, he's been around for so long in the SC and FG community in general, he's such an icon and I'm sure I'm not the only one who values his opinion a lot.

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Copied from my post in another thread:

As for my requests to the 'spy' (which I kinda doubt will actually get read by Namco tbh):
- Single Player modes akin to Tale of Souls, Chronicles of the Sword, Edge Master mode, etc. These are some of your most impressive and creative ideas in the series and it's quite sad to see that level of intuition missing from the last installments. Yes, they might not prove popular with everyone (especially the "pros" who only care about competitive modes) but clearly a lot of people love these modes. I appreciate they are probably the hardest and most time-consuming aspects to add to SC but believe me, it's worth it, and we love it! I still don't understand how we're now two console generations ahead of SCII and III and yet still lacking anywhere close to the number of modes and unlockables seen in those games.
- Allow us to have all of the previous games music available again, like in SCV. This was a really nice and nostalgic feature that helped keep fights fresh by not hearing the same track all the time. It was a very surprising and welcomes fefature, please keep it! ^_^
- Bring back weapon select. One of the coolest things about the old SC games was the ability to choose weapons on the character select screen, which has been missing now for the past 2 games. I don't see the point of having numerous weapons if we have to create our own alternate costume in order to use them. It's counter-intuitive and takes up CAS spaces that we would like to use for other things.
- Your black woman concept is pretty cool and to be honest I'd rather see that than Groh's father, if he is indeed a thing, to balance out the new character gender ratio as I imagine that concept being more unique than his. But...
- Bring back as many original characters as you can. Even if the base game is around 22-24 characters and there will be 8 DLC characters, that still leaves out a LOT of characters, which is concerning for a lot of us. After the mess that was SCV, I think a lot of us hoped the next installment would bring back all the missing characters, but it's looking very shaky at the moment. Even if you have to release all the missing characters as DLC, you could still do so effectively and make it feel worth the money. Have a slot on the character select screen for DLC characters and then release 2-3 characters in one pack for example, so people don't feel forced to by them all individually. Which brings me to...
- SUPPORT THE GAME AFTER RELEASE. As others have said, please try to release bonus content in the years that follow to keep the game fresh. Something new every couple of months or so would be nice.
- I agree with the 'more CAS' options, particular where facial design is involved. I'd also like some more voice options/manipulation and definitely more hairstyles (haristyles have always felt too few and rather boring).
- Minor nitpick but as I mentioned in a previous post; please consider changing the 'max health' colour to the teal and have green as the 'less than max' colour. Having teal change to yellow looks really weird and for some reason it just bothers me a lot, lol.

There's probably more but those some of the main ones I think.


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Copied from the News Leak Thread as it was mentioned to move it here.

Hey all, long time lurker here, decided to sign up as I wanted to join in the conversation and potential ideas for SC6.

Regarding possible new characters for the series and more specifically someone who's brown and female, I've very surprised no one has brought this design up as a base for the character.



This is Talazia from Weaponlord, a long forgotten fighting game for the SNES and Megadrive. She fits all the criteria a lot of people want in the current climate. Apart from being female and brown, she has unique weapons and looks just like a Soul Calibur character. Considering Weaponlord was published by Bandai Namco, I'm sure with enough push this character might become a reality in SC6. For many years I've always wanted the whole cast of Weaponlord to be implemented as DLC to a Soul Calibur game but even if there's only a chance for one character to make it in then my choice would be Talazia for how unique of a design she is. If any of you love the design of this character then we've got to push it to the popular channels and connections to get the idea out there.

Oh and while on the subject of pushing characters I really hope that I'm not the only one who what's Li Long back with double nunchuks. He was my main in Soul Blade so to actually have an opportunity to have him back in an official Soul Calibur game after all this time is a must for me, would be real great to push for this character to be back even if for just one game.



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Copied from the News Leak Thread as it was mentioned to move it here

I think I must be a lonely voice here, but I would really love to see (at least as a DLC character) a Scottish or Celtic warrior... something like Connor MacLeod costumes

MacLachlann 1.jpg Angus 1.jpg
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My wishlist:

1. Returning characters: Rock, Astaroth, Cervantes, Lizardman. Simply for the story about these four characters back to the age of SE and SC1. Cervantes murdered Rock's family, resulting in Rock's lonely life in the wild. Lizardman was sent to kidnap Bangoo to lure Rock out, only for his soul, which was used to produce Astaroth. I am happy to see a reboot changing some details but would be sad to see that the basic of the story get changed.

2. Game modes: all those in SC3.

3. A better museum with artworks, weapon exhibition, character profile and voice set, endings (multi endings would be great).

4. Battle recording and free cam view during replay.


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Here is my wishlist:

1. Make equipment destruction optional for cast and custom characters.
2. Soul Arena
3. Weapon Master Mode/Chronicles of the Sword. The game really needs one of those long single player modes.
4. Asymetrical equipment options for custom characters.
5. Arcade endings for every character.

Please don't reduce the single player content this time.


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1 . Cassandra (with 2P SC2 design) :sc2cas2:

2 . Possibility to hear old songs from past SC games ( "Guided By Wind" , "Chasing Death", "Eternal Struggle" ..).

3. Colossus challenge mode from SC3 ^^"


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Suggestions / Wishlist

Here are some things that would sell the game for a lot of people. These are also profitable ideas from an economic perspective if you want to get as much newcomers as possible to buy this game while satisfying veterans alike in my humble opinion. I confess I am a prowler here on the Internet so I know what I am saying at least when talking about this franchise.

1. Add Chronicles of the Sword mode from Soul Calibur III (or something like that) as offline solo content. To those who are not big into fighting games but enjoy strategy / roleplaying elements that would be the only reason they need to get the game. I still have not found anyone who didn't like that mode throughout all the Internet. I mean even those who did not particularly enjoyed CotS always recognise it was a great addition. If not possible for SCVI... then it should be a thing to consider for SCVII.
+ Team Battle Mode (it is a must)

2. Sorel Household - Bring back Amy and Raphael and give them the importance they deserve within the storyline. The bonds between a father-foster daughter always catter to a wide audience. I know "FAMILY" could be an important element in SCVI.

Sophitia - (Cassandra?)
Grøh - (Father? - Siegfried??)
Ivy - (Cervantes!!!)

But the bond between Amy and Raphael is like no other one. You got something interesting there... unleashed potential. Add a nice touch of drama / emotion and you are good to go. Yes, Viola should stay as a different character than Amy or all this could get ruined. Unless you do it properly... only then it would be Ok. But it is too much risky and I am worried about the rumours Viola could replace Amy (that would be unfortunate and definitely the worst thing you could do) considering Amy has a big fanbase behind. You should Not neglect that.

Take the page 70 from SoulCalibur: New Legends of Project Soul as a reference (see image inside Spoiler)


3. Create a magnificent / memorable intro using CGI - Computer Generated Imagery exploding all the technology at your reach. Like the one we had in SCIII back then. As a way to introduce users the game through spectacularity / epicness and also offering the nostalgic feeling for veterans (if possible every main roster character should appear in it as in SC II intro).
You can see the Youtube videos from those intros still are praised and appreciated nowadays (more than ever I would say). They just don't get old unlike the intros done with the in-game engine. We miss memorable fighting game intros.

4. Keep listening to the community even after the game is released. To improve for future entries (because I feel this is just the beginning).

5. Offer continuous support for the game once released as a way to prove you are satisfied with your own product and that you care about it. Sell DLC content but also give users who support your games some free bonuses (for instance some alternative clothing for characters... I mean give us 2p/3p for every character for free and sell extra 4p clothes for a reasonable price). But do not fall intro mediocrity/greediness like let's say Dead or Alive Bullshit.

- Take note from CD Projekt RED philosophy of understanding players. Look at what they did with The Witcher 3 (16 pieces of FREE DLC content) + 2 expansions (nice price/ great quality). I mean just treat the users decently as they deserve to be treated when pricing that extra content. Do not try to fool them if you want them to respect you as well.

Note: About Cervantes... You need to confirm him to be in the main roster. If you add him through DLC everyone will be pissed. Specially Spanish players like myself who felt honoured when they discovered this character was somehow implemented in SC franchise. He is one of the most beloved characters.
Sorry for my bad english.

Special Request:
+ Taunts on Vs Screen (please? - Watch following video for reference)

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Probably alternate Critical Edges or taunts to choose from.

/\Pretty sure the Chronicle hate was from the data corruption.

Personally hope at worst there’s a challenge mode that gets constantly updated or randomized. Maybe some of the Soul Arena features if the battle type option seen is any indication. Doubt we’ll ever see a map & narrative again. Of course if this is supposed to be inspired by II, they could always combine with Weapon Master mode.

And destined battle scenes and character endings for arcade mode.

But please. No Legendary Souls or Quick Battle. V was basically an HD Broken Destiny feature-wise.
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- Do not make the story linear like SCV. Allow freedom to still simulate an Map-travel like Tales of Souls or Conquest Mode.
- Give all characters their own chapters to introduce them into the timeline and equal story presence this time.
- Have parallel chapters where players are the antagonists of the story as well, when they are introduced into it.
- Go back to the SC2 themes of having characters representing their own countries & cultures traveling the world again.
- Give the minor or love interest characters with very little roles more independent stories (Talim. Xianghua, Amy).
- Create new malfested villains or subordinates of Soul edge alike Tira (like a member of the cult that makes Astaroth as a character)

General Requests:
- Bring Back Individual Character 'Arcade' endings & have them read by the narrator (not just text walls)
- Option to set battle requirements online (Default Characters only, CAS Only, or Mix)
- Bringing back the weapon effects (even if they have to be turned off for online)
- Team Battles & Tag-Battles return into gameplay & game modes as a function.
- Keep the feature to select stages, and music separately in vs. and single player battles.

Game Mode Requests:
- Chronicle of the Sword, Online & offline Tournament Mode & Soul Arena return.

Character Creation:
- All Official character (Player 1) costumes should be accessible in CAS, not locked or as disc-locked DLC.
- Do not gender lock clothing or hairstyles between CAS Parts or Official Character costumes.
- Option to have Malfested features in CAS mode (eyes, skin textures, evil arm, leg, voice filter & aura)
- Much needed option to edit the facial features and expressions on the faces for CAS (or ways to select facial features independently)
- Allow characters to have alignments again or just let the player choose a base for their character.
- Change the armor breaking mechanic to be more like SC4's where pieces fall off onto the stage, not vaporized into shreds like SCV.

Hypothetical Suggestions/Idea:
- If people want to get rid of ring outs (excluding water stages) they should just have ''fall damage'' for multi-layered stages if created.
- Create alternate states for armor conditions to customize (setting for dirty armor, cracked armor, rusting effects, melted effects)
- To make the storymode less linear feeling, I would like to see the map mechanics work like Chronicle of the Sword.
- To readjust the armor break mechanics, maybe add a fatigue animation after the hit with armor falling off, not disappearing.

- No more lore-breaking 'Modern' outfits (Please be more creative with clothing to fit the time period)
- Communicate with the fanbase on what they actually want as DLC and don't just feed us gimmicky CAS costumes.
- Consider asking fans for what 'legacy' packs they want with material, music or stages remastered from the past games (if possible).
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