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By Mage on Jun 11, 2015 at 2:19 PM
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    Mage I'll make you submit!

    As we all know, Project Soul recently held a poll on the official Soulcalibur Facebook page asking which characters were your favorite ones, the list consisting of all playable characters throughout the series (not including bonus characters that were playable in Soulcalibur III and IV). Well, the poll has now closed and the results have been posted on the Facebook page for everyone to see! It has been speculated that this could influence the roster for a potential Soulcalibur VI so let's hope that Project Soul can revive some of those old souls for us.

    The "older" characters of the Soulcalibur roster have seemingly dominated the top spots whilst the new breeds have filled up the bottom half of the table suggesting that people are craving for the returns of those who did not make the Soulcalibur V roster such as Talim, Zasalamel and Sophitia.

    The post and the results are as follows:
    Did your character do as well as you thought? I wasn't surprised that Ivy was quite popular in this poll. The Facebook post also contained a nice image for the top three results:

Were you surprised by the results? If so, let us know in the comments!

  1. Yes! Who voted for these characters?!

    3 vote(s)
  2. Some placements were unexpected.

    13 vote(s)
  3. No, it's pretty much what I had expected.

    22 vote(s)


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Mage, Jun 11, 2015.

    1. Soul
      Hopefully this leads to Soul Calibur VI!
    2. Sangre_a
      Pat and Algol for SCVI.
    3. AlphaKEG
      Lizardman in the 30th spot? At this point I'm assuming my support for the series is finished. We'll see though....
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    4. SC_Yin
      If lizardman and aeon had their votes combined he would be in a much better spot so dont worry about it
    5. Himiteshu
      No new Soul game announcment or nothing?! FU CK NAMCO! Goodbye my beloved series...

      "Welcome back to the end of the stage of history" :(
    6. HydroJames
      Please, be patient! I doubt they would announce anything right away.
    7. garjian
      A tale of souls and swords, never to be retold.

      I hope Viola makes it wherever this is going.
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    8. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      Happy but surprised Talim did so well!

      I've been waiting for a game since SCV decided to cut me out by not havin Talim.
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    9. franman
      So I guess how this works is those 45 chars gets divided into 5 tiers with a probability count (in %) they will likely be in Soul Calibur 6.

      God Tier - 81% to 100%
      Top Tier - 61% to 80%
      Mid Tier - 41% to 60%
      Low Tier - 21% to 40%
      Garbage Tier - 0% to 20%
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    10. Mage
      We still don't know how much influence this could have on the next roster so don't be too discouraged if your favourite characters didn't place as high as you wanted in this poll.
    11. Nyte
      "Your input is very valuable to us and with your help we can make the future of Soul Calibur bright and hopeful."

      Confirmation that Talim and Taki are in SCVI?
    12. Soul
      Of coarse!
      I'd say top 9 are 100% to be in the next installment.
      Which makes me very happy 'cause i'll get my main back :sc1tak1:! ♥.♥!
      Only thing that worries me is Setsuka being #20.

      Regardless,this was a great move by PS.
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    13. franman
      Talim will have a ~97.7% to 100% chance to be in SC6
      While Taki will have ~94.4% to ~96.6% chance;
      Mitsurugi will have ~92.2% to ~94.4% chance;
      Yoshimitsu will have an 81% to ~83.3% chance.

      Those are safe bets in the god tier range.

      Down to Garbage Tier; the odds of having a your fav character in the game in that range are highly against you.

      For EdgeMaster, at most he'll have a ~2.2% chance of being in SC6; worse case scenario 0% or no chance of being in SC6.

      But this is just fun and speculation doesn't mean its accurate.
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    14. AlphaKEG
      LMFAO! This is too funny
    15. Slade
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    16. Time_Limits
      I wanted Yun-Seong to be playable!
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    17. Jaxel
      Same! The main reason I dont really play Soulcalibur anymore is because Talim is gone.
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    18. Project Bokuho
      Project Bokuho
      Talim JP's reaction.

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    19. Talim JP
      Talim JP
      Oh, I love that song!

      A fav movie scene is the beginning of "Perfect Weapon" where they use that song.

      SC is the only fighter I play & Talim is my only chara so if she's gone I'm gone.

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