Soulcalibur II Nationals Ep. 1 by Aris

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As we gear up for the release of Soulcalibur II HD Online sometime this fall, Aris has been producing content for people to become reacquainted with the game. His latest video covers his first ever recorded match at the Soulcalibur II National tournament held in Las Vegas on February 8, 2003, where he faces Misato in the first round.

I wasn’t around during the period when SCII was active, so I really enjoy hearing from the players who were around during that time and hearing the backstory to these videos. And if anyone else has details they would like to share, feel free to do so in the comments section of this article.

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This is actually something I've been waiting for for a long time. I'm excited to see these vids and to hear that he's gonna be making this like a series. At least I hope he follows through with that. Lot of great matches that most haven't been able to see.
Bet Aris hasn't shaved since that vid too, haha.
Keep 'em comin man!

You know I'm waitin for Seven, XCTU etc vids!
According to Mark_Nikil (DTN's brother) who tested SCIIHDO with his bro, The game seems to be based on the SCII pal version. They tested the maxi's bug 3B+KB and Ivy's unblockable 4A+BB and they are still there.

Even if you look in HD the video quality is poor but it's only the video.
Thanks for the Talim (Seven) action man! ; )

Malice and Aris- I'll buy ya dinner/beers and some scissors (for that beard) if I ever meet ya!!
This was THE Soul Calibur Tournament of the ages. I was 1 game away from qualifying for this tournament at regionals. Unfortuanatly I had to play Srayer...

Anyone else have stories to tell to the new folks? Aris thanks for digging this up.
You might wanna change the title from Episode 1. I know it might sound like a waste but I think everyone of these need their own front page shot. It's not like we have a lot going on and it shows that things are at least happening. But I'll leave that up to y'all and what y'all think is best.
Juan's absolutely right. There's no reason why the front page shouldn't be updated everytime a new video is available. What Aris is putting out right now is gold and should encourage old and new players to support the scene. If other sites do it and you can do it for the character podcast then this should get that much attention as well imo.
Here's what's stopping that from happening: people are lazy.

Aris hit me up and I helped him out, but I got shit to do, so I can't write articles for every single video. Plus no one really commented on this article. But anyone else can feel free to do so if they want.
How many have access to update the front page besides you? There must be a plenty. Do all admins/senior mods feel that its a waste of time to give life to a dwindling community by taking two seconds to make a brand new front page post to attract more people and show how active we still can be?
Yes, and also the vids that Namco has put out- so far there's been Mistu VS Nighty and today Ralph VS X.
Info is slow and scarce so anything we get to keep the front page fresh will help.
Don't think we need a big article for each, just a few sentences with the vid link is enough.
I'm not really hip to all the good news sources, but if someone wants to send me the links to vids/articles/whatever, I can at least make threads and put them on the front page. I don't know about the marquee since you need a pic, but a thread is easy.
Since Malice already put up Aris's recent videos, I just made one for the HDO match vid. I'll follow that thread, but if anything else comes up that ISN'T in there, message me and I can make a quick thread.

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