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Is there a chance?

Before you say no, remember that Rampage is getting a movie, and that game series has been dead for ten years.

They were actually trying to make a Soulcalibur movie during the 2000's, and I believe Sony still owns the rights to adapt the film. According to the series' wikipedia page, the movie is still in development hell. This implies that it still could happen.


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*looks at Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Street Fighter and Tekken*



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I think SC has a vast enough story to potentially make a good movie, but it would probably need a huge budget in order to get the feel of that time period just right. A lot of the characters iconic costumes and weapons would be hard to recreate with a cheap budget (something that severely damaged the Mortal Kombat movie for me... the costumes looked like they were made by parents for halloween in most instances). I can't even imagine them being able to make a sword like Soul Calibur or Soul Edge no matter how big the budget :S.

I probably wouldn't trust them with it anyway though. They'd cast all the characters wrong (wrong ethnicities, etc. or people who just can't act the part because they never played the games) and probably not be able to recreate the environments accurately enough.

If they could get it right though, I'd love to see an SC movie.

EDIT: At best, they could make a CG movie that covers the stories of the games, similar to the Resident Evil CG movies (which are actually decent with some awesome visuals).


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Please no. Video games (and anime) shouldn't get movie adaptations period.
They are ALWAYS terrible and there is just no way to not make them terrible, let alone decent or good.
Leave video games (and anime) alone.
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Plese no. Video games (and anime) shouldn't get movie adaptations period.
They are ALWAYS terrible and there is just no way to not make them terrible, let alone decent or good.
Leave video games (and anime) alone.
Yup I agree. And they for the most part bomb at the box office. With the exception of resident shitvil. I would be okay with a soul calibur anime or cgi film tho.


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While I don't think it's likely to ever happen, and if it did happen it would most likely be terrible, I still have fun brainstorming how it could be done well, what actors would be suitable for the characters, etc.
Because it's totally possible to make a video game into a good movie, it's just that the people who try never do it right. Probably because they're not fans of the video game they're adapting.

But, the best case scenario would be a CGI film with maybe some well known actors doing the voices like in FF7 Advent Children, or Kingsglaive.


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A CGI FILM like that would be great for SC, with recognizable special attacks for the characters like Climhazard for Cloud, or unlike in Tekken, where none of the Mishima descendants even made a Demon Screw Uppercut if i remember correctly.
Imagine a CGI FILM where every character only does attacks that are in a SC game too *drools*
Also Lizardmen and Golems would make good fodder for the main characters to go nuts on, without pushing the film into the violence/mature territory.


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Video games are one of the worst things to make films out of. The many hours you usually have getting to know these characters and their stories have to be reduced to around 2 hours. It also loses the interactivity that games have, which is very immersive in itself.
Fighting games also come with the added problem of having big rosters with people being fans of a few out 20 or more. You can't give the entire roster the attention they deserve, so that leads to cuts and changes that would upset fans from the start.

However, video games seem like they would do well in the tv format as that can have enough time to bond with the characters and handle a relatively big cast. The only problem would be the lost of interactivity that immerses you in a game would be lost, but if the story is good enough I'm sure many could get over it.

I think that a SoulCalibur movie would be a bad idea (it's the same for most video games). But a tv show with a good budget and great story could be great.

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I got it!! There is in fact a Soul Calibur movie that just came out before, it’s called Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales! I admit that the plot is very similar to Sou Calibur, the three main characters are more similar to Kilik, Xianghua, and Maxi. Where Henry Turner is more like Kilik, Carina Smyth is more like Xianghua, and Jack Sparrow who is more like Maxi since they’re both pirates after all. And of course the main antagonist Salazar is a lot more like Cervantes, it’s also because they’re both spaniard and are cursed with darkness. The plot of the movie has the protagonists on a search for the Trident of Poseidon which in that case is Soul Edge (because of it’s evil design).

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