Soulcalibur VI DLC Discussion Thread


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Personally speaking i'd rather they won't add no CaS at all than adding costumes came from Tekken, let SC be SC, and let Tekken be Tekken.

But i'm not even that big of a fan of CaS to begin with, i would have preferred unique made costumes per characters just like the classic way and like what most fighting games does.

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I dunno, maybe, but I think Nakoruru’s outfit is fine like it is. Maybe Talim could use them, definitely Xianghua could use them, but most importantly, Luna could use them.
Oh, is that what it is? Did ring trousers originate with Luna in III? Or are they just something you want in order to approximate some other similar garment she wore? I've been wondering about the reason for your fixation on that one particular CaS item for a while now.


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it's hard to re-create the fake ring trousers? there is Capris undergarments right?
Hard? Kinda not really. But the point is not having to waste stickers on it for one, but the ring being a physical object is still better than flat stickers. I’ve recreated them for my Luna 2p, but I don’t have enough free stickers to be able to do it on my Luna 1p:



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So it looks like we got Heihachi, Josie, and Marie Tekken 7 Asuka for Tekken parts. I wonder why no Jun and Tekken Tag 2 Asuka, or even Jin and King, since those parts were already in SoulCalibur V. Really though I was looking for Lili or Alisa, if they were doing new character parts.

And Mitsurugi’s SoulCalibur V 1p, I wonder if some other pieces or if that would be all. And Tiger Lily Slut Samurai I guess... no Ring Trousers.

Edit: Mixed some Dead or Alive in with Tekken, my bad.
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