Soulcalibur VI DLC Discussion Thread

Project Bokuho

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If BAMCO announce a the 3rd season for SC, and they choose a Guilty Gear 2020 to a partnership, which of these twos you would like as guest?
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Between these two I choose Sol Badguy, but I prefer Baiken or Axl.
NOTE: If don't like or want guest don't @ me, I think my question is very specific, so don't bother me.. T.T
I'd rather have an original character come back instead.


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But why would they benefit from a Guilty Gear partnership? I don't know much about Guilty Gear, but it doesn't seem like there's a lot of crossover appeal. I can kinda see it for Samurai Shodown, but not so much Guilty Gear. The thing to cash in on, I think, would be the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Maybe we can't get Cloud, because Smash has him on lockdown, perhaps, but maybe we could get Zack or Sephiroth or Tifa, though Tifa feels more like a Tekken character.


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I would like to think they stop with the guest characters (it honestly dilutes the roster as a whole when looking forward) and instead add in a new character to show that the series can stand on its own without the help of a guest character to promote it. If we do ever get a Season 3 then it shows that SoulCalibur as a franchise can achieve enough success without the need of a guest.

Also, I would pick neither of those two since I'd rather see Baiken if it's a Guilty Gear character. (Here's hoping Baiken makes it in the upcoming Guilty Gear game)
If we take someone from GG then Baiken all the way I absolutely agree

Crash X

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l0l how about no?

Lol. Figured that would spark a reaction like that. But if I’m gonna be quite honest I’m arguably one of the few people that didn’t mind Patroklos that much.

And yes, I made a controversial statement here. Sue me. Granted, at least 90% of the topics and statements about Soulcalibur stuff is controversial here. So... Kappa


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We need audience, they need audience too. Why not a collab??
Reason why they shouldn't is because it would be Season 3 and if they actually add a guest character at this point then it kinda shows that SoulCalibur can't stand on it's own without the need of outside help. I'd like to think that the SoulCalibur series is well established enough to stand on it's own two feet. As a successful franchise, Tekken 7 didn't add a guest character this time around so I'd like to see Namco treat SoulCalibur VI the same respect (which they usually don't).

Guest characters are also usually something they don't bring to a sequel so it really doesn't help the franchise looking forward into the future. Assuming that Season 3, if we do get a Season 3, has 4 characters like the previous Season Passes and we do get a guest in it then about 12% of the characters in it would be guest characters and that proportion honestly dilutes the roster as a whole.

Don't get me wrong though, I like Guilty Gear and am also a fan of collabs but I think SoulCalibur VI has enough of adding more guest characters to the game. I wouldn't mind if a Guilty Gear collab does happen for SoulCalibur VII though or if Guilty Gear customization parts are added into the game.