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Do you support an update for SCV and/or SC6?

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Hey guys. So, after looking at all the updates and releases they have been doing for Tekken, DOA, SF, Smash, Lost Swords, etc, I figured that it's about time WE (the main SCV make) get something as well. They have time to create swimsuits and thongs for Pyrrha, they should have time to put DLC characters or patches as well.

With that said, I would like to get the entirety of what's known as the Soulcalibur community and tweet to @hoshino_calibur, @Harada_TEKKEN, @JKartje or Namco for a patch, update, or DLC to the mainstream game. We deserve some support as well. I know the French, German, and Japanese community are willing to support this too once this "movement" gets started. You can tweet for a whole new game if you want, the point of this is to speak up for something, unless you're all ok with letting Lost Swords have everything.

Namco can ignore a few people, even a handful, but they can't ignore an entire community across countries reaching out to them for this. Will you guys support this?
SC 1 and 2 were the last great games. If Namco can make another Soul Calibur with the feel of 1 and 2, I'm sure the game will take off. Beta test it correctly, take the time to test out glitches, and release a quality product. Keep the online netcode the way it is. Problem solved.
Well, waiting the announcement for arcade machines.

And by the way, please, release Soul Calibur 1,2 and 3 for the PSVita and SoulEdge / Blade in the PS Store
At first I was like hell yeah petition for SCVI……then I was oh wait MKX! SC can wait….a long time……if not, then be forgotten altogether after it's digressive pattern.
This hold petition this is going to end up hurting the game. Jut let Namco take their time and make a great game.
This hold petition this is going to end up hurting the game. Jut let Namco take their time and make a great game.
lol fk SC6, I don't want a full and complete game that explains all the plotholes in story mode, I don't want a balanced game where all characters have an equal chance of success...I simply want more boobs and bikinis, is that too much to ask for?

stupidity aside, you seem to be taking my post, which is obviously intended as a joke, waaay too seriously
How can actively letting the Soulcalibur team know that we still love Calibur and would like a new one in the future hurt the game?

Why are you making the assumption that we want the game as soon as possible?
some people like use their mouth before using any sought of brain function...everyone here loves Calibur and want either an update or another instalment...if we just let this pass without speaking any kind of voice Namco'll just continue with Lost Bikini's and Unbreakable Cell-Phones...
...PLEASE for the love of almighty, DON'T rush this game. If the game has to be delayed, delay it!...

Yeah, I don't think the game should be rushed either. Though I may not know if PS is already intending to make an SC6 at this moment, there are a whole lot of people hoping that the franchise's next project won't disappoint.

...I've gone to Summer Jam, NEC, Winter Brawl, and ECT multiple times. There is definitely a SC scene still, and it's pretty big, too. The scene definitely is not fading out or dead...

Ninjaguy, let me explain...
The Summer Jam, NEC, Winter Brawl and ECT are all tourneys that will happen to host Soul Calibur. In most other major tourneys around the U.S., Soul Calibur will either a SIDE tourney or the game will only have entrants due to the SC tournaments being FREE TO ENTER or may not host the game at all. Now if you have tourneys that are free to enter, it's a quick sign that the game just could be dying a bit.
Here's the good thing. The above tourneys support SCV all thanks to one person. A man named, "Big E" is a major supporter of SC. He'll hold the game up even if it's a side tourney or for free entry, but he majorly supports the SC community. Anything with his name on it... just might have Soul Calibur.

...I would rather prefer a SC3 arcade HD Online edition to be released next year and the new/next SC, or just call it SC6, to be released in the second half of 2016...

Whoa, man. I was actually thinking about March 2016 for the next SC, but like someone else said... the game doesn't need to be rushed.

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