Soulcalibur VI rumour PSX and Hilde

Do you think Hilde would be included in SCVI

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If the rumours are true and Bamco follow the same logic as Tekken 7 with unpopular characters being cut out of the game makes me think would Hilde be in the game? Also what other characters would be cut?
this rumour is making me so hype just wanted to make a post and get people talking :)


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I can always talk about my lovely SC :D Hilde for me is the best new character with Zasalamel and ZWEI. I can't imagine new SC game without her. The SC world needs more knights, native americans and monsters :)


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Agree with @Himiteshu I couldn't imagine a Soul Calibur without her no more. I wrote this already in another thread but i did some quick research and found out that if we are going back to the year 1586 (and stay in that timeline) Hilde will be between 14 - 15 years old. That would be pretty fun and kinda cool to see imo. But it will probably not happen so i'm actually lost here.

I still hope for my main gurl to come back.