SOULCALIBUR VI Story Mode Revealed at E3 2018

During E3's open floor day today, Namco unveiled a brand new trailer for SOULCALIBUR VI. This new trailer focuses directly on the story mode for the upcoming game. As you know, being a fan, the SOULCALIBUR series has always had a rich and featured story. While the story mode for the previous game was lackluster, focusing mostly on Patroklos and Pyrrha (who are not in SOULCALIBUR VI), it appears that this new game's story mode will span the gamut of characters. Probably similar to how story modes in NRS games work. The new trailer, also soft-reveals Inferno as the resident "random select" character, a collector's edition of the game... and a release date for October 19!

34880186_525884184475183_3412999086071087104_o.jpg 35081572_525884201141848_6329302964049543168_o.jpg 35114640_525884084475193_284745091795386368_o.jpg 35142860_525884217808513_8520336382135107584_o.jpg 35145157_525884374475164_439308767071305728_o.jpg 35145915_525884344475167_5993394989168590848_o.jpg 35151396_525884284475173_7672785149603348480_o.jpg 35160542_525884511141817_9095515249909432320_o.jpg 35166844_525884447808490_5113552723626688512_o.jpg 35169393_525884417808493_1182459386270842880_o.jpg 35226928_525884354475166_1059836888854036480_o.jpg 35239485_525884267808508_6213958804111884288_o.jpg 35240234_525884117808523_8753102199166337024_o.jpg 35240452_525884094475192_8403924841220014080_o.jpg 35270071_525884254475176_2605873120816398336_o.jpg 35295895_525884431141825_993320004491411456_o.jpg

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Jason Axelrod


Might sound like a lack of space on the promo images, but I would guess the Collector edition also includes the season pass bonus the Deluxe gives right?
But, in any cases, the next 4 months will be LONGGGG months.
Great trailer, but I never expected them to use Siegfried's SCIV 2P hair for the Soul Edge cutscene. So that's nice at least. :)
My reaction to the trailer is like meh.

NEwayz waiting for PC specs; I assume the recommended pc requirements is similar to Tekken 7's.
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