SOULCALIBUR VI Story Mode Revealed at E3 2018

During E3's open floor day today, Namco unveiled a brand new trailer for SOULCALIBUR VI. This new trailer focuses directly on the story mode for the upcoming game. As you know, being a fan, the SOULCALIBUR series has always had a rich and featured story. While the story mode for the previous game was lackluster, focusing mostly on Patroklos and Pyrrha (who are not in SOULCALIBUR VI), it appears that this new game's story mode will span the gamut of characters. Probably similar to how story modes in NRS games work. The new trailer, also soft-reveals Inferno as the resident "random select" character, a collector's edition of the game... and a release date for October 19!


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Jason Axelrod


Might sound like a lack of space on the promo images, but I would guess the Collector edition also includes the season pass bonus the Deluxe gives right?
But, in any cases, the next 4 months will be LONGGGG months.
My reaction to the trailer is like meh.

NEwayz waiting for PC specs; I assume the recommended pc requirements is similar to Tekken 7's.
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