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Howdy Soulcal Pals!

In case you haven't heard I am in the process of designing a portfolio based creation hosting platform. The platform is intended to supplement other CAS posting platforms like 8wayrun, Reddit, Twitter, etc... by providing a different way to showcase your creations.

All hosting platforms that currently are utilized suffer from the same issue, people post their content, and than their content gets lost in a feed somewhere either replaced by others creations or in the comments of others. The vision of this future site is that rather than allow creators to constantly post contant, they instead submit a portfolio of items (currently a picture of their 10 best CAS). This portfolio is than showcased on a unique profile page specific to that CAS creator that not only has a brief bio and categories of creations, but as well links to the primary posting area of that CAS creator.

Essentially the vision I have, is that this website becomes the most comprehensive listing of all serious SC creators showing the best they have, while at the same time still encouraging creators to still post on their preferred platform. If my vision comes to fruition, your profile on this site would be an amazing calling card that you would want to show off to others to get an interest in your CAS or follow you on your preferred posting area and also a great area to get inspriation from others. Further, beyond posting creations, the website will have a community curated blog where people can contribue CAS related wisdom.

The website is currently in its alpha phase, here is a video of what it looks like now:

Before I launch the site, I am setting it up in alpha with ten profiles just so I can work all the kinks out.

If anyone is interested in being on this site for this phase please let me know here.


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Thank you for creating the fantastic SoulCal Creations website! but, how do i register at the site? so i can submit my CAS there

funny, i want to create my own SoulCal CAS website using Miraheze but no avail

Miraheze is a wiki farm if you ask it's opposite of Fandom/Wikia. because of the Monobook skin. in as Miraheze have Monobook while Fandom does not have it anymore


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how do i register at the site? so i can submit my CAS there
The site is still in beta, so I'm sure this will be addressed, but the submission form is on the "information" tab, and you have to scroll down a bit, and it's in the bottom left corner.

@HappyColour It would probably make more sense if there was just a "Submit" link along the top banner, for accessibility, or at least have it be a bit more clear where to go to find the submit section.


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@DanteSC3 yeah, I received that feedback from multiple people. I want people to have to go to information tab first so they learn about the site, but I moved it from under contact to above it, it is right in your face now in comparison to before. I think that when people saw the contact form they just stopped scrolling, which makes sense that's what I would do! Haha!

@TiraRules excited to see your profile submission!


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Just an update for everyone that the site is continuing to evolve in a positive direction!

We were having some issues with our submission forms, but we have made some changes to make it work better that hopefully is to the benefit of all.

Would love to see more of the talented creators in this forum set up a page on the site!

Do let me know if you have any questions. : )


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Just a quick update that people continue to post portfolios on the website, in current state we have 25 creators representing 12 countries already on the website! : ) This is great, we launched with 6 creator portfolios and we already have over 4 times that. Pretty exciting!

Excited to get more people on it, make sure to share your best stuff on the website soon.