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Hi all, just wanted to share another update in case you don't follow the SCCREATIONNEWS twitter account. We have launched our December design challenge. Deadline is end of day December 31st. So far we have 8 entries!

Details can be found here:

As well, just wanted to reiterate that I would love to have more people from 8wayrun showing their best stuff on the site. The site is getting a lot of traffic and people's stuff on their reallyyyyyy inspires other creators from what I have been told by visitors. The works of some of the masters on this forum would further elevate the CAS creation community! Remember, it won't replace where you post regularly, as instead intended to be a fancy looking portfolio view of your best. Let me know if you have any questions. : )


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Another quick update regarding a new feature! : )

We just added something called a Monthly Creation Highlight. Basically what this is, is a special section on the website that exists for one month and includes a small video showcase of a creation coupled with some words from the creator. To be eligible for this you need to have a portfolio on the website, your creation is then selected by website admins to be showcased here. Vision is to select interesting creations, and showcase one per month on this page! A great way to give some nice details regarding a creation while simutaneously promoting creators.

You can check it out here:


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I just published a new blog post on the website. Here is a tweet about it if you are interested:
I wanted to quickly remind everyone, that the websites blog is community driven and we are always looking for contributions. Anyone who has set-up a portfolio on the website can also submit blog posts on a variety of creation related topics:
  • Narrative: Explaining your narrative world you have created your original characters in.
  • Philosophy: An explanation regarding your CAS creating philosophies.
  • Showcase: A detailed written breakdown of one of your designs, allowing multiple pictures to be showcased.
  • Technical: Information regarding creation techniques you utilize.
Further as a bonus on all blog posts created, they point toward your website portfolio, ensuring that more people get eyes on your stuff!

If interested hit me up!


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Hey all just wanted to do another update regarding the site and give a little refresher regarding how it is set-up for people that are still considering creating a portfolio. We have recently done a new round of updates to the site to make the portfolio more aesthetically appealing, and have as well changed how the refresh process works.

As you can see by the tweet above, portfolios are now eligible for 30 photos total. 10 initially, +10 after a month, and +10 if you refer a user who signs up. The site functions on a form like basis, with your portfolio page being dictated by the form content you submit each time. This makes it easy to showcase new content en mass, as when you upload new content your new form content replaces your old form content. Further, every month you can refresh your portfolio by changing as many photos as you would like with the above process! : ) And as a bonus, whenever you create your portfolio or add photos our twitter account does a promotional post regarding you. And your portfolio position on shared galleries moves up to the top meaning your stuff is more quickly seen by people browsing the site!

Also so far the site traffic and utilization is quite strong and we house 67 different creators from 18 countries, making it one of the most demographically diverse creation hosting platforms so far!

As always, would love to see more creators sharing their stuff on the site. If you are interested you can create a portfolio here:

As always, if you have any questions let me know!