[Southern California] Kings Of the Ant Hill


[10] Knight
Hey, I'm going to WNF tonight and bringing my PS3 (Hopefully it doesn't burst into flames like the rest of SoCal).


[10] Knight
Good luck getting some games in for WNF. SC6 season is soon to be upon us. That gives you all some time to get your lives together, become adults, and BUY A FREAKING CAR! If you are over 21 and do not have a ride you have no excuse. Its man up season. Get a car!
Also I moved to the high desert so there is that.


[10] Knight
I'm volunteering with WNF to build a reputation with LevelUp. It means that I will have less time to play casuals, but I'll be there every week.


[05] Battler
I'll be running weeklies at WNF for sure. I want to stream it but I'm still drumming up the money for all the equipment. I'm certain someone is going to run it at Super as well just because it's Super.


[10] Knight
Yo guys, Northwest Majors is happening on June 23rd-24th, and I would very much appreciate the West Coast Calibur scene reaching out to Namco to get SCVI there.
where is Super Arcade at? WNF is so far from me as well. like a 4 hour drive. and on the same day i have another thing planned so i can't go from one to the other.


[12] Conqueror
Do you know any more V players in the area? I haven't been able to reach out much since most people at the venue have the usual negative vibe for V.
Blueboy, Signia, Zane, Withvees, and Tomahawk are all in the area. Can't hurt to hit them up