Spellcrafts: OCs, Alts, and More (2/19: Maelys, Righteous Heir Revamp)

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I really like the goatee on the first one (first vid), looks perfect (using the lipstick sticker and proper colour). Too bad PS didn't care for better camera angles on the victory poses...because it hides the goatee :(
Last vid is kinda cool too, with the arabian guy, i think 2 rounds is too long for most viewers sadly, when it is not against real opponents i mean...
valiant effort from a valiant knight / writer...


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He too is an exile of the Order, but seeks to fight as a stalwart as opposed to seeking vengeance. Believing that Father has claimed the powers mankind is not meant to have, he believes it to be his duty to strike down the Eleven. He seeks harmony and ties himself to no greater power, going where the wind takes him to seek an end to the disharmony growing from the root of the Order.



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I wanted it something between a beret and a flat cap since Gideon already has a fedora of sorts and my Yoshimitsu OC has a musketeer theme to her.

Renault is actually the original design for XIII who himself basically stole another character’s design back when I had them in V.

Characters starting from him are basically going to be latter arc characters. I intend the second part told from his perspective as opposed to Maelys being the deuteragonist as she is in the first part. Even so, Renault is kind of going into spoiler territory.


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I think a Victorian theme would suit the Kingsbane cast much better than an Eastern one. But hey, I'm not gonna tell you what to do, your characters, your choices my friend, I totally respect that :)

Also, I have a question regarding Renault's origins. Is his story the original one for XIII too? Or, the only thing you kept mainly unchanged was the design? 'Cause honestly, I could also picture XIII with Renault's story and it fits great!


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Victorian seems good, but that’s because I like the fashion. There’s a reason why my XIII Christmas costume uses Raph’s clothes. Thinking it’ll be more early Renaissance so it’s not another Medieval series, but there’s plenty more to that I have considered.

In fact, I’d say Navarre is meant to be the equivalent of some Mediterranean countries, namely Spain and Italy. There’s a reason it’s considered important within the lore and why XIII is so interested in placing Maelys on the throne (who I too considered making the protagonist from time to time but may make them both viewpoint characters while they’re split up.)

And yeah, both Renault and XIII have similar stories, but felt the former was too obviously based off myself but idealized. Can’t say more though. :sc2xia12:


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I'm astounded by the amount of background you give your originals. To be honest with you, I don't have the attention span to go over it all, but I certainly admire your ability to develop interesting characters AND a fleshed-out world for them.

My favorite design thus far of your Kingsbane line is probably Lucia. she has big tiddy very nice i like I favor designs that seem like they rely on skill and technique to move and fight over brute strength and armor. It's also just a very clean design befitting of her background.

Regarding the design for XIII's alternate top, I actually disagree with the other posts in this forum; I prefer it over the New Centurion. In addition to looking more sleek, it's more technically interesting: you took Voldo's fetish gear (or whatever it's actually called) and paired it with a pocket sticker to make something actually fitting for your character. Very resourceful.

Renault looks great. The beret looks awesome. Overall, I get a Les Misérables vibe from the design. Am I far off?

Finally, as a sucker for anything Christmas, I enjoy the Christmas XIII and Maelys designs a lot. Very festive.


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Lucia is actually supposed to be a mage hence her design.

I still want to use the Voldo gear without the Centurion for XIII’s alt.


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And who doesn't love them in kimonos? It has to be my favorite clothing to wear, for both genders :)
Great New-Year's edits, they look clean and simple!


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Leader of a group of pirate-rebels and a former friend of XIII’s. She ultimately seeks peace but finds quarrel with the former assassin’s ideals, leading to her siding with Renault. A former slave, she’s been freed by XIII against his orders and thus is one of the few able to see the good in him despite not favoring his extreme methods. Still she’s inspired by his example to fight against the oppressors he swore to slay.

...So who’s the canon waifu? Maelys or Yelena?
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Going to be on a short hiatus until DLC items hit. Not feeling very confident in my CaSing/storytelling. This happens often so might as well get used to it.