Spellcrafts: OCs, Alts, and More (2/19: Maelys, Righteous Heir Revamp)

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Good point about the Castlevania vibes. Honestly only played SOTN but love the Netflix series, which should give a feel for how I feel want Kingsbane to be. Still find that plenty of its aescetic influenced my designs. I always thought Kingsbane would be the Mortal Kombat to Final Fantasy or Fire Emblem’s Street Fighter. A fighting game.

I thought XIII’s Simon resemblance was unintentional. I actually did a pretend Spirit Battle using the red palette.

Also interesting thought about how suiting XIII is to Castlevania. I don’t want to talk spoilers or make my CaS topic more about my characters’ universe. I may end up creating a Kingsbane discord if anyone shows interest.
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Curious about some theories regarding these two I'm previewing...

Also, decided to make some changes to the weapon styles of Lucia, to emphasize her status as the party's Black Mage equivalent using Taki's tools, and Gideon now uses Groh's weapon as inspired by Pit in Smash using a similar weapon while still being an archer. Note some slight updates to their designs. I will further elaborate when DLC arrives. Soon, I hope.


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Youngest-appointed Pontiff of the Order, Grattius represents the corruption of what the common people consider sacred. Those who oppose him speak ill of his appointment, yet most would dare not speak ill of him. A complete zealot, and also ego-driven, even his most stalwart allies do not trust him. An abuser of his status with the self-proclaimed duty of wiping out those seen as the enemy of the Eleven, but is he truly loyal to them?

Inspirations: Vega, Jareth, Kuja
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I like those last two, the cupte and the creepy, and the name is so cool vainglorious pontiff, wow :) You realize you can approximate the fish head using ExEq right, and the colors aren't matching the original design (which you could also get close too using rubber unitard or stuff like Taki's suit...just saying, but the likeness between the drawing and the actual CAS is not striking tbh :)


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@Alexandra It’s Modern 16. Careful though as it may appear look glittery in certain aspects.

Good suggestions Monseur Vil, but I was doing a human/Hylian imagining of her. Good points though.

Still, I don't consider myself a CaS artist like Vil, but see myself as more of a storyteller using CaS. I've already mentioned my self-esteem/depression issues due in part to lacking artistic skill, so CaS is the best way for me to bring my creations to life. I can't tell you how many times I rethink topics on Kingsbane.

So I'm curious if anybody has any suggestions for when I modify my characters, including their bios, for when the DLC hits. I already have 5/8ths of my planned customs. Could be more depending on who's going to be DLC.


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Listen. Your passion really shows. Enough to make me want to get SCVI. However, that's not definite.

What is definite is I make CAS(utilizing Dynasty Warriors 8 CAS system) to tell a story just like you. I just haven't found a title, but I'm slowly building and keeping things simple.

They say too much exposition can overwhelm and scare away the audience, but too little can starve them of ever being interested. Balance is key.

Just like making too many generic OCs who are orphans, try to make sure everyone has an unique role. Design with this in mind: who is the story focused on mostly? Who is my side characters? Who should I cut from the story if they serve no purpose?

Always ask why am I making __? Trust me, I had to cut and even add according to one character. Interaction between characters yields which character is relevant and who is minor/irrelevant. Which can ease your mind more.

I'll share an example. My 3 OCs Sander Jaeger, Yuka Kogure, and Alfonso de Garza. Pardon the pic post.

Sander is the hero. You don't need to explain a whole lot. Knight in shining armor. Inspiration is......well any cool knight design ever. He's poster boy knight.

Yuka is the damsel in distress. She serves as Sander's love interest because knights need someone to protect. Inspiration is Kikyo, Kagome, Nakoruru, and any gorgeous, tomboyish, girly, Japanese lady out there. She's meant to make you go hnnnng.

Alfonso is the villain. A fancy pirate who steals, kills, and destroys. Inspiration....Jack Sparrow and Miguel from Tekken.

You already got the goods. However, make them interact on costumes. Right now, I'll critique XIII.

You say he's an outlaw who wields 2 swords like some shadow assassin. I see him as a generic warrior. What you should do, is combine ideas from Witcher and Assassin stuff. Geralt style makes XIII more masculine, warlord esque, and he has two blades on him.

Cervantes makes him look a little quirky. That style would work on a different character.

Hope this helps.


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First revamp goes to the lead heroine of Kingsbane, Maelys.

The only child of the last Navarrean king, Maelys has been sent away during the beginning of the Upheaval to protect her from would-be enemies of the realm. Fate would bring her face to face with XIII, who seeks to place her at the seat of what once stood a mighty empire, the same ambition her deceased father once held. She is a kind soul, yet she is naive in the ways of power. Even her faith can be argued more true than those at the convent she was sent to. Maelys doubts her heritage as the daughter of a man whose actions were against the Order she holds questionable faith towards, yet she lacks the pride of those who serve Veritas. Can she truly become the benevolent ruler XIII seeks to install in his struggle against the mechanisms that ruined their lives?




Fun fact: yesterday was her birthday.
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The freaking white trim on the Pirate’s Pareo is annoying me. Either I buy the loli for her dress and add the other loli’s jacket if possible or I have to go back to the leather wrap since the designs on Xianghua’s outfit can’t be changed either.

Curious about how I can improve Lucia.


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The freaking white trim on the Pirate’s Pareo is annoying me. Either I buy the loli for her dress and add the other loli’s jacket if possible or I have to go back to the leather wrap since the designs on Xianghua’s outfit can’t be changed either.

Curious about how I can improve Lucia.
She looks most fabulous ;). Such solid colours and theme. Good job mate :).


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Of course you say something about the more “mature” woman.;)

But I’m pretty curious how I can doctor her up to accommodate for the white since she kind of needs both the pirate Pareo and Xianghua’s dress.