'STAY FROZEN' Zas pressure guide

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Copy patse from my Zas discord ill update this over time.

Hitting through opponents guard/pressure.

This is defo a area where if the opponent knows the MU then you need to be creative with Zas to get damage/pressure and open defensive plays/players.

We will go through the classic obvious answer first and options Zas has access to in that department, Lows and Throws

He has 3 caterogies of lows: unseeable, reaction testing and situational.

1BB TS3 - 44A+B/6B+KA/3B w!/46B RO
1BB TS2 - 3AK/46B RO
SC 1AB (37dmg, i18, hori, TC, +4 OH)
BT 2K - 8B+K/46:BB
1BB TS1 ( 20dmg, i16, +6 OH, -10 OB)

Once achieved at least 2curses you have a extra threatening low and coming off 1B which can be used after certain oki situations where opponent has to guess mid or low. SC 1AB makes SC extra threatening when it can kill as they cant step to avoid it either.

1B ( 20dmg, i16, OTG hit, -4 OH, CH stun, -20 OB)
2B+K (14dmg, i16, 2nd hit blocked -4, CH +10)
1A (14 dmg, i18, TC i8, hori, OTG hit, -4 OH, -14 OB)
2K (14 dmg, i16, TC i8, OTG hit, -4 OH, -14 OB)

These lows on the surface serve as chip damage poke annoyance on a standing guard opponent, 1B and 2B+K also cover as CH reward tools. 1A getting merit being TC and covering step so all Zas lows arent vertical. The thing in common with all these is the NH result is -4 which does still give you options that can otherwise counter opponents responses.

Reaction testing:
KK (i12 1st hit, 2nd hit 12dmg, 0 OH, -16 OB)
9A ( 30dmg, TJ, hori, OTG hit, 0 OH, -8 OB)
1K (14 dmg, i26, TC i18, OTG hit, hori, -4 OH, KND CH, -16 OB)
11B (14dmg, late TC, OTG hit, -4 OH, -20 OB)
22A (OTG hit, hori, +6 OH, -8 OB, 10% guard)

You can call these gimmicks to a extent but if these are used sparringly can give you a few extra option selects or score a free hit or 2. 9A cheeky round ender safe anyway can start doing empty jump in. 1K slightly more range than the unseeable lows acting similar to 1A with better CH reward.

Outside of curses/SC if not getting CHs often from your poke lows due to alot of stand blocking then the power of throws and the mind games you can do using them often to open them up too. (i would use the unseeable lows first and look at CH ratio before determining throws will be able to connect)

At corresponding positions to the wall use 6A+GA/6A+G2A/6A+GB/6A+GK for w! or +8 on break.

Recommend mid screen 6A+GK for 30dmg and +6&curse. On break this throw leaves us +8 and the range for 6BB/4A/66A/44A+B/3AK.

4A+G for 50dmg or can incorporate step into reverse throw for a side throw offering a stronger oki position.

SC A+G is a beefy 80dmg throw, good oki and +8 on break. Reading standing opponents likely to break front throw means free 4A+G or just take +8.

To be continued (B+KK, frame traps, guard damage, reverse mix up, staggers, art of disrespect)
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@Zasalamel Updates Part 2

B+KK is a great pressure tool being a break attack +4 on block and most importantly applies a curse on block.

When opponents respect you and its your turn if they are not attempting to deal with this on reaction on least then its free pressure and curses. I think its a nice option select when opponent could also attempt GI/RE so by doing B+KK you pressure guard still at the same time.

You will find opponents blocking alot close up with our fast pokes, frame traps, and hori mid step killers to worry about.

A smart way to add B+KK into your game is before using it is to be aware if your movement catches are being blocked alot or if your unseeable lows are always only normal hit and if thats the case they are in prime position for some B+KK mix ups.

So your probably thinking how can this i48 move (on quickest release) not be a gimmick? Well the 2 ways to respond on reaction to beat this is to walk right (the more reliable direction since this move does have some awkward tracking to it) or attempt a fast attacking option to interrupt.

This is where the B+KG cancel comes in. Since you can cancel the start up of the move really fast, do you B+K and opponent if they was just respecting now needs to step or attack (essentially let go of their defense ) to deal with B+KK and you have then actually cancelled it and right there in that moment you can hit them.

If your using the cancel alot try mix up the times you cancel it because if if you cancel it too early you may not of given opponent time to react and attempt respond to B+KK.

You have plenty of options what can be done after a cancel ideally you want something that covers at least 1 or more these possible responses from opponent:


Here are some of the best options:

Throw, 3A series, 6A series, A6, 1A, 1B, B+KK, CE, backstep.

These should land on the opponent when you predict them letting go to deal with B+KK and whats good is most of these if they didnt let go of guard still pressure standing guard by being low/safe/a reverse mix up.

Extra ideas and set ups:

B+KK is now extra strong at the wall since the pushback is then mitigated so you can more easily pressure with another B+K mix up. Especially strong being a break attack since GI/RE is one of the few answers vs Zas' really strong 50/50 at the wall with 1BB TS2 and 3AK w!

I believe this one is defo more gimmick territory but you if they still just taking your B+KK on block all day you can do a later press for B+KK and get the middle charged version that is +8 on block with curse and a knockdown on hit.

A break attack that in order to prevent from Zas from applying curses behind your guard you have to avoid or interrupt and it can be cancelled... Yeah its good.